Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Part 1

The new hopefuls were paired up last night, and the nation is full of anticipation of another sparkling season of Strictly Come Dancing.  Non-viewers please forgive this generalization!  Here are my first four assessments.

Ranj Singh

The popular TV doctor Ranj Singh is a very independent character, with an unaspected Sun in Cancer.  As a doctor, he specialized in paediatrics, which is a Cancerian province.  Venus in Gemini.  With Saturn conjunct his North Node in Virgo (a responsible attitude to health) trine exactly Chiron – a karmic mission involved with healing is sealed.

At the beginning of this series of Strictly Come Dancing this weekend, Mars is trine his natal Mars (he is truly fired up!), and Chiron is sextile his natal Mars (so he is physically fit).  At the end of the contest (I can only take a guess at that date at the moment), Mars squares his Neptune, Jupiter squares his Saturn, Saturn trines his Saturn, and Uranus squares his Mercury.  That is not a glowing set of culminating transits, more steady than anything, but he could still do well, e.g. get to the semi-final or even the final.

All the contestants seemed delighted with their pairings last night, and Ranj declared that he and Janette Manrara “get on well”. Her Mars sextiles his Mercury, so they will communicate well, physically and mentally.  Her Jupiter sextiles his Pluto, so she will bring him confidence, and he will contribute power.  They have a couple of exact squares between them, but their sextiled Saturns enables them to work together in a disciplined way.  At the end of the tournament, Janette will have Chiron opposite her Mars (a possible health or injury issue), Jupiter on her Uranus (the power of surprise) and Chiron square her Neptune (again, a health issue possible).

Susannah Constantine

Susannah Constantine, one half of Trinny and Susannah, made her name on their show “What Not to Wear” in the early 2000s.  Back in the day, I used to pray that they never came to my door, but nevertheless they were highly popular style consultants.  Susannah does in fact have an amazingly talented Grand Trine in Water to her Venus (fashion and taste), so astrologically she has the credentials for her chosen path. She has Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio.  She also has the hugely energetic trine between Mars and Pluto.  Trinny and Susannah are both Air signs, and Trinny’s Sun trines Susannah’s Mercury, which is good for a business partnership.

She’ll obviously be interested in the costumes and sequins in the Strictly experience.  This weekend she has the Nodal Axis squaring her Mars and Mercury square her Mercury, so she could be quite nervy, though they won’t be facing judgement for a few weeks.  By the end of the contest, she has Neptune trine her Venus (bringing out the best in her dancing, including inspiration) and Jupiter square her Pluto (experiencing her power, though not without struggle).  She will be on a high, even if it is just the thrill of having taken part in the series.

Susannah was paired with the veteran Anton du Beke, so she will be guaranteed some laughs.  Interestingly, and unusