Wimbledon 2018 – Week 1

Here we go again!  It’s the height of summer, and the tennis season here in the U.K.  We can manage without the carbonated drinks in this time of shortage, but it looks like we’ll have the vitamin D from all the sunshine of the next fortnight, while enjoying the tennis.

As usual, I will set off by outlining the top 4 women’s and men’s seeds, and then comment here and there as the tournament progresses.  For the first round, I will not look at the opponents for the top seeds, as they should be expected to go through.  I will, as usual, endeavour to answer any questions about your favourite players as we go along.


Simona Halep – No. 1 Seed

Earlier in June, Simona won her first grand slam at the French Open, against Sloane Stephens.  She had lost the first set (Mars was opposite her Chiron) but Jupiter was sextile her Neptune (a dream come true) and Jupiter was sextile her North Node (her time had come).

How do her transits fall during Wimbledon fortnight?  At the beginning of Wimbledon, she still has Jupiter sextile her Neptune, so she still has dreams, but not the karmic back up of the previous line up of transits.

At the end of Wimbledon Mars (having retrograded) is again opposite her natal Chiron (causing some nerves), Jupiter is till sextile natal Neptune (keeping alive the dream), but Saturn squares her natal Sun (some self-doubt perhaps creeping in), and Uranus is trine her natal Jupiter (she can still pull the rabbit out of the hat if she gets there).

Caroline Wozniacki – No. 2 Seed

Caroline Wozniacki won her first Grand Slam, the Australian Open, on 27th January 2018.  Her winning transits were Pluto opposing her natal Sun (she rose to a supreme challenge), Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter (with some luck), Neptune was sextile her natal Neptune (spiritually in tune with her Higher Self) and Nodal Axis squaring her Pluto (despite a difficult karmic transit).  So one should not underestimate her ability to play and win under difficult Plutonian transits.

Yesterday, she beat Sabalenka to win at the final in Eastbourne: Venus was sextile her Venus (a harmonious day), and Jupiter sextile her Neptune.

At the beginning of Wimbledon this year, she has Jupiter sextile her natal Neptune (living the dream, similar to Simona Halep), and this stays in the same position in relation to her chart at the end.  Simona Halep has a little more going on, but Wozniacki does not have the Plutonian challenges she won under (she may thrive under pressure).  At the end of Wimbledon, she still has Jupiter sextile her Neptune, so the picture is the same right through Wimbledon.  That is helpful.

Caroline got engaged for the second time on 2nd November 2017.  Her first engagement in 2014 to golfer Rory McIlroy was broken off when he realized he wasn’t ready for all it entailed.  He had three “end of an era” transits at the time: Pluto trine his Sun, Pluto on his Saturn and Pluto sextile his Pluto.  Both men are Taureans to her Cancerian Sun.  Let’s hope her plans for happiness with retired American basketball player David Lee come to fruition.  Their Venuses are exactly conjunct, which is a romantic plus.

Garbiñe Muguruza – No. 3 Seed

Muguruza reached the semi-finals at the French Open, where she lost to Simona Halep, who went on to win the tournament. She was the winner of the women’s final at Wimbledon last year.  With Venus and Chiron in Virgo, she has been called a perfectionist.

Her general style is explosive, and she has some fiery transits beginning and culminating at Wimbledon.  That should make for some colourful play.  At the start of Wimbledon, Mars squares her Mercury (irritability), Pluto trines her Venus (depth of play), and the Nodal Axis squares her Mars (karmically she needs to bring her energies under control).  At the end of Wimbledon Mars squares her natal Mars: that does not favour her reaching the end of the tournament, but she could end with a flourish however far she goes.

Sloane Stephens – Seed No. 4

American Sloane Stephens distinguished herself at the French Open, taking the first set in the final against Simona Halep, though conceding the match after three sets.  Her transits at the time were Jupiter trine her Mars (which propelled her into the final), and Pluto on her Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn (a bit more of a challenge).

Sloane Stephens has her Sun cusping Pisces and Aries, trine Pluto (a powerful personal natal aspect).  We do not have her birth time, so her Moon could also be in one of two signs: Aquarius or Pisces.  Her Mercury is trine Mars, giving her good co-ordination, and quick mental reactions.  She does have a loose Grand Cross in her chart, which is quite a challenging feature: Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter, and Mars opposes the Uranus/Neptune conjunction forming the Grand Cross.  The difficulties of her chart are mitigated to some extent by Uranus sextile Pluto, and North Node trine closely Chiron.

