Wimbledon 2018 – Week 2

The women’s Seeds came tumbling down last week, with none of the top four left in the tournament.  In the women’s tennis, either Serena Williams will have an uninterrupted pass, or at the other extreme we could have an outsider take the trophy, so I will be keeping an eye on who comes up in the ranks.  In the men’s tennis, Federer and Nadal do indeed seem to have held sway, as predicted, and predictably.  Their transits were strongest in the top four.

As usual, I will take a look at the next 4 Seeds from the women’s and men’s listings, but will have to look at Serena’s transits, though she does tend to defy the astrology anyway.


Karolina Pliskova – No. 7 Seed

The highest women’s seed left in the running, Karolina Pliskova has a largely unaspected Sun in Aries with few personal aspects, so she is independent and free-spirited.  Her transits are very lack-lustre at this time, almost imperceptible.  Though this might possibly mean she has a free hand in life, it doesn’t paint a strong or definite picture.

She will play No. 20 Seed Kiki Bertens in the next round, an enthusiastic Sun in Sagittarius with the Sun square Jupiter natally.  Kiki knocked out Venus Williams, and has most excellent transits (four sextiles): Saturn sextile her Venus, Mars sextile her Mars, Jupiter sextile her Jupiter, and Chiron sextile her Saturn.  By the end of the tournament, she only loses the Mars sextile, which still leaves a good picture.  So she may beat Pliskova, and may even reach the final.

Angelique Kerber – No. 11 Seed

Angelique Kerber is a steadfast Sun and Moon Capricorn.  Her transits at the moment are not bad, but not particularly distinguished either.  She has Jupiter square her Mercury, so she will be upbeat, but possibly subject to some unforced errors.  The North Node trines her natal Mars, encouraging her to be the best athlete she can be.  By the end of Wimbledon, she retains these two transits, and has an added sextile of Mars to her natal Mars, which gives her a little extra oomph.  I doubt she will get to the final, but if she does, she will be playing at her best and displaying great athleticism.

She plays the unseeded Bencic in the next round.  Belinda has Mars sextile her natal Saturn, Jupiter trine her natal Venus, and Pluto sextile her natal Sun, but disruptive Uranus opposite her Chiron.  At the end of Wimbledon, Mars is on Belinda’s Uranus (tricky), Jupiter still trines her natal Venus (she’s having a good time), but that Uranus still opposes her Chiron.  Curiously, Pluto exactly to the minute sextiles her Sun on the finals day, so it will be an important time for her.  I would go for Kerber for tomorrow’s match, but if Bencic gets through she could cause further disruption and upset in the tournament, and who knows might go all the way.

Jelena Ostapenko – No. 12 Seed

With Sun exactly sextile Saturn, Jelena can be very precise.  Mercury trine Mars gives her good co-ordination, and quick reflexes.  Mars trine her Neptune means she is capable of inspired strokes.  She also has a very spiritual mind, with Mercury exactly trine Neptune.  The Neptune aspects  portray an earlier skill in dancing, and indeed she credits her co-ordination and footwork to the dancing years.  She is also a Warrior, with Mars exactly conjunct her North Node.  She is actually known for highly aggressive play.  And unaspected Venus and Uranus make her a free spirit indeed.  A fascinating birth chart!

Her current transits include a difficult personal opposition of Saturn to her natal Venus, and Mars on her Uranus (which could bring excitement, shock,  upset or even injury).  Her current strength comes from Chiron trine her Pluto, bringing out deep resources.  If she comes through the Mars/Uranus transit, she still has the other two influences by the end.  I don’t think these transits would get her to the final.

She will play the unseeded Sasnovich in the next round, who is playing strongly at the moment with Uranus sextile her Saturn.  But her subsequent transits do not add anything significant, so I assume that Jelena will go through.

Julia Goerges – No. 13 Seed

Julia Goerges has a very Scorpionic chart with great depth of character, with Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio sextile Neptune and trine her North Node, completing a Grand Water Trine with Chiron.  Apparently her parents worked in Insurance (a Scorpio province) and when her half-sister also began to work and talk insurance, Julia sought distraction in tennis!  She also has a challenging Grand Cross in her chart, but a socially skilled exact trine of Venus and Jupiter.  Electrical energy (Mars square Uranus) and enthusiasm (Mars sextile Jupiter) abound, and personal earthquakes (Saturn exactly conjunct Uranus) fill in the picture of a strong and capable, possibly formidable character.

