U.K. Politics – Autumn Term 2018

With both our main parties tearing themselves apart at this point in time, and the country still divided over Brexit, I thought I would take a look at the current state of play astrologically in U.K. politics.

U.K. Chart

Neptunian confusion reigns supreme in the (1922) U.K. chart at the moment.  So it is no wonder we are in the state we’re in.  Jupiter from Scorpio in 6th House squares its natal Neptune in Leo in 3rd House, so its communications are unclear or exaggerated.  Neptune from Pisces in its 10th House squares its natal Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius in 7th, so its reputation and relationships are unclear. There is a sense that it has “lost its way”.

Theresa May

Aside from practising her dance moves in Africa, she is limbering up for the challenges of a new term, walking a tightrope with Brexit, trying to maintain her Chequers proposal, and staving off a challenge to her leadership.  She is ready for the fight, with Mars trine her natal Mercury, Jupiter sextile her natal Jupiter (still smiling), and Mars sextile her natal Saturn.  However, with Mars square her natal Neptune, she is facing subversive factions.

Conservative Party

The transits to the chart of the Conservative Party show a deep state of flux, but ultimately for its healing.  The following transits apply: Pluto sextile its natal Sun (transformation), Chiron trine its Venus (attempts at healing), North Node trine its Mars (resolve) and Neptune sextile its Pluto (embracing complexity).  Therefore the Party seems more resilient than one would think, especially if you are hoping for its imminent overthrow.

Boris Johnson

It is always being reported that Boris Johnson is hungry for the top job, and that there is a movement afoot to unseat Theresa.  He resigned over the Chequers proposal just after David Davis, but has been lying fairly low (for him) apart from offering journalists a cup of tea.  Nevertheless, his current transits look positive (for him) with Chiron from Aries in 6th House sextile his Mars in 8th in Gemini, so he is currently emboldened.  Neptune from Pisces in 6th House currently sextiles his natal Jupiter in Taurus in 8th House, so he is quietly confident (as distinct from being the usual noisily so), and even more tellingly transiting Neptune is trine his natal Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd House, so he is regrouping spiritually. I don’t think we have seen the last of his ambition.


Using the chart for when Brexit was triggered we find:

Saturn square its Venus – stuckness, and difficult relationships and economic issues, Chiron on its Venus (a desperate attempt to address its wounds), and Pluto square its Jupiter (total chaos).  The question of the Irish border remains an imponderable, one which all attempts at negotiation or compromise fail to address properly.

Chequers Proposal

This is Theresa’s baby, an attempt to find a middle way through the minefield, beset by extremists on either side.  Alternatives seem to be No Deal (indigestible to many, but not so unfavourable to Theresa herself), or the People’s Vote (our right to have a final say to the arrangements that are arrived at, which Theresa has ruled out on her part).  Current transits to the chart of her proposal are: Neptune trine its Sun and Saturn trine its Uranus, not unfavourable transits.  It is said that Europe have ruled it out, but maybe there is still a chance.

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab, newly appointed Brexit minister in place of David Davis, seems less averse to the hard work required.  He is a Piscean, with his Sun/Mercury square Neptune.  So he has sensitivity but also stealth, and may encounter complicated problems.  His natal Jupiter trine exactly Saturn is good for balanced judgement.  Very favourably, he has an exact Grand Trine in Air between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which may stand him, and us, in good stead.  His current transits are a lot of energy, vim and vigour: Mars on his Venus and trine his Mars, but nothing substantial at this time.  It might be worth looking at his chart again in a few months’ time (when we are getting really desperate).

Jeremy Corbyn

Leading the Labour Party, Jeremy is currently under fire for not dealing effectively with the anti-semitism issue (e.g. allowing Ken Livingstone two years breathing space to decide to resign), and not being sufficiently forthright about Brexit.  He nearly won the last election, but has lost some ground since then.  Those of us who want a fairer society are becoming increasingly anxious that it is not going to happen. Currently, Neptune is square his Venus (under a cloud of suspicion), Pluto trine his Mars (he is standing firm), Uranus is square his Jupiter (being unstabilized at the same time), and Chiron sextile his Jupiter (inwardly there is some healing going on).

