Fleetwood Mac – A Soul Group – Part 3:  Christine Perfect/McVie

“If you wake up and don’t want to smile
If it takes just a little while
Open your eyes and look at the day
You’ll see things in a different way”

from “Don’t Stop” by Christine McVie

Christine McVie

Time to introduce the first female member of the band, but before Christine’s arrival, they had to deal with the loss of founder member Peter Green.  The band were doing well, releasing two albums in 1968, “Fleetwood Mac” and “Mr. Wonderful”.  They continued to increase their fan base.

Although he had founded the group, Peter Green, was becoming increasingly unhappy with the way of life.  Belonging to the band gradually became dissonant with his developing philosophy of life.  He told Mick:

“Mick I don’t want to waste my life.  That’s what I’m doing.  I’m wasting my life.”

He was becoming increasingly sensitive to the suffering in the world, and wanted to give all his money to the poor.  He was obsessed with his search for God.  Mick described the reaction of the rest of the group: “We agreed with the beauty of his idealism, but we were practical.”

During their European tour of February 1970, he took LSD with some German hippies, and effectively left the band.  The effect on the band, according to Mick, was “like taking the rudder out of a sailing boat”.  Mick stepped into the role of leader, but there was a huge void: “Luckily we knew the finest blues-woman and piano player in all of England, Christine Perfect.

Christine was a member of the group Chicken Shack, who had married John McVie in August 1968.

Her Birth Chart

She fitted right into the band, astrologically.  As we saw in Part 1, three of the original members of the band were Cancerian (Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning).

The soul characteristic of the group was about expressing human emotion.  So of the 6 members introduced thus far, four were Cancerian, though one had left (Bob Brunning).  When I come to write my future blog on Music band Sun signs, Fleetwood Mac will represent that sign!  From Part 2 in the series, we saw that John McVie’s North Node in Cancer gave him a karmic key into the group.

As well as being a vocalist and keyboard player, Christine was a major force in terms of songwriting for the group, and this is shown by her conjunction of Venus and Chiron (across the cusp of Leo/Virgo).  Adele also has this conjunction, which has the ability to express the poignancy of love.  Christine’s hits would later form the core of the great album Rumours, which included Don’t Stop, Little Lies, Everywhere, and You Make Loving Fun.


In her synastry with John McVie, there was much tension (which may have been creative).  Her Sun squared his Jupiter, her Venus squared his Sun, and their Marses were squared.  On the plus side, her Jupiter was conjunct his Mars, and her Uranus trine his Neptune.

Their transits on their marriage (after a two week romance) were Mars sextile her Uranus (whirlwind relationship) and conjunct her Pluto (a force of nature); and for John the transits were more involved but positive (three trines), giving him more personal stability.

For her personal and working relationship with Mick Fleetwood: Mick’s Jupiter was trine exactly Christine’s Sun (success).  His Saturn was supportive of her Uranus in a sextile, balancing discipline and innovation.  His Saturn was also conjunct her Pluto, which was more difficult, and his Chiron aspects were a little antagonistic, so again there may have been some creative tension between these two.

As for her relationship with Peter Green, who had been best man at their wedding: harmoniously, her Jupiter trined his Venus.  And as so often when someone replaces someone else in a role or line up, there is an exact, powerful Pluto interaspect (as I have mentioned before) – in this case, her Pluto was exactly square his Sun.

Her synastry with the chart of the band (see Part 1) was largely harmonious: her Saturn sextile its Sun, her Mercury trine its Mars, her North Node conjunct its Jupiter (a beneficial karmic link), and her Sun sextile its Pluto.  Her Mercury squared its Saturn, so she may have brought some challenging thought to bear.


Christine joined Fleetwood Mac on tour at the start of 1970, and Mick Fleetwood describes the state of affairs at that time:

“The band’s new formula remained true to our roots, showcasing Jeremy’s skills, whilst allowing Danny to do more melodic rock…Christine became the glue…”

On a personal note, we went to see them at Nottingham University (before hubby and I were married) in early 1971.  We were a little disappointed by their performance at the time, Christine had already joined them, but it was before some of their dizzier heights as a group.  I do seem to recall they played Albatross, Black Magic Woman and Man of the World.  We always remember different things.  Hubby recalls some hiccups, such as a lack of co-ordination between the drummer and the bassist, while trying to get the rhythm right.  They were about to lose Jeremy Spencer (departing in February 1971) and Danny Kirwan, but about to gain Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks (subjects of Part 4).


