Kim Jong Un

At one time, I thought of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but recently I have become intrigued by Kim Jong Un’s behaviour.  Whereas Donald Trump has not changed his personality and tactics on the world stage, Kim Jong Un has, outwardly at least, gone through changes, from enthusiastically promoting nuclear testing to possibly looking at other options now.  In looking at his chart again, I am pondering the reason for these changes: is he changeable by nature, has he grown, are these changes genuine or just tactical play?  Do his transits  indicate these changes, and where have they come from?  Does he have more hidden agendas? From past researches, it seems the 1984 date of birth is much more accurate, so I will use that as a basis for my study. Kim Jong Un was said to be favoured by his father Kim Jong Il and like him in character, and comparing charts, the 1984 birth chart for Kim Jong Il looks the most compatible.

Birth Chart

We do not have a birthtime for Kim Jong Un, which makes interpretation more difficult.  Even so, it is worth having a look at the character of a man born on 8th January 1984.  The Sun was in Capricorn, showing someone who plays their cards close to their chest, and can be strict and rule bound. (Open, free-flowing Capricornians, look away!). However, he has 5 (half) his planets in the Mutable signs, meaning that he can be flexible.  This is possibly one component of his ability to be changeable.

The Sun sextiles the Moon in his chart, meaning that he knows his own mind and can co-ordinate his conscious and subconscious minds.  The Sun is also sextile Saturn, strengthening the perseverence and resolve of his Capricorn nature.  The Moon also trines Saturn, giving him an emotional resilience and resolve, too.  The Moon squares his Nodal Axis, and possibly squares his Venus/Uranus, so this may bring in unresolved karma with the public, and possible poor relationships with women (or mysogyny).

Mercury sextiles his Mars, so he is capable of incisive words which can hit their mark.  Mercury is conjunct Jupiter, so he is confident about selling himself and his brand.  Neptune between his Mercury and Jupiter, forming a triple conjunction, gives a veil of illusion over all the communication he puts out.  Mercury sextile closely Pluto gives him some psychological insight (something which Donald Trump may not have). Venus conjuncts Uranus on his South Node, bringing in some strange social karma from past lives.

Mars sextiles his Jupiter/Neptune, and that may help to evolve his aggression over time, to soften it or appear to.  This too may be a clue to his recent conciliatory behaviours towards the U.S., China and South Korea.  With Jupiter in this mix, whatever he does, he does with enthusiasm and zeal, bordering on fanaticism.  Mars conjunct Pluto gives a volatile explosive energy, one which might have a predilection for nuclear explosions.  He blew up some tunnels at a nuclear test site this week and invited a few select foreign reporters to record this event.  This was ostensibly as a prelude to his possible talks with Donald Trump on June 12th, but the significance and extent is not clear, and neither do we know what nuclear resources are situated elsewhere.

Moon Jae-In

President Moon Jae-In of South Korea met Kim Jong Un within the last day, in an effort to glue back together the possibility of the summit with Donald Trump for June 12th.  They have been engaged in a few friendly meetings this year, with hugs and smiles.  North and South Korea have been separated for decades, but at this point in time they both seem keen on some form of reunification.  This spring period, there is an emphasis for Kim Jong Un of Uranus trine his natal Mercury (surprise and bold negotiations).  For a meeting on 27th April with Moon Jae In, the latter seems to have had some powerfully helpful transits: Neptune trine his Uranus, Neptune sextile his Chiron and Pluto sextile his Venus.  At that summit they announced hopes for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and peace in the region.

President Moon seems to have been a stablizing force in the region, and indeed needs to be in his geographical position as North Korea’s nearest neighbour.  He came to power in 2017 for a five year term, but in his early years had been a student activist.  He established friendly relations with the U.S. during Donald Trump’s first year in office.

This week’s meeting seemed to be in response to Donald Trump’s sudden announcement that the proposed June summit was off (which was followed by some more conciliatory moves).  The Observer article by Benjamin Haas and Lauren Gambino this morning makes some interesting points about both Kim Jong Un, and Moon Jae In.  They make the point that North Korea’s response to Trump’s outburst this week was unusually restrained, saying “it was still willing to sit for talks with the US “at any time, [in] any format”. He needs relief from sanctions and would like more legitimacy on the world stage.  Of Moon Jae In, they quote Adam Mount, who is a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists:

“Trump says ‘everybody plays games’.  Moon Jae-in is not playing a game: he must keep his people safe from war.  Each of Trump’s whims shakes the walls of the Blue House”.