Her transits for the beginning of Wimbledon still include Jupiter trine her Mars, but on the wane, plus Neptune squaring her Nodal Axis (some issue may be draining her concentration) and Pluto still on her Neptune (complex inner issues to deal with).  By the end of the tournament, she has lost the Jupiter trine Mars uplift, the square of Neptune to her Nodal Axis will be absolutely exact (she may be quite exhausted) and Pluto is moving away from her Neptune.  Again, not promising aspects for a prospective win.

Out of the four top seeds, I feel Caroline Wozniacki has the smoother set of transits.


Roger Federer – Seed No. 1

The last couple of years have seen an outstanding resurgence of Roger Federer’s form, after a few years when it looked as though he was beginning to struggle. At the age of 36 (going on 37) he is still a force to be reckoned with, still as popular as ever, and breaking numerous records.  He beat Marin Cilic (winner of Queens this year) in the final of the Australian Open in January, but decided not to compete at the French Open.  He skipped the French Open last year, and went on to win at Wimbledon.

At the beginning of Wimbledon this year, Jupiter will be square his Mercury: mentally, he will be enthusiastic, though his form may be slightly off beam, exaggerated, overstretched.  Jupiter will be trine his Mars, so he will have plenty of energy, enthusiasm and vitality.  Saturn will still be square his natal Saturn, so there will still be some frustration.  Pluto will still be sextile his Moon, so he will have plenty of emotional drive.  The North Node will be sextile his Jupiter, so he will have self-belief.

By the end of Wimbledon, Mars will be trine his Jupiter, again, keeping his energy levels buoyant.  The red planet will also be trine his Saturn, so he will have more control, and it trines his Midheaven, so he will be confident and assertive.  Jupiter will still be trine his Mars and square his Mercury (see above), and Pluto will still be sextile his Moon (see above).  As well as being trine his Jupiter, the North Node will also trine his Saturn, so his karma will be steady.  Not a bad set of aspects at all.

Rafael Nadal – Seed No. 2

Nadal won comfortably at the French Open in early June (with the power to surprise from Uranian transits, and added strength from Neptune and Pluto), but is more comfortable on clay, and has not done so well in recent years at Wimbledon.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, he retains Neptune trine his Venus from the French win, Pluto sextile his Jupiter and Ascendant (a great strength), Saturn is sextile his Pluto (more strength), but Saturn is on his Neptune (some sort of a dampener, but not enough I think to make too much of a dent in his initial performances).

His transits for the end of Wimbledon show again Neptune trine his Venus, Pluto sextile his Jupiter, Saturn on his Neptune and sextile his Pluto, Pluto still sextile his Ascendant, but newly in the picture the North Node trine his Saturn (a stabilizing transit, one which Roger Federer also has).

Marin Cilic – Seed No. 3

Marin Cilic won at Queens, just prior to Wimbledon, so he is on good form.  He beat Novak Djokovic, who is on the up after a low key year or two.  His winning transits at Queens were Saturn square his Sun and opposite his Chiron (so is mastering those difficult aspects).

Novak lost despite having Mars sextile his North Node (fighting spirit), and Saturn trine his Venus (personal strength).  Neptune was square his Mercury which may have unsettled his mind.  Novak is now seeded No. 12.

At the beginning of Wimbledon Marin Cilic has Saturn still square his Sun (absolutely exact), plus Saturn square his Mars.  He may be experiencing problems right now, and they may be on a personal front.  He no longer has Saturn opposite his Chiron, however, or it is at least on the wane.

At the end of Wimbledon, Saturn has moved away from the square to his Sun, but squares his natal Mars, sapping his energy.  A compensating transit is the North Node sextile his Jupiter, so he may have a little luck along the way, though I am not sure whether that will be enough to get him to the final stages.

Alexander Zverev – Seed No. 4

Alexander Zverev, seeded No. 10 last year at Wimbledon, has moved up the ranks and had some success in the intervening year.

I wrote last year: “His Sun is right at the beginning of Taurus, and he has 0 Water planets (so may not be so emotional) and half his planets in Earth so is practical.  He is sensitive, though, with Neptune exactly square his Sun, and Chiron exactly opposite his Sun.  He has Mercury conjunct Venus, which may give him writing or diplomatic abilities.  With Mercury exactly square Uranus, he is not afraid to be controversial.”  Since then, I have obtained a birth time for him, which reveals a very driven Scorpio Ascendant to add to the picture.