“Play On” by Mick Fleetwood



On Monday (6th) the Sun squares Jupiter, and we’ll be making hay in the sunshine, but things could get a little out of hand, a bit like when you overdo a joke.  However, you may laugh till you cry, and that can be a rare thing.

At exactly the same moment (23.37 Hrs) Venus enters Libra, another good-time astrological feature, but with a cooler style.  Social charm wins the day.  Harmony in the Arts, sartorial elegance, peace and fairness, are all keynotes of Venus in Libra.

Between them, these two could get the party started.  Trouble is, it’s almost bedtime for some folks, so it may be cocoa or camomile tea all round, over some upbeat late night discussion.

Breakfast on Tuesday (7th) may be a continuation of the same, with coffee (decaffeinated or otherwise), blueberries and bananas, and more amiable discussion based on stimulation from the night before and dream interpretations.

Uranus is stationary prior to turning retrograde mid-afternoon, which could stop the mood in its tracks.  There may be a diversion to attend to.  Much has been made of the current plethora of retrograde planets (including everyone’s favourite, Mercury), so this adds to the season of inward reflection and revisioning.  In the case of Uranus, the element of the unexpected comes to the fore, so you may see some goalposts moving.

The early hours of Wednesday (8th) brings a trine between Venus and Mars, and the interplay between the sexes is warm, or that between your own inner male and female sides.  This aspect favours sensual activities, such as aromatherapy massages.  Book an appointment with your favourite practitioner.  I treated myself to a facial just before my daughter’s wedding.  I was surprised to find that it included the neck, shoulders, arms hands and feet (“for extra relaxation”).  I am not given to advertising, but the appointment was at Clarins, attached to John Lewis, in Cambridge, so that is a firm and hearty recommendation.  Feel free to advertise your favourite practitioner around, under comments.

Venus also opposes Chiron on Wednesday, so that may bring up issues which need healing, even though Venus trine Mars is very much of a balancing aspect.  It may be a case of “Now I am nice and settled, what is next for me to deal with?”.  The issues may be connected with one’s inner female, or one’s relationships.  It may be an artistic conundrum.

The next two aspects occur in the early hours.  There may be a rhythm of early morning waking, for instance, in response.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 16 degrees Leo in the early hours of Thursday (9th) and there could be an important message for you in dreams, or on waking.  You could try posing a question before you nod off, and may find the solution appearing on waking.  It is an aspect which brings clarity of thought and illumination.  If you are writing a play, for instance, the perfect line could come to you.

In the early hours of Friday (10th) Venus squares Saturn, which may be deflating in relationships and the Arts, or costly to the purse.  Saturn has a lesson for us in economy, whether in connection with effort or resources, and may require us to move towards greater simplicity.  In a relationship, you may need to move from 20 texts a day to the discipline of say twice a day.  Somebody may be getting drained.

Mercury squares Jupiter on Saturday morning (11th) and we have another full on day, with this aspect overstretching and overloading us mentally, but that could be enjoyably so.  Travel could be an important feature of the day, such as a holiday or leisure outing, or a guided tour.  It’s a good day to practise speaking foreign languages, which could become useful post-Brexit (I don’ t think I’ve mentioned Brexit for at least two weeks).

The big aspect of the day is the third eclipse of the season, a New Moon at 18 degrees Leo.  Leo can bring drama, but if you are writing a theatre script or preparing one for the Christmas pantomime, then the vividness of this eclipse could be useful.  It is helpful to know what House the eclipse fall in within your chart, so that you can apply the energies with more consciousness.  But otherwise, treat it as an enhanced new moon with new intentions, and creativity as a keyword or power, an opportunity to create a fresh start in your life.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – jolly and elegant
  • Tuesday – emphasis on the element of the unexpected
  • Wednesday – sensuous, but in need of relationship healing
  • Thursday – the clarity of the higher mind
  • Friday – pause for thought in relationships
  • Saturday – mentally interesting, and a turning point