Labour Party

Like the Conservative Party, the Labour Party is currently tearing itself apart, with John McDonnell visibly straining to try and keep the peace this morning on the Andrew Marr show.  But in its natal chart, Neptune squares its Pluto, which is a formidable and deep seated challenge to its existence.

Frank Field

Frank Field is a deeply respected veteran Labour politician, who has achieved a lot in the traditional Labour field of combating poverty.  He resigned the Labour whip this week, ostensibly because of the anti-semitism issue.  Vocal left-wingers such as Owen Jones put the emphasis on the fact that he has supported the government over Brexit initiatives, and incurred unpopularity in his local constituency.  But he also raises the issue of bullying over the Momentum inspired deselection of MPs who do not toe the party line.  His current transits show the North Node (karma) sextile his natal Uranus (Inner Rebel) and closely conjunct with his natal Pluto (total transformation).  This emphasizes his innate need to be an individual (natal Sun unaspected).

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer, sometimes tipped as a future leader of the Labour Party, is in charge of shadow policy on Brexit, the counterpart to Dominic Raab.  He seems to have a steady hand on the tiller.  He has a Solar Return today (i.e. it’s his birthday), and Uranus is trine his Uranus, so he may surprise us at the beginning of this term.

Jonathan Sacks

Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks launched an attack on the failure to address anti-semitism this week, around the same time that Frank Field resigned.  It’s an important time for him in expressing his truth, with Jupiter trine his Sun, and Jupiter square his Saturn (overcoming his natural caution).  Jupiter is also on his South Node, so he is addressing some past life karma.  He was interviewed at length this morning by Andrew Marr, and stood firm on his assertions.  John McDonnell then had the opportunity to respond on behalf of the Labour Party, urging a face to face dialogue between Jonathan Sacks and Jeremy Corbyn


Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) Mercury sextiles Venus, which is a delightful start to the week.  It’s a very social and communicative vibe, suitable for friendly and creative discussion and co-operation.  Artistic collaborations thrive under this aspect.

Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday (6th), and if you have already started working on your Autumn schedules, this placement will enable you to get down to the nitty gritty and flesh out your plans in more detail.  There will also be more emphasis on health and ecological awareness, such as dealing with the proliferation of plastic.

On the same day, Saturn is stationary, prior to going direct, at 2 degrees Capricorn.  If you know which House this falls in, in your chart, you will have more idea how to apply it. Certain matters which have been stuck since April, may slowly start to make progress again.  You may feel you can move forward, though cautiously.  One more retrograde planet less.

An exciting aspect on Friday (7th) makes us more inclined to shake ourselves out of a mental rut: Mercury trine Uranus.  We may have an idea, a bolt from the blue, which takes hold and interests us enough to act upon it.  This aspect is good for innovation, originality, surprise communications, and upgrading technology.  Look to the future, literally.

That aspect interlocks with another trine, Mercury trine Saturn, on the same day, to form a Grand Trine in Earth.  This means that a great deal can be accomplished on that day, and grand plans could come to fruition.  Mercury trine Saturn favours laying down plans, and even attending to some of the detail then and there.  You may get quite absorbed in what you are doing.  Your proposals will be coherent and sound, and incorporate the new while honouring the old.  This trine in particular will be good for tackling documentation, such as letters or emails you have been meaning to getting around to for some time.

Towards the evening, the Sun opposes Neptune, and it may be a good time to take a rest or a break.  Maybe with all you achieved earlier on in the day, you have been working harder than intended, or work filled up more time than you could comfortably spare.  Your concentration may not be so acute in the evening, and issues may seem more clouded or confused.  Conundrums may present themselves to you.

Saturday (8th) brings a change of emphasis, one more centred around human emotions, with Venus squaring Mars.  This may bring up issues around political correctness or social manners between the sexes.  You may be drawn to interaction and enjoy the sensuality, but caution is the watchword.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – social niceties
  • Thursday – more detailed work; some slow progress
  • Friday – bright ideas, mental application, later confusion
  • Saturday – sensuality