Mark Zuckerberg

On Tuesday (10th April) this week, with Venus square the Nodal Axis, the social network Facebook came under the karmic microscope, as its founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress to answer questions regarding recent misuse of data.

Mark’s Birth Chart

Mark Zuckerberg’s birth chart bears many hallmarks of a shy but socially minded individual with technical skills, who has made a fortune through the creation of a social network.  First of all, he has the North Node (karmic mission) in Gemini (communication) in the 9th House of wider communication networks.  The North Node conjuncts his Chiron, so that his work is healing or problem-solving for him.  The 9th House contains his Sun and the Midheaven, too, making it a major focus of his life, with global interests.  The other House of great emphasis is his financial House, the 2nd, containing Pluto (finances on a grand scale), plus Saturn and an exact conjunction of the Moon and Mars (quick emotional reactions, confidence, and a keen interest in finance). His Moon conjuncts Saturn (loneliness) and that conjunction opposes his Venus. He was born on a Full Moon in Scorpio, and arouses strong emotions in others.  Not only are his female planets the Moon and Venus in opposition, but so are his male planets (the Sun and Mars) so he is equipped to be combative.  Mercury trine closely Neptune delivers mental inspiration, and Venus trine Jupiter provides a love of human interaction.  Uranus on the South Node suggests a past life connection with technology in Atlantis.


Facebook was begun when he was at Harvard, on 4th February 2004, with a group of friends.  The chart for this date shows a close conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in the technological and networking sign of Aquarius.  Mercury is exactly sextile Venus in this chart, emphasizing communication and sociability.  Mars sextiles closely Uranus, bringing in the technical expertise needed for the enterprise.  Jupiter square Pluto hints at its potential power.  The Sun squaring the Nodal Axis hints at its potential for speeding up karma.  Its success may be seen in a close trine from Jupiter to the North Node.  The North Node at the time was transiting Mark Zuckerberg’s Venus (planet of relationships) in Pisces (shyness), and Pluto, planet of transformation, was squaring his Ascendant on his 4th House cusp.  As we shall see, Pluto which he has natally at 0 degrees of its own sign Scorpio (a very powerful placing) is powerful by transit in his life.

Cambridge Analytica

“In times like these, the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us. A global community that prevents harm, helps during crises and rebuilds afterwards”.

~ Mark Zuckerberg, February 2018

Mark Zuckerberg’s current crisis was precipitated by the exposure of the activities of a data firm Cambridge Analytica (a British political consulting firm) who allegedly used information from Facebook to influence elections in the U.S. and the Brexit referendum here, among other applications.  They had employed data from 270,000 Facebook users.  The now suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica had a transit of Neptune (scandal) on his Mars (exposure) when the story was revealed.

The Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr broke the information about Cambridge Analytica’s activities.  She asked: ” He is wrestling with the question of how Facebook can change the world. Whereas the question is: do we actually want Facebook to change the world? Do we want any corporation to have so much unchecked power?”

In March, when the scandal broke, Pluto was again changing House position in Mark Zuckerberg’s chart: it was exactly trine his Ascendant, on his 5th House cusp.  It was also a profound moment for Carole Cadwalladr personally, for with Pluto trine her Venus her work and worth were validated.

Appearance before Congress

This week, Pluto is still at that crucial point in Zuckerberg’s chart.  The cusp of the 5th House is very much about self-image and how you portray yourself, and this is one of his challenges now – how transparent can he be?  But Pluto turns retrograde next Sunday, and he will possibly have to go through a similar phase again when it returns to that point.  He also has Jupiter on the cusp of the 3rd House, retrograding and returning temporarily to his 2nd House.

Zuckeberg answered some mundane and some penetrating questions over the two days of questioning, including the question of how Facebook was funded?  Answer: “Senator, we run ads.”  And crucially, he was asked “Mr. Zuckerberg, would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?”, to which after much hesitation, he replied “No”.  To many questions, he answered that he didn’t know and would “have our team get back to you afterwards”.

Going Forward

The week has highlighted many questions about how Facebook operates, and what happens to the information people post on it.  Alex Hern writing in the Guardian yesterday commented: “This could be the week its crisis moves from being about mistakes in the past, to inherent problems in the present”.

Toby Helm of the Observer quoted Damian Collins (Chair of the Commons committee looking into data breaches):

“I … think there have to be changes around the transparency of platforms [like Facebook].  So that if you are receiving information during an election period, you know where it is coming from, who is paying for it and which organization is promoting it.  It has to be really obvious to you.  At the moment it is not clear at all.  In an old-fashioned election you would get a leaflet through your door and would know who sent it.  You don’t know on the internet.”

