Fleetwood Mac – A Soul Group – Part 1: Origins

“And if, you don’t love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain”

~ Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood , Christine Mcvie, John Mcvie, Stevie Nicks, 1977

This may be a subject of niche interest, as either you think Rumours is one of the best music albums ever made, or you don’t.  The history of the band Fleetwood Mac is rife with karma, especially when the females Christine Perfect (later McVie) and Stevie Nicks entered the scene and introduced romantic complexity.  One of the members of the group, Danny Kirwan, died earlier this month.  But this is a long term project, and I am beginning with the origins of the group.  The founder members of Fleetwood Mac, in 1967, were Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning.


Peter Green originally made a name for himself in the blues band John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.  He introduced Mick Fleetwood, who he had previously worked with, to the Bluesbreakers.  Peter and Mick, together with John McVie of the Bluesbreakers, recorded some songs together, and later Peter and Mick formed a new band.  They named the band Fleetwood Mac, being a combination of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, but the latter declined to follow them at this stage.  They did find a slide guitarist, Jeremy Spencer, and a temporary bassist Bob Brunning who would fill in for John McVie.  This band debuted on 13th August 1967 at Windsor, playing at a festival.  This date may be considered as the “birth” of the group.

This chart shows Sun in Leo, conjunct Jupiter, which betokens performing success.  The Sun is also closely square Neptune, indicating the confusion and complication which was to come, plus Jupiter squared Neptune, showing spiritual confusion, excess and the addictions of the group.  Venus conjunct Pluto showed the intensity of the relationships, and Mars squaring Jupiter the over-the-top energies which sometimes characterized their interactions.

Peter Green

Peter Green’s chart echoes in some fundamental ways that of the group’s chart.  Like that of the group, his chart has over half (6) of his planets in Fixed signs, showing strength of will.  As with the group chart, his Sun is conjunct Jupiter, which betokens success.  His Sun/Jupiter conjunction however is in Scorpio, showing an intense and deep emotional nature.  His performing zeal lies in his Leo Ascendant.  Mercury conjunct Venus shows songwriting talent.  Green was behind early hits such as “Albatross” and “Black Magic Woman”.

Mick Fleetwood: :”I can say without hesitation that Peter Green was the most brilliant musician I have ever played with. When he was well,  he was on a par with a genius like Miles Davis .”

Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood has the Sun in Cancer, which has a compelling desire to belong.  He writes in his autobiography “This period of transition taught me what it means to be a band. A true band is a family and, like any family in crisis, a band must gather together privately, devoid of outside influence when under duress. It is the only way to re-establish the bonds that exist, for that family to remember who they are, and to decide their next steps together”.  He has a keen mind, with Mercury sextile exactly Mars and trine Jupiter. He has the musically sensitive and inspired trine of Venus with Neptune, deepened with an exact sextile of Pluto to Venus.  Mars conjunct the North Node gives him the Warrior Archetype.  Jupiter square Pluto gives a love of power.

Jeremy Spencer

Mick Fleetwood described Spencer thus: “Jeremy was something to see, a tiny chap, pretty quiet off-stage, who became a whirlwind of raw power once he plugged in”. Spencer had Sun in Cancer square Neptune, like Mick Fleetwood.  The chart for the group also had Sun square Neptune (“The Sun is also closely square Neptune, indicating the confusion and complication which was to come”).  So there is a lot of affinity there.  Mercury was closely conjunct Venus in his chart, indicating a talent for  songwriting.  He also later in life has been a book illustrator and story writer.  He was a gifted mimic: Moon, Uranus, Venus and Mercury were all in Gemini, the sign of Mimicry.  Apparently,  his behaviour on stage was sometimes suggestive or inappropriate, expressing his T-square of Venus conjunct Uranus, square Mars and opposite Jupiter.

Bob Brunning

It was made clear at the outset to Bob Brunning that he would be replaced as soon as possible by John McVie.  Nevertheless, Brunning did play at the band’s first gig in Windsor, and historically is part of the first line up.  He is the third member of the original quartet to have Sun in Cancer, giving the band a distinctively introspective flavour.  The prominent zodiac signs for music are Taurus and Libra, but Cancer is especially connected with rhythm in musicality.  He also had the Sun loosely square Neptune.  His true calling, however, lay elsewhere, as is clear from his birth chart.  After he left Fleetwood Mac he underwent teacher training at Chelsea, and taught for 30 years: natally Mercury sextile exactly North Node (Teacher Archetype and karmic mission), with Uranus and Mercury/Saturn in Gemini, sign of the teacher. He died in 2011.


The chemistry within the original line up…

Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood

The interconnections between these two core founder members are very strong, and I would especially pick out Mick’s Venus exactly conjunct Peter’s North Node (a shared musical karmic link), and Mick’s Saturn trine Peter’s  Midheaven (Mick giving shape to Peter’s career).

Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer

This was another strong link, with Jeremy’s Pluto exactly sextile Peter Green’s North Node (another profound karmic link).

Peter Green and Bob Brunning

These two had Suns exactly trine, with Brunning’s  Sun also exactly trine Peter Green’s Jupiter.  A more challenging interaspect was Brunning’s Pluto exactly square Peter Green’s Sun, perhaps reflecting the fact that from the outset Peter Green intended to replace Brunning.

Mick Fleetwood and Jeremy Spencer

There certainly was a spark there, with Spencer’s Mars exactly square Fleetwood’s  Uranus.  Spencer’s Pluto was also exactly sextile Fleetwood’s Venus, a deep musical interaction.

Mick Fleetwood and Bob Brunning

Brunning’s Venus was sextile exactly Fleetwood’s Uranus (he lent his music to Fleetwood’s new group), and Brunning’s Uranus was sextile exactly Fleetwood’s Saturn – not quite such a strong link as Fleetwood had with the others.

Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning

Brunning’s Venus trined exactly Spencer’s Jupiter, a fine social and musical link, but again not so many links between them, perhaps indicating the fleeting nature of Brunning’s involvement.

Transits at the First Gig

These show the impact of the event on each member…

Transits for Peter Green

Mars squared Peter Green’s natal Pluto in Leo in 1st House, which would have made quite an explosive impact on Green.

Transits for Mick Fleetwood

Saturn sextiled his natal Venus in Gemini and trined his natal Pluto in Leo, laying foundations for what was to be his life’s work.  Uranus also squared his natal Uranus in Gemini – radical excitement and change in his life.

Transits for Jeremy Spencer

Mars was trine his natal Sun and Uranus transiting exactly conjunct his natal Mars, firing him up, and Mars square his natal Pluto, as with Peter Green.

Transits for Bob Brunning

These were a difficult set of aspects for Bob Brunning: Neptune exactly square his natal Venus, Pluto exactly square his natal Saturn and Chiron exactly opposite his natal Neptune.  He knew this was a temporary phase of his life, and was yet to find his true calling.

In Part 2, the next few members of the group will be introduced, and I will move the story on a little.


“Play On” by Mick Fleetwood



Monday (25th) brings us a square between Venus and Jupiter, which is not an ideal relationship between them, but nevertheless convivial.  In the office, you might have your mind more on the weekend’s social implications than on the task in hand, so it might be difficult to settle.  Some “inappropriate”, or indulgent, behaviour may ensue or threaten to erupt.  Someone may bring cream cakes into the office.

Mars is stationary prior to going retrograde on Tuesday (26th) and energy, movement and activity could experience some stuckness.  Mars is currently having a long stay in Aquarius, where it is flighty and unpredictable, but team minded and active on behalf of the underdog.  Quite a fitting placement for the duration of the World Cup.  Don’t be surprised if it’s stop-go on some of your active projects.  You may be required to hop from one activity to another, taking a step here and a step there, wherever you can.  Spinning plates come to mind…

Delay or frustration could also be a theme for Wednesday (27th), with Saturn opposing the Sun.  “Be patient” could be your mantra for the day, in between sighs…  That doesn’t mean you can’t try though, or try, try again.  With every attempt you may understand the underlying blocks or reasons for delay, and perceive steps to remedy the situation.

Some of the tension on Wednesday could be the build up to the Full Moon at 6 degrees Capricorn which occurs in the early hours of Thursday (28th).  If you feel that part of your frustration is coming from the power wielded by authorities, then this may be your Full Moon issue.  Work out your own relation and feelings towards authority, institutions or those in power, and then you may see the higher picture and higher philosophy needed to proceed in the right way.  Then find a way to make your voice heard, feel less helpless, or cast a vote.

There’s a change of mental focus on Friday (29th) with the entry of Mercury into Leo.  During the period of Mercury in Cancer our emotions have coloured our thinking, but Mercury in Leo brings a much bolder mental outlook, one which loves to compete, debate and have fun, revel in the summer holiday season.  Mercury will be in Leo until September 6th, because there is a Mercury Retrograde interval which prolongs its stay in that sign (for those who like to be prepared, that happens between 26th July and 19th August).  There you have it, too much information perhaps.

Communications do suffer a disruption, despite Mercury still moving direct, on Saturday (30th), as Mercury squares Uranus.  This bears a resemblance to the effects of Mercury Retrograde:  travel and communications may not run smoothly.  Words and actions may be controversial.  Protest marches may occur. Technology may fail, and snail mail prevail.  Nervous systems could be frazzled.  But we may be open to new vistas – the Universe may be trying to introduce new learnings to us.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday (25th) – convivial
  • Tuesday (26th) – a red light
  • Wednesday (27th) – delay
  • Thursday (28th) – emotional tension
  • Friday (29th) – party time
  • Saturday (30th) – disruptive