An extraordinary photo was shared on instagram by Angela Merkel yesterday from the G7 summit, of a seated Donald Trump (arms folded) being confronted by Angela Merkel with the other members of the summit looking on, with Japan’s Shinzo Abe’s arms also folded.  You didn’t need to be able to read body language: the unsmiling looks told all.  Later, Donald Trump left the summit early to engage with Kim Jong Un in Singapore.  The main bones of contention were trade tariffs and relations with Russia.  But President Trump is also at odds over climate agreements.

The Group of Seven

The membership of the Group of Seven, representing more than 62% of the global wealth, consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The European Union as a whole is also represented.  Meeting to discuss joint economic policies, the concept of the G7 was founded in 1973.  Russia joined in 1998, when it formed the G8.  But following Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, the Russian Federation was ejected.  This 44th summit was hosted by Canada.

Heads of State

The summits are attended by the heads of government, and I will look at the countries in alphabetical order.

Canada, represented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Geographically and traditionally, Canada is a natural ally of the United States, but like the U.K. and France there is also a neighbourly rivalry.  He delivered the joint communique for the summit advocating a “rules based trading system”, which Trump rejected. Trudeau stated “Canadians are polite and reasonable but we will also not be pushed around.”  The transits for Canada at the moment include Neptune squaring its Venus (bizarre developments in relationships). For Capricornian Trudeau, who has a patriotic chart, his transits include two difficult aspects from Chiron, bringing crisis and possible health challenges.

France, represented by Emmanuel Macron.  The U.S. President and Emmanuel Macron of France have exchanged warm visits in the last year or so.  This weekend, their handshakes seemed firm as ever.  However, what they say does not always tally with the staged body language, hence on Macron’s last visit he delivered a scathing speech after all the camaraderie.  But Trump was on record as saying this weekend “We have a great relationship – Angela and Emmanuel and Justin”.  Current transits for France show Pluto trine its Mercury (power in speech and the written word) and Uranus on its Saturn (extreme testing).  The transits for Emmanuel Macron himself show Jupiter opposite Macron’s Moon in Taurus in 4th House (promoting the cause of his country in the world), Uranus sextile his Jupiter in Cancer in 6th House plus Jupiter on his Uranus in Scorpio in 10th House (the power of surprise is with him), and Neptune square his Neptune in Sagittarius in 11th House of Summits (despite the bravado, he may have inner uncertainties).

Germany, represented by Angela Merkel.  The arresting and eloquent photo was put on instagram from her official account.  The chart for Germany has Chiron opposite its Venus (relationship crises) but North Node on its Jupiter (some luck on its side, and humour on display), plus Neptune trine its Pluto (a healthy psychological strength).  Angela Merkel, having recently re-established herself in pole position politically in her own country, has few transits at the moment, the strongest being Jupiter square her natal Moon in Aquarius in 3rd House.  She is in reasonably buoyant mood and a bit cheeky (Jupiter = humour, Moon in 3rd House = instagram).  She certainly looks very confident in the photo.

Italy, represented by the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte. Brand new president Conte (as of 1st June) after much turmoil in Italian politics, has Sun in Leo and a triple conjunction of Mercury/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo. His transits on coming to power were Jupiter square his Sun (aggrandisement), and Jupiter on his Neptune (elation and elevation).  For the summit, Chiron was square his Venus (relationship crises) but he is still uplifted by Jupiter on his Neptune.  He was the only member not to oppose Donald Trump’s effort to have Russia reinstated on to the group.  Italy’s chart has a Solar Return, with Uranus sextile its Mercury (not afraid to be controversial).

Japan, represented by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Virgoan Shinzo Abe has a genial and entrepreneurial Moon/Jupiter/Uranus triple conjunction in Cancer (which also makes him patriotic), but a Warrior’s Mars/North Node conjunction in Capricorn.  He is the one in the photo matching Donald Trump for arm folding.  For the chart of Japan, Mars squares its Sun currently, which is a bit dicey, but there is balance because Saturn trines its Sun.  The Nodal Axis squares its Sun, so this may be a crucial time in the state’s karma.  Pluto squaring its Neptune is also very tricky and complicated at present.  Some of these transits may refer to its internal politics.  For Shinzo Abe personally, Pluto squares his Mercury bringing some mental turmoil, and Mars this weekend squared his Saturn, so he may have found it hard to practise self-restraint.  Saturn sextile his Saturn kept his arms folded.

United Kingdom, represented by Prime Minister Theresa May.  Facing dissension within her cabinet over Brexit, notably from David Davis and Boris Johnson, she might have been hoping for a better profile at the G7 summit.  She wanted to talk about post-Brexit trade deals with Donald Trump, who apparently sidelined her.  She was also wanting to shore up support over Russia after the Salisbury poisoning, and a motion was passed in support, but Donald Trump was promoting the idea of bringing Russia back in the fold.  There is a distinct lack of transits to the U.K. chart at the moment, which bears out the sidelining and the cold front of Brexit negotiations.  For Theresa personally, Mars is trine her Sun at the moment; she came out fighting in an interview about the cabinet dissensions, the North Node is sextile her Sun holding her karma steady at the helm of the nation and the steering of Brexit (her main preoccupation).

United States, represented by President Donald Trump.  Trump came into the summit threatening a trade war, and left for Singapore hoping to be bound for glory and the enticement of a Nobel Peace Prize.  He evaded discussions on climate, on which the other members are in accord.  According to the Observer this morning Thomas Wright, a director at Washington’s Brookings Institution has said: “He is anti free trade and allies, and pro strongmen and authoritarian regimes”.

This weekend, Chiron was squaring the U.S. Venus (again, relationship crises; the third time this aspect has come up in this account!), but the North Node sextiles its Uranus (a chance for unpredictable tactics to work).  The picture for Donald Trump was a Venus Return (happy ploughing his own furrow; Donald Trump first; an eye on the Peace Prize).  I expected to see a confrontational Mars transit, but Mars is two degrees off a very confrontational opposition to his natal Pluto, which does not explode until 10th October, because Mars turns retrograde before then.  It may be worth flagging up that date for your diary.

Of the Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un in two days’ time, I have written:

“Mercury enters Cancer that day, which will ensure they each put their countries first!  Transits for Trump include the Sun and Venus close to the natal positions for him (he’ll be himself!), and Mars close to a trine with his Neptune – he may be motivated towards peace but also could be agitated.  For Kim Jong Un, Jupiter is on his Saturn (softening his stance), Uranus is still trine his Mercury (surprise negotiations and communications), Neptune sextile his Sun (which might make him a little more spiritual), but Uranus opposes his Pluto (so he may still be destructive).”

European Union, represented by Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.  We haven’t heard much about the role of these two at the summit, but I expect they have been watching Theresa May closely (or am I being paranoid?).  For the European Union, Jupiter squares its Venus (minor problems in relations) and Uranus trines its Pluto (strong and stable, but also dynamic, with the power to surprise). Tusk has a powerful chart, with natally Ascendant at the Galactic Centre trine almost exactly trine Pluto in his 9th House of International Relations.  He notably currently has with Uranus currently transiting his Sun in Taurus (Change), Uranus square his Moon (personal change), Chiron trine his Uranus (sudden healings) and Uranus opposite his Neptune (complicated wrangles).  Jean-Claude Juncker is a Sagittarian Sun with a cold Venus/Saturn conjunction  in Scorpio, but an entrepreneurial Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at the end of Cancer like Shinzo Abe.  [Aside: with that conjunction conjunct in their synastry, plus their Venuses conjunct, they could do a great deal all on their own].  Juncker currently has Neptune square his Sun, so his judgement could be a bit flaky at the moment, although he has other transits going for him.  The North Node trines his Mercury, so his communication seems good, Jupiter is on his Venus (he is enjoying his relationships), and Neptune trines his Saturn (it is a good time to be pulling the wool over Theresa May’s eyes – oops, here goes that paranoia again…).


Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday (12th) on the day of the much anticipated summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.  Donald has assured us that he will use his instincts to weigh up Kim Jong Un’s intentions immediately on meeting.  Mercury in Gemini mentally focuses on facts, but Mercury in Cancer does tend to employ the instincts more than the mind, especially the gut instincts.  Patriotic, family and clan affairs come to the fore.  In making an argument, people may approach the subject sideways, as in the crab’s gait.  As with Mercury’s stay in Gemini (which I notice, did produce some marathon verbal ramblings), Mercury will pass rapidly through Cancer, spending roughly a fortnight in that sign.  So if you want to “look after your own” and put your family first, let charity begin at home, this next fortnight is ripe for favouring such conditions.

On Wednesday (13th) Mercury sextiles Uranus, which is excellent for technology, upgrading electrical equipment, and receiving brilliant ideas, thoughts, and exchanges of communication with others.  It is the best aspect of the week, please note.

A New Moon follows in the evening, at 22 degrees Gemini, so it is a good day generally for the mind and mental pursuits.  The Cancerian colouring of Mercury may take a back seat, and pure logic can prevail over instinct if that is what is required for your pursuits that particular day.  Or you can combine your mental prowess with your instincts to great effect. Set your intentions on the intellectual front (e.g. in learning a new language), and if you know the House that 22 degrees Gemini falls in chartwise, then you can fine tune your intentions further.

Still later that day, Venus enters Leo, and it could be time for some fun (after all that mental activity).  It is a good evening for socializing, and favours performance-based activities.  Holidays beckon, either in actuality or in the planning.

On Friday (15th) the spanner in the works, Uranus, squares Venus.  This could be disruptive to relationships, arts projects, or even financial concerns.  If you are planning such activities, and need to press on with them, then examine possible loopholes in advance and take steps to deal with them.

Saturday (16th) brings a different sort of problem in the shape of Mercury opposite Saturn.  There seems to be a blockage of communication, or delays on the railways (Transport Minister Chris Grayling may need to go in hiding).  There may be more criticism about the environmental effects of a new runway at Heathrow Airport, too.  Mars will be on Chris Grayling’s Saturn, trying to move him on, and Neptune will be on his Mars (speculation about his position), but Uranus sextile his Jupiter may just save him (does he have a cunning plan?)  If you are planning an important journey, allow an extra hour or so…

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – using your instincts (in negotiations?)
  • Wednesday – brilliant ideas, mental intention, have some fun
  • Friday – disruption
  • Saturday – delay