There’s a lot to do today on the spiritual and emotional planes.  In no particular order, we have to reassure our loved ones of our unconditional love (St. Valentine’s Day), we have to honour the energy of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and we need to make sure we have set our intentions for the New Moon in Aquarius.  By the end of the day, we should also have fulfilled the agenda of healing our soul (Sun conjunct Chiron) and dreaming our dreams (Sun conjunct Neptune).  Phew!  Where to start?  Of course we all know there is no such word as should, and especially if you are living in the flow.  If the postman has not delivered a Valentine’s card (and it is Sunday) know that with today’s Sun conjunct Neptune, the Valentine’s greeting may be delivered purely on the spiritual plane…(good excuse for some).  The Year of the Tiger this year coincides with the year of Jupiter in Pisces, and the energies couldn’t be more different.  Sometimes the two are in synch, but not this year, so you may notice two very different strands of energy this year.  Jupiter in Pisces reveals and delivers the hidden treasures of the soul, and the Year of the Tiger expresses a vibrant fearlessness.  Where the two astrological worlds come together will be in the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in June, for by then Jupiter and Uranus will be in the first degree of Aries, much more an expression of fearlessness than Jupiter in Pisces, and Uranus will add the stripes of the tiger.  The fearless expression of truth will be reborn; we will have harnessed some of  the treasures of the past (Jupiter in Pisces) in order to live in the Now (O degrees Aries).  If you sense a loss of form in my blog by the way, it’s due to my creative juices being diverted to co-ordinating my Interview Series and hours spent thinking up questions.  The second post (Felicity “The Voice” Cook) is now available, and a few others are bubbling away.  The New Moon in Aquarius took place in the early hours of this morning, and hopefully you woke refreshed and renewed and knowing how you wanted the day to proceed, and the ensuing month.  If not, you can gainfully spend the day on that project, but the afternoon is for healing (Sun conjunct Chiron) and the evening is for meditation (Sun conjunct Neptune).  So pace yourself accordingly, if you are living astrologically.  Hard on the heels of tonight’s meditative vibration, tomorrow morning (Monday 15th) sees a sextile between Venus and Pluto.  Venus-Pluto energy is not the easiest to negotiate, but this is a smooth-running aspect, so you may experience a regeneration of your relationship(s) on another level.  If physical, it may rise to the emotional level.  If emotional, to the mental level, and so forth.  If you are working on money rather than relationships (both Venus) then your cash supply could regenerate.  Later tomorrow Mars sextiles Saturn, which is good for cementing gains and following through with practical action.  Wednesday 17th is the real Valentine’s Day this week with Venus conjunct Jupiter, good for declarations of love, celebrations, engagements and marriages.  Relationships could make rapid progress this week.  And again, if it is money that you are after, you could take a step closer to your pot of gold.  It is a lottery day, and you may at least recoup your investment.  Chiron is also conjunct Neptune on Wednesday, so everything could come together: Healing and Spirituality (Chiron and Neptune), Love and Bounty (Venus and Jupiter).  On Thursday (18th) the Sun enters Pisces and the balance of energies shifts further towards Pisces from Aquarius.  At the start of the week the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron are in Aquarius.  The Moon imminently moves into Pisces and by the end of the week you find the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are all in Pisces.  Life is more soft-focus.