On Thursday Mercury sextiles Pluto, so you may get to the bottom of any communication problems which have been happening, and there’s a chance to say or hear something profound. Mercury changes tack on Friday, entering Pisces, so if you’ve settled your ideas entirely on the mental plane you’ll need to take account of the emotional and feeling side of the equation. It’s also a Full Moon in Leo that day opposing the Sun in Aquarius, adding to the general feeling of emotions running high: people may feel they’ve been overlooked, and demand your attention. Saturday 3rd brings two splendid sextiles: Mars sextile Uranus which is dynamic and electrical in its energy, especially if you’re taking part in a sporting event. If you’re not sporty, then it’s time to get your head round something which doesn’t come easily to you. The Sun also sextiles Jupiter that day, so boundless optimism will win the day – party on!