Uranus entering Taurus in May will oppose Zuckerberg’s Pluto on 17th of that month, making for a difficult time for him.  On 24th June Uranus goes on to transit his natal Chiron in Taurus in his 9th House, which could also be a headache.

On 24/5th September, Jupiter returns to his 3rd House cusp and enters 3rd House of Communication, which may enable him to give a better account of himself.

Around 11/12th January 2019, Pluto returns to the 5th House cusp, and he may need to return to a similar re-evaluation and examination as at present.  A transformation will be required for his creation, Facebook.


Did you have any empowering experiences yesterday with the major Jupiter-Pluto sextile?  It was interesting that Trump, May and Macron chose that day for their strike in Syria, trying to send a message about Syrian and Russian use of chemical weapons.  The wise and balanced use of power really does depend what side you are on, and your beliefs about the use of force.

Today may bring relief for some, with Mercury stationing prior to turning direct.  I have found this retrograde period difficult, with several journeys I would rather forget, and my i phone actually dying on me for a few hours (trying to tell me it is really past it – I have had it many years).  So travel prospects and communications, computers and technology (although partly ruled by Uranus) should brighten up and improve their performances from today.  I will be going for an upgrade on my i phone tomorrow, having paid heed to the signs…

Tomorrow (16th) there is more good news, in the form of a New Moon in Aries, one of those unequivocal fresh starts in the astrological calendar.  With the new cold war and fresh hostilities in the Middle East, let us hope that it is a constructive new beginning.  Aries is about decisive action, not necessarily peace, and you are not likely to see prevarication on the world stage.  But you can take positive action in your own life, along the lines you would like to see.

Tuesday (17th) seems action-packed, too.  First, Venus opposes Jupiter, and this could bring enjoyment through special social events.  If the weather forecast is to be believed, in the U.K. we could be having some summery weather, so you might want to dust down the barbecue from last year, and invent some new culinary delights inspired by the recent series of Masterchef for your guest diners.  Socializing may not be all plain-sailing though: someone may like things done differently, and say so, e.g. the veggie burgers may be a bit too rare.

More importantly, Chiron enters Aries that day: a major sign change.  Chiron has been journeying through Pisces in recent years, a sensitive crucible of healing.  Chiron coming into Aries will be more overt, and possibly more physical in its approach to healing.  If you have important points in your chart at 0 degrees, you may have healing issues come up.  If you have a difficult angle to one of your planets, then Uranus moving into Taurus in May may help, as it may counteract that difficulty.  And vice versa, if your Chiron transit is an easy angle to a personal planet, then the Uranian transit may be more awkward.  The two planets are performing a balancing act this spring.

Then on the same day, Venus trines Pluto, which is in-depth and constructive, and helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  It is a good time for a heart to heart, if you can detach from all the other influences of the day.  At the barbecue, find an intimate corner of the garden in which to catch up with how your friend or family member is really feeling, and express your truth.

Wednesday (18th) may see a slight setback, as Saturn in Capricorn is stationary prior to going retrograde.  Saturn entered the sobering sign of Capricorn in December, and you may have felt, after the initial challenge, that you had gained a handle on its demands or lessons.  Now you will see that some of that learning may need revision or emphasis, before you can forge ahead. Saturn and Capricorn are all about patience and timing, and one of those lessons is that you can’t rush things.

Paradoxically, on the same day, the Sun conjuncts Uranus, and the element of the unexpected can enter in.  You may feel you are getting mixed messages from the Universe: should I stay or should I go?  It may not be an either/or situation, but there may need to be different approaches for different levels of a situation or problem.  There may be a holding pattern required (Saturn retrograde) say on a physical level, but also the welcoming of new ideas (Uranus conjunct the Sun) on the mental level at the same time.  If you are constructing a Grand Design, then you may need both, for different parts of the work.

The Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus on Friday (20th), and the pace of life becomes more measured and less impulsive.  It is a good month for planting seeds and tending the earth, hugging trees, and such Taurean pursuits.  It has been a long cold winter, but I was able to say hello to the neighbours over the fence in the garden this week.  They see my Geminian hubby all the year round, but they only see me from the start of the hospitable weather…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – communications back on
  • Tomorrow – a fresh start
  • Tuesday – action packed
  • Wednesday – retracing some steps, but also letting in new ideas
  • Friday – back to the earth