At the French Open he demonstrated his Scorpio endurance, winning some five set matches from two sets down, eventually succumbing to Dominic Thiem in the quarterfinals.  Neptune was opposing his Mars, and continues to do so throughout Wimbledon, as Neptune is slow-moving.

Starting out at Wimbledon he also has Mars trine his natal Moon, energy combined with emotion; Mars on his Uranus (excitement), Saturn trine his Venus (some containment and steadiness in his feelings).  That’s a promising start, but he finishes Wimbledon with that Neptune opposition to his Mars still lurking, and only a trine from Venus to his Venus as back up.  I don’t think that would take him to the final.

Of the top four men’s seeds, Federer and Nadal have the best transits for the final, which sounds predictable…but I will have a look at the prospects for other players along the way.


The planetary aspects are concentrated on one day this week: Thursday.  Therefore I am sprinkling a few Fixed Star seed thoughts around, for those who like to work with them.

Today our Sun is aligned with the Fixed Star Alhena in Gemini.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld provides the following information:

“This star appears to offer individuals the ability to rapidly change modes of thought and to shift context  …  Use of this star elixir will stimulate the chakras in the feet.

This message has a certain level of underlying strength, a certain perseverance and ability to push and continue when the going gets rough.  This is done by shifting perspective, seeing new ideas,  and bringing in another way of doing something so that you can make progress.  The perseverance of this energy affects the Sun, which then transmits this to the Earth to stimulate the feet.”

As I was typing this, I suddenly found that the new shoes I am breaking in for my daughter’s forthcoming wedding, suddenly and unexpectedly became more comfortable!

Eric Morse in “The Living Stars” writes: “This star should show up our artistic skills, especially with the written or spoken word, and our ability to negotiate a peaceful solution to disputes among people”.

Now to Thursday (5th) itself, starting with a trine between the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio, one of the best aspects of the year.  This brings out the principle of expansion, especially applied to creativity and self-expression.  Emotion is heightened, as this trine takes place in the element of Water.  A touch of luck could prove very welcome for your endeavours.

Not only are the two aspects this week concentrated on one day, but they also take place in the same hour.  Sun trines Jupiter at 11.04 a.m. in the U.K. and at 11.48  a.m. Mercury opposes Mars.  The combination could produce a heat spike, weatherwise.  Heated debates could be another feature of this aspect.  Irritability is another possibility.  It brings to mind the Noel Coward song: “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”.  From a practical point of view, keep cool, and avoid verbal confrontations.

As these two aspects occur on the same day and same hour, somehow you may need to bring them together, to enhance the best angles of the Sun/Jupiter trine (optimism and positivity) and minimize the difficulties of the Mars/Mercury opposition (minor accidents).  You can be bold in your ambitions, up to a point.  Check health and safety loopholes, before the abseiling or sky diving.

Friday’s (6th) Fixed Star link up is one of the most important in the year, Sirius in Canis Major.  This star was important in the ancient Egyptian culture, and forms an important ritual for the Dogon tribe of Africa.  I have found in doing star meditations with people that this star, the nearest and brightest to Earth, is an ingrained part of the collective unconscious.  It comes up for people in meditation even if they do not have conscious knowledge of it.

“Starlight Elixirs” says of this star:

“The physical vehicle is the place to begin is the underlying message, and its brightness is then simply to remind you of this.  On the highest level of such work there is energy for the ability of the person to shift vibration – to change the vibration of the physical body to match better that of the spirit, to be able to change the vibration to higher dimensional levels.

An excellent time to utilize this star elixir is just before falling asleep.  During sleep the healing capacities of the body are increased and the ability to absorb healing energies is also increased.  There may be a dream with insight, understanding, and deeper awareness of the life’s lessons involved.”

M.C. Cooke writes in “Tapestry”: “This star is excellent for anyone actually suffering some physical affliction, for its curative vibrations are able to penetrate all of the various bodies of the human being”.

The Fixed Star to work with on Saturday (7th) is Canopus in the constellation of Argo Navis.  “Starlight Elixirs” offers:

“Canopus is a powerful radiator of the light of generosity.  This light can encourage the interchange of loving acceptance and service between beings…Individuals who are seeking to create communities based on service would benefit by using this star.  There is also a sense of gentleness and power combined that can be the roots of healing for those individuals who have been given too much responsibility or too much power and have used it to make mistakes in which others were harmed.”

Take note, Theresa May and cabinet.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – shifting perspective, looking after the feet
  • Thursday – luck, and minor confrontation, possibly at the same time
  • Friday – looking after the physical body
  • Saturday – generosity and gentleness