Moon’s synastry with Kim Jong Un is mixed: a square between his Mercury and Kim’s Mars, a trine between his Mercury and Kim’s Chiron, and a sextile between Moon’s Saturn and Kim’s Jupiter.

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping of China is another crucial broker for peace in the region, and on the world stage.  He too has held friendly meetings with Kim Jong Un lately.  In their first meeting in Beijing, Kim Jong Un had transiting Uranus trine exactly his natal Jupiter – a surprise foreign trip (Jupiter) breaking (Uranus) with tradition.

In his synastry with Jong Un, Xi Jinping’s Venus trines Kim Jong Un’s Jupiter, which is an amiable combination, but Xi Jinping’s Uranus opposes Kim Jong Un’s Sun, so Jinping is very wary of him at the same time, and on his mettle.

Donald Trump

Trump and Jong Un announced the possibility of a peace summit in March, subsequent to which Trump was hailed in some quarters as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.  At that time, Neptune was trine Kim’s Saturn, but Chiron was squaring his Jupiter.  Donald Trump had equally contradictory transits: Jupiter trine his Saturn (a reasonably stable outlook), Saturn opposite Trump’s Mercury, Uranus square Trump’s Venus, and Uranus trine Trump’s Mars.

Trump’s synastry with Jong Un is high in energy: Kim’s Sun square exactly Trump Jupiter, and Kim’s Jupiter trine exactly Trump’s Mars.  Their connection is also communicative: Jong Un’s Mercury and Neptune are trine Trump’s Ascendant.

In the Observer again today (27/5/18) Will Hutton finds Trump’s behaviour concerning: “His waywardness is offering the chance to create new Russian and Chinese spheres of influence.  China is being given the chance to dominate Asia, Russia the chance to recreate the Soviet Union’s influence inits old borderlands.”

Proposed Date for Summit

For 12th June 2018, the date of the proposed summit in Singapore between Trump and Jong Un, if it goes ahead, Mercury enters Cancer that day, which will ensure they each put their countries first!  Transits for Trump include the Sun and Venus close to the natal positions for him (he’ll be himself!), and Mars close to a trine with his Neptune – he may be motivated towards peace but also could be agitated.  For Kim Jong Un, Jupiter is on his Saturn (softening his stance), Uranus is still trine his Mercury (surprise negotiations and communications), Neptune sextile his Sun (which might make him a little more spiritual), but Uranus opposes his Pluto (so he may still be destructive).


Tomorrow (Monday 28th), the Sun sextiles the North Node, which favours right action on a karmic level.  Psychological healing may be empowered, as well as creativity.  You may have insights about the reasons behind events, and your own motivations.

There is a Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius on Tuesday (29th) around late lunchtime in the U.K.  Foreign affairs may come to a head, e.g. Brexit matters nationally, and foreign links may also be on your mind on a personal level.  You may become more aware how your philosophy links with your emotions, as this peaks.

Mercury goes into Gemini late on Tuesday.  Mercury, representing our communication, is at home in chatty Gemini, and free to express verbally or in writing whatever comes to mind.  The communication will come thick and fast, but the consequences of the communication is another matter entirely.  Do you trust yourself to be in the moment with your words?  How accurate is your channelling voice?  Would your observations stand scrutiny in eternity? Not only that, but Mercury will be travelling very fast in June, taking in Gemini and Cancer.  You may find yourself gabbling…!

Talking about fast talking – Mercury trines Mars late lunchtime [14.13 Hrs] on Friday (1st June), and communication and travel are superfast and efficient around then.  If you are to benefit from the snappy communicative vibes of Mercury in Gemini, now’s the time.  Perhaps you have advertising to promote, flyers or leaflets to deliver, people to see and places to go.  Much can be accomplished.

Sixteen minutes later [14.29 Hrs in the U.K.] Venus trine Jupiter.  This could be a powerhouse of positive energy combined with the previous one.  Venus trine Jupiter is of itself one of the best aspects of the year.  It is a social blessing, and congenial for engagements and weddings, or any social celebration.  Feel the unconditional love.

Saturday (2nd June) favours love and charity, so if you are promoting a worthwhile cause, they have the planetary blessing of Venus trine Neptune.  The Arts are inspired, including music and dance displays. Britain’s Got Talent, and similar enterprises will dazzle.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – right karmic action
  • Tuesday – emotions at full flood, communications free and easy
  • Friday – powerhouse of positive energy
  • Saturday – love and charity