Prince Louis Arthur Charles

born 23rd April 2018, at 11.01 a.m., Paddington

New royal baby Louis Arthur Charles continues the Cancerian theme in the royal family, from grandmother Lady Diana (Sun in Cancer), to father Prince William (Sun in Cancer) to sister Charlotte (Ascendant in Cancer), for he has his Ascendant in Cancer.

Birth Chart

Louis has Sun in Taurus, close to the Queen’s Sun (3 degrees apart), square Moon/North Node in Leo, the sign of the Queen’s Moon (their Moons are two degrees apart).  The Moon/North Node conjunction in Leo in the 1st House emphasizes the royalty of his heritage and the way of life he is born into.  Sun trine Saturn gives a sense of responsibility, but Sun conjunct Uranus also creates a rebellious streak.  The Moon trine Mercury is affable and companionable for his siblings.  Though he might sometimes want to keep his opinions to himself, with Mercury square closely Saturn.  Mercury conjunct Chiron at the Midheaven gives a real interest in alternative medicine, possibly in connection with his career, and homeopathy may be a special study.  He will use his abilities as a healer in some way through his career.  He’ll be an especially bonnie baby, with Venus exactly sextile his Ascendant, and charming in public with its position at the beginning of his 11th House.  Another exact sextile is that between Mars and Jupiter, providing abundant energy allied with enthusiasm.  Mars conjunct closely Pluto means he won’t shy away from confrontation, and could be a handful at times, a powerhouse of energy, which needs to be suitably channelled.  Jupiter closely sextile his Pluto helps him to channel the energy along positive and wisely balanced lives, especially when he is old enough to realize the consequences.  Uranus at the top of the chart closely square the Ascendant emphasizes that rebellious streak, and makes him unpredictable at times.  The Part of Fortune and Jupiter in the 4th House of Home and Family describes being born into a grand family and household. He will make his mark inventively in his career path, with a Sun/Uranus conjunction in his 10th House of Career, and Chiron exactly on his Midheaven (Careerpoint) at the beginning of Aries – a real individual!

Relationships with the Family

I enjoy working on baby charts, and seeing their family connections, which are often stunningly precise.  Prince William and Kate both have their Mars exactly sextile the baby’s Moon, because they have their Marses conjunct in Libra.  So they will be energizing emotionally in their effect on their new baby, and they in turn will be fed emotionally.  There is a companionable sextile between William’s Mercury in Gemini and the baby’s Moon in Leo.  The baby’s own Mercury in Aries strengthens this particular bond.  Prince William’s Uranus trines exactly the baby’s Midheaven/Chiron exact conjunction and makes it more dynamic.  Prince William may support him with ideas when he is establishing his career.

The baby will help Kate bring out her more assertive or male side, with his Mars exactly on her Sun in Capricorn.  He may spur her ambition.  They too have a companionable bond, in the form of  her Venus sextile his natal Mercury.  Her Venus in Aquarius links in harmoniously with the companionable bond  he has with his father, so no one is going to feel left out.  Kate’s Mars sextiles the baby’s North Node, so while the father can bolster his conventional career, she is able to bring fire to his karmic mission.  She does have Saturn square his Pluto, and Pluto square his Ascendant, however, so some adjustments will be required for both of them on a deeper level.

Grandfather Prince Charles, with the North Node on the baby’s Sun, has an intensely karmic link with the baby.  Charles also has Chiron opposite the baby’s Venus.  It is possible that they were rivals for affection in previous lives!

Grandmother Lady Diana has the Sun opposite the baby’s Saturn, which may represent the sadness that she is not physically here to enjoy her new grandson.  She too would have had a companionable bond, with her Mercury sextile his Sun.  Her Saturn would be trine his Venus, which is very supportive, but opposite his Ascendant, so again some sadness involved in their physical separation.  Her Neptune sextile his Saturn may mean she is watching over him spiritually, ready to uplift him when he finds incarnation difficult.

His brother George has a tender trine between his Moon and his Moon is conjunct the baby’s descendant (an emotional bond).  George may get exasperated at times, and go off and play elsewhere!  George’s Pluto is on baby’s Saturn, so baby may sometimes feel the weight of George’s rank in the immediate family.

Princess Charlotte may have a more rivalrous attitude to the baby, with her Sun square exactly his Nodal Axis.  Her Moon squares the baby’s Pluto, so he may arouse deep emotions within her.  His Chiron sextiles her Mercury, so he may be able to skilfully solve such problems.  His Saturn sextiles her natal Neptune, which is the same as one of his interaspects with Lady Diana.  This is because Charlotte and Diana have trined Neptunes, so they have a beautiful spiritual link and attunement.  In addition, Charlotte’s Pluto sextiles Louis’ Neptune, so there is a solid generational link between them, and they will understand each other on a cultural level.  But there may be striking similarities in their make up and ways, as they share the combination of Sun in Taurus and Ascendant in Cancer.

Great grandparents the Queen and Prince Philip both have stunning connections with the new baby, and it also suggests that their lives are going to change in the near future.  The baby has his Pluto on the Queen’s Ascendant, and Neptune on Prince Philip’s North Node, both planets being great agents of change.  There will be a strong heart and soul connection between the Queen and the baby, as their Suns are conjunct (by three degrees) and their Moons by 2 degrees, as already mentioned.  The Queen has Mars square the baby’s Jupiter, so would be keen for him to espouse some of her great enthusiasms.  Her Uranus trines his Ascendant, so there will be an exciting frisson between them, too.

As for Prince Philip, Louis has Jupiter square his Moon, and will give him cause to chuckle and produce some of his legendary one liners.  At the very least, the baby will lift his mood when present.  However, with Philip’s Pluto square the baby’s Mercury he could occasionally catch the baby off guard with his behaviour or speech, and Louis may not know quite how to take him.


It’s a steady Sunday today, with the Sun trine Saturn.  You can make headway in quiet ways, lay foundations, and be productive but not necessarily in showy ways.  It is constructive, but may be serious in tone.

Tomorrow (Monday 30th) there is a Full Moon at 9 degrees Scorpio, one of the most intense Full Moons of the year.  Emotions will be at full flood, but not always on display: some may be simmering under the surface.  If you are in a group situation, some may be struggling more than others, so you may ascertain who needs tender loving care.  There may be a focus on financial matters, or deep psychological and spiritual searching.

Fixed Stars

There are no planetary aspects after Monday, and therefore I will look at the alignment of our Sun with the Fixed Stars for later in the week, providing a seed thought in each case from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld.

Our Sun is aligned with two stars on Friday (4th).  The first is Almach in Andromeda.  This star represents spiritual expression:

“Almach will bring most people an enhanced ability to shift vibration, a better ability to bring through clairvoyant ideas from multiple levels, and enhanced psychic functioning in transference of multiple ideas into a single integrated form.  This is somewhat similar to Potato Flower essence, though at a more perceivable level for most people.  The combination of Potato and Almach can be powerful for individuals who also wish to attune to a single vibration level and channel from a specific single being or energy pattern as long as such energy pattern is of spiritual impact and of benefit for most people”.

Meditating on this star is also deemed to be beneficial for those with knee problems, particularly the right knee.

The other star highlighted for Friday is Menkar in the constellation of Cetus (The Whale):

” The use of this star can help people to release some of the unconscious connections to others, particularly those made in sleep.  The ability to consciously make such connections will be enhanced.  The unconscious connections made by most individuals through newspapers, television, or radio will be brought into greater consciousness.  This elixir is valuable for individuals seeking to truly understand the media, forms of advertising, and the way in which the media influences people’s perceptions of world events.”

Note that this was written in 1992, before social media took hold!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – slow and steady wins the race
  • Tomorrow – handling intense emotions
  • Friday – spiritual expression, and the media