At this stage of the tournament, Julia has Saturn square her Venus (personal difficulties, like Ostapenko), but Chiron sextiles her Jupiter (bringing out her best) and Jupiter conjuncts her Pluto (all power to her elbow).  She should get through the next round, but by the end she loses the Jupiterian impetus which may see her out before the end.

She plays Donna Vekic, and I wrote on the first day of Wimbledon:

Donna Vekic

We have a new girl on the radar. Donna Vekic, the No. 55 Seed, has beaten Sloane Stephens in the opening round at Wimbledon. She declares that grass is her favourite competing ground. She has a challenging Cardinal Grand Cross in her chart composed of the Sun opposing Jupiter and Chiron/North Node opposing Saturn. But as so often happens, she has the other extreme, a Grand Trine (in Air) composed of Mars trine Uranus and Chiron. Her life may be a series of ups and downs.

She is the girlfriend of Stan Wawrinka, as of three years. Their Suns are exactly square, and Donna’s Saturn is exactly conjunct his Sun (which keys into her Grand Cross). Her Mars is trine his Jupiter, which is good energetically. Her Chiron trines his Jupiter too, so his Jupiter keys into her Grand Trine as well, which is quite an involvement.

Her winning transits today were Jupiter sextile exactly her Jupiter (winning transits indeed, which I might have predicted…), North Node trine Saturn, and Chiron sextile her Uranus. Looking at the picture at the end of Wimbledon (though she has not yet progressed further than the third round of a Grand Slam), Mars sextiles her Saturn (perseverance), and Jupiter still sextiles her Jupiter (though beginning to wane). She definitely has a chance of progressing further than the third round, and I would not rule out getting to the final. But she herself is cautious about her prospects. Interviewed after today’s match about having a clear draw in front of her, she said she would take one match at a time.

Plus Serena Williams

Favourite to win, currently seeded No. 25 due to taking time out to have a baby, here are her transits:

Currently, Serena has Chiron opposing her Sun, a time of a healing challenge (whether she can win Wimbledon coming back so quickly from the physical demands of childbearing).  Mirroring that transit, Pluto trines her natal Moon, showing a rebirth after the dawn of motherhood.  Strong stuff, both in tennis and life!  Added to that, Neptune trines her Venus, producing her namesake quality, Serenity (amazing!)  And as if to further underline the point, Uranus is on her Ascendant –  A dynamic change in life.  How can she lose?  This is such a time of flowering in her life.  One commentator was saying that if anything motherhood has added an extra dimension to her play, and astrologically I would agree.

She plays unseeded Rodina in the next round, who has Chiron squaring her natal Uranus, a healing crisis, but maybe it is just a privilege to play such a great legend.


Juan Martin del Potro – Seed No. 5

I said last year “Juan Martin del Potro is a charming Libran, with a very powerful conjunction of Saturn and Uranus at the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius, natally.”  I would like to add that his name is my favourite at the moment, rolls off the tongue…(irrelevant, I know, but do try it).

His current transits are the North Node trine his natal Mars and sextile his Jupiter (it is good to have the karmic backing of the Universe!).  At the end of Wimbledon the North Node trine to his Mars becomes exact to the minute, and he still has the North Node sextile his Jupiter.  His star is still shining, and the final looks a possibility.

He plays unseeded Gilles Simon tomorrow, who has difficult personal transits of Saturn on his Sun, and Pluto on his Jupiter.  On his side is Saturn sextile his Pluto, giving him some strength (he must have got here somehow!)  I don’t think he poses a threat to Juan Martin del Potro.

Kevin Anderson – Seed No. 8

I wrote back in 2015:

“Kevin Anderson is a Taurean from South Africa, with a persevering Mars in Capricorn closely trine his Taurus Mercury – quick mental and physical reactions, and a great deal of stamina.  He has 5 of his 10 planets in Earth signs.”

His transits tomorrow show Pluto on his Mars (powerful and strong but possibly dangerous and injury prone), North Node trine his Saturn (his karma holding up within exacting standards), Saturn sextile his Neptune (dampening circumstances) and Saturn sextile his Pluto (some more strength).  That is a confusing picture, but not all that upbeat.  He may have some dramas going on in his personal life.

By the end of the tournament, Pluto is still on his Mars, Mars sextiles his Saturn giving him extra strength, and Saturn is still very active in his chart.  He has lost the karmic support from the North Node.  I think he could leave the tournament soon.

His opponent tomorrow will be the hugely popular Gael Monfils, a colourful character who in his last match went off court with an injury only to come back and win the match.  He’s a Sun in Virgo perfectionist with a flamboyant Ascendant in Leo.  He’s also a bit of a chancer, with Jupiter square Uranus.  His current transits include Pluto sextile his Jupiter (he is in his power), Uranus trine his Neptune (is able to grasp hold of complexity) and Saturn sextile his Pluto (he has plenty of strength).  The groin injury he suffered on Friday may have been a minor passing transit of the Sun opposing his natal Mars in 6th House.  At the end of this tournament Saturn trines his Mercury (he is able to knuckle down and concentrate if he is there at the final), Jupiter sextiles his Mars (he’ll have the enthusiasm), Pluto will still sextile his Jupiter, Chiron will trine his Saturn but square his Neptune, and Saturn will still sextile his Pluto).  The planets are not letting him down, but I am not sure he can carry through.  He may, however, beat Kevin Anderson tomorrow.

John Isner – Seed No. 9

I have written about John Isner:

“John Isner has the Sun in determined Taurus, and Mars conjunct Gemini in fleet footed Gemini.  That proved to be a recipe for taking part in the longest ever match at Wimbledon, agains Mahut in 2010.  Taurus is an unusual sign for a tennis player, but it does have endurance.”

At this time he has the Nodal Axis square his Sun, which is not easy karmically (a test of his power), but North Node trine his Venus (his personal karma going well).  But Chiron squares his Neptune, which is messy from a healing and spiritual point of view.

At the end of Wimbledon he still has these transits, plus Uranus opposite his Pluto, which could be upsetting.  I don’ think he will go much further in the tournament.

He will play No. 31 Stefanos Tsitsipas tomorrow, a young Greek Lion, whose transits are not very distinguished at the moment.  The end of Wimbledon brings him a trine from Saturn to his natal Saturn, which will give him a quiet sense of satisfaction about the tournament as a whole, but Isner will probably beat him tomorrow.

Novak Djokovic – Seed No. 12

And last but not least, Novak Djokovic, who has been relatively out in the wilderness for a couple of years, but seems to be returning to form.  He was very determined against our Kyle Edmund yesterday.  He seemed a little out of sorts at the beginning of the match, dropping the first set, but then rallied round.  Neptune was square his Mercury, which would account for some mental vagueness.

Tomorrow Mars squares his Pluto, which may be a danger point.  He may not find it easy to control his emotions. Mars also sextiles his North Node, which will give him some self-belief.  Saturn trines his Venus, which may benefit his private life.

He plays unseeded Karen Khachanov tomorrow, who has Pluto trine his Mercury (a strong mental fitness) but Saturn square his Saturn (will reach the limits soon of his expectations).  At the end of Wimbledon, Khachanov has Neptune sextile his Jupiter (he will have enjoyed the experience) but Saturn will still be square his natal Saturn.

So, at the end, will Novak be up there with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?  There isn’t enough room for three on Centre Court!  Djokovic will have mixed emotions, with Venus trine his Venus (harmony) but Mars square Midheaven (anger).  The Nodal Axis will be square his Venus, so he may be feeling that something was not quite fair for him.  Mars will still be square his Pluto, but on the wane.  I don’t think he will make the final, but I think he will get through the next round.

Djokovic was born a week apart from Andy Murray, who has also been in the doldrums, and has not been able to play at Wimbledon this year.

That leaves the question of who has the best transits on the men’s side.  Of the four I have just discussed, Del Potro stands out and may face Federer or Nadal in the final.  But I think Federer has the edge, if meeting Nadal in the final.

To rewind to their culminating transits:

For Roger: “By the end of Wimbledon, Mars will be trine his Jupiter, again, keeping his energy levels buoyant.  The red planet will also be trine his Saturn, so he will have more control, and it trines his Midheaven, so he will be confident and assertive.  Jupiter will still be trine his Mars and square his Mercury (see above), and Pluto will still be sextile his Moon (see above).  As well as being trine his Jupiter, the North Node will also trine his Saturn, so his karma will be steady.  Not a bad set of aspects at all.”

For Nadal: ” His transits for the end of Wimbledon show again Neptune trine his Venus, Pluto sextile his Jupiter, Saturn on his Neptune and sextile his Pluto, Pluto still sextile his Ascendant, but newly in the picture the North Node trine his Saturn (a stabilizing transit, one which Roger Federer also has).”

I think that does give Roger the edge.


Chiron went Retrograde last week, joining Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto (we might feel we are pushing against the grain in some respects).  But Jupiter will go Direct this week.  Mercury will not go Retrograde until 26th.  Chiron’s retrograde passage will see us retrace some steps on our healing pathway.

Today, there is a beautiful trine between the Sun and Neptune, so take advantage of this to make progress on your spiritual path.  The intense heat this week was reported to be globe wide, and cited as evidence of global warming. Some feel drained by the intensity of the Sun at the moment, but the work of “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld reminds  us of its life giving qualities: “Has the ability to assist individuals with past-life recall in a more clear and direct sense, particularly along lines of emotional understanding.  Ability to present great amounts of vigour and strength to all parts of the body, to align all 12 chakras, to increase food absorption, and to more easily draw a greater balance of minerals into most cells of the body”.  Many people these days are taking Vitamin D for depression, but spending a little time out in the Sun each day, if you can, may save you some of your supplement allowance at the moment.  I am trying to get a tan on my lily white legs for my daughter’s wedding, but if I don’t make it in time, my neighbour has promised to lend me her fake tan.

Tomorrow (9th) Mercury squares Jupiter, which will be mind-broadening, but perhaps a little overstretching.  You might be complaining of information overload, or may deliberately decide to extend a journey to take in more experiences.  It could be an important day for exam results or testing, or for education in general.  There may be some careless mistakes in the execution though.  In spite of this, the general mental tone is quite upbeat.  Sometimes long-term resolutions can take place under this transit.

On Tuesday (10th) Venus enters Virgo in the early hours of the morning, and we may become more fastidious in our tastes, be they in food, fashion or friendships.  Under Venus in Leo we have been large-hearted and magnanimous, and may have let more people into our lives.  Now we need to focus and specialize in our artistic, music and relational endeavours, as well as being more discerning about the food we are selecting for our nourishment and ecological sensibilities.

Some measure of relief from the retrograde planet vibe of “beating your head against a brick wall” in the late afternoon, when Jupiter is Stationary, prior to going Direct.  Something may signal to you that you are on the right track, and not wading in water (sorry to mix my metaphors).  In one of your recent endeavours, you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and can comfortably walk towards it.

On Thursday (12th) we get to experience the benefits of Venus in Virgo as it trines Uranus in early Taurus.  Projects can suddenly come together under this aspect, and socially sublime meetings can occur.  The right people can appear out of the blue (and of course with Venus in Virgo we’ll be able to vet their suitability effectively).  It is a good day to step out of context, especially in matters of beauty, art and music.  But it is a day when the early bird catches the worm, and you need to seize the day (which will become clear).

We have, the same day, an opposition between the Sun and Pluto, so something or someone will be challenging us, or we will be putting up our own challenges.  There is a deep need for transformation, and you may identify where that need is, and how it needs to be fulfilled.

The next day, Friday (13th) we don’t only have Donald Trump visiting the U.K, we have an Eclipse!  In the early hours of the morning here (which will be late night on 12th in the U.S.), there is a Solar Eclipse, a New Moon at 20 degrees Cancer).  That tell us, however way we look at it, the visit is a Big Deal, and may affect our national fortunes for at least up to 6 months to come.  In our personal lives, we would be especially affected if we have planets or angles in our chart very close to that degree.  Otherwise, it may be as a New Moon in Cancer usually presents, that is a good time to signal your intentions in home and family matters.  Donald Trump may find himself more emotionally affected than he would expect (especially reuniting with his beloved golf course).  For Theresa May, desperate for future special trade deals, she will be desperate not to show her desperation, and not to look like the Libran people pleaser of her original visit to the U.S.

Saturday (14th) gives us a trine between Venus and Saturn, which is helpful of itself, but completes a Grand Trine in Earth with Thursday’s trine between Venus and Uranus.  That, together with the direct motion of Jupiter, gives us a good holding core in the week for making progress with our plans.  They say that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.  Well you may be able to turn that on its head (despite Sun opposite Pluto and the Eclipse, or maybe in tandem with their power), and can feel that you have had a direct hand in manifesting or accomplishing something you set out to do.  Relationships should show loyalty at this time.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual
  • Tomorrow – busy
  • Tuesday – discerning and progressive
  • Thursday – socially dynamic, but some drama
  • Friday – turning point in home and family affairs
  • Saturday – solidifying gains, and loyalty