Cristiano Ronaldo

“Not a great fan, but boy did I enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance last night” said hubby over breakfast yesterday.  I was intrigued, as the same day it was announced that Ronaldo had had to pay a huge bill for tax evasion.  That was an interesting enough juxtaposition of events to attract even the most unsporty astrologer.  Ronaldo had scored three goals for his team of Portugal, against Spain.  So this blog is a nod to the World Cup.

Birth Chart

Ronaldo was born on a Full Moon, and characters born under this placing tend to elicit strong feelings from others.  He has the Sun in Aquarius exactly sextile Uranus, giving him mental brilliance and a strong essence of Aquarius.  With the Moon in Leo, he has flair, but wants to dominate emotionally.  In his chart Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, giving him mental success and a very positive mental attitude.  He also has a problem-solving Mercury trine Chiron.  Venus squares the Ascendant exactly, which can demonstrate vanity.  Mars in Aries sextiles Jupiter, which is a driven energy combined with enthusiasm: his special talent is goal scoring.  The Mars trine Saturn he has is useful for precision in activity.  His Jupiter square Pluto loves (and sometimes misuses) power.  There is a strong generally evasive streak, with Neptune exactly conjunct the Ascendant, plus Venus/Mars exactly square to Neptune.  Venus exactly square Neptune would exactly describe tax evasion, although he has denied evading tax.

Relationship with Alex Ferguson

In 2003, Ronaldo was signed for Manchester United, and became its first Portuguese player.  He said of the manager Alex Ferguson: “He’s been my father in sport, one of the most important and influential factors in my career.”  Their synastry reveals many interpersonal challenges, such as their Plutos being squared, and antagonistic aspects from Ronaldo’s Uranus.  But there is a beautiful exact trine between Ronaldo’s Jupiter and Ferguson’s Neptune which may describe Ronaldo’s idealistic recollection of the relationship.  On his debut with Manchester United, Pluto was sextile his natal Sun in Aquarius in 2nd House and exactly conjunct his natal Uranus, a powerful and stunning moment in his life.  George Best commented that it was “undoubtedly the most exciting debut” ever.

Three Goals and Tax Evasion

So another memorable day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo was Friday 15th June 2018 (this week).  Apparently he was the oldest player to score a hat trick in a World Cup match.  At the age of 33, that must be his lucky number!  The tax headline was actually the settlement of an issue which had been going on for some time.  In July 2017 he was charged with evading 15 million euros in tax.  He offered to pay 14 million euros, which was rejected.  But immediately preceding Friday’s match he received a two year suspended jail sentence, and fined 18 million euros.  His main transits at this time are Neptune from Pisces in his 3rd House square his natal Uranus in Sag in 12th House: a complicated situation, with the past catching up with him. Pluto from Capricorn in his natal 1st House squares his natal Midheaven in Libra in 10th House: in some respects his reputation is severely compromised.  But Jupiter from Scorpio in his 11th House of teamwork squares his natal Sun by 2 degs in Aquarius in 2nd House: he had the bounce to score those three goals, and enough cash in his coffers to pay, on Friday, 21 million dollars restitution for past tax frauds, thus avoiding jail time.  He can work out his sentence under probation.  Last transit but not least, Uranus from Taurus in 4th House squares his natal Jupiter at in 1st House, the unexpectedly brilliant performance won the day.

Comparison with Lionel Messi

Pundits debate who is the greatest footballer currently between Ronaldo and Lional Messi, who did not have a good start to the tournament yesterday. “I’m a Messi man” said hubby, over this morning’s breakfast, when pressed.  Messi by name, but by all accounts he is a cleaner, silkier and more fluent player.  How do their charts compare?  Do they have any astrological features in common, from which we can learn what is needed to make a great footballer?

In 2014, I wrote:

” Lionel Messi Is being hailed as Argentina’s finest hope nowHis footballing brilliance chartwise is shown by Jupiter (success) exactly sextile Mars (football).”

This is the same aspect as Ronaldo has, except Messi has it exact, Ronaldo’s is within 2 degrees.

They both have the emotional intensity of Moon square Pluto), but again Messi has this exact, whereas in Ronaldo’s chart it is loose.

In addition, Messi has an inspirational exact conjunction of Neptune and the Part of Fortune in Capricorn in 8th House.  At this time, Messi may not be playing or feeling at his best, as he has Neptune square his natal Chiron in Gemini in the 1st House.  But perhaps he has the astrological edge in the overall debate.


Neptune goes retrograde tomorrow, representing some retracing of steps on our spiritual path.  It has been direct since November 2017, so you may have been inspired at that time by a new spiritual area opening up. Now is the time to consolidate on what you have learned, put it into practice, and walk your talk.  Neptune goes direct again this November.

On Tuesday (19th) Venus conjuncts the North Node, which brings out the karmic aspects of love (or the loving aspects of karma).  This conjunction takes place in Leo, the sign of large-heartedness and magnanimity, so big gestures of affection may be displayed.

Also on Tuesday Mercury trines Jupiter, adding to the buoyancy of the day.  This is a superb aspect for business, teaching and learning, travelling, and employing the power of positive thought.  It is a good holiday aspect, so if you are not currently on holiday, planning one is the next best thing.  Planning future education courses, or taking exams, is also favoured.

Another trine is sent for our delectation on Thursday (21st) in the early hours (U.K. time), Mercury trine Neptune.  If you felt the pull backwards of Neptune going retrograde on Monday, this aspect will help you to at least keep on track with your current highest spiritual level.  Listen to your favourite meditation tape or CD, or practise your favourite Tai Chi or Qijong moves.  Perfect your best yoga asana.  Chant your most effective mantra or affirmation. Remember your peak experiences.  Channel your highest guides or Ascended Masters.  Give yourself a benchmark to see you through the Neptune retrograde period.

Mid-morning the Sun enters Cancer, the moment of the Summer Solstice, the official beginning of Summer.  Smell the roses, hug the trees, and connect with the tribe or family.  Feel your roots.  For many, it is a time of celebration, and the waxing of the light is to be enjoyed as much as anything: we endured a long winter to get to a late spring, and need to savour the summer.

Mid-afternoon finds Venus opposing Mars, and there may be tension between the sexes, or a tussle between your own inner male and female.  Both may be wanting different things: Venus, in Leo, wants to be the centre of love and attention.  Mars, in Aquarius, wants to honour the team and support the underdog.  The battle for the remote control may centre around the soap operas vs the World Cup.  Who is being the selfish one?  Is there a win win position?

Saturday (23rd) brings a sparkling sextile between the Sun and Uranus.  Remember, that’s what gives Cristiano Ronaldo much of his sparkle.  It is a day which could bring pleasant surprises, and the flashing forth of creative and original ideas.  Electricity may flow in social encounters, and science and technology flourish.  Certainly the day promises much, early on, in terms of anticipation.

However, a mental challenge in the shape of Mercury opposite Pluto is also operational on that day.  It doesn’t cancel out the benefits of Sun sextile Uranus, but it does remind us to take care over what we say.  Words have weight and consequences.  At the party, that extra prosecco could cost you – a jovial quip may be taken the wrong way, for instance.

This aspect is followed by a square between the Sun and Chiron.  Healing intentions are helpful, because someone may be in crisis.  You may try (and you may succeed) in repairing the damage straight away, especially if you are alert to verbal cues and body language.  Some sensitivity could save the day.  It is a day for everyone to hone their Inner Healer.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – retracing your spiritual path
  • Tuesday – unconditional love, and infinite possibility
  • Thursday – sublime thought, celebration of summer, sensuality
  • Saturday – excitement and anticipation, weighty conversations, and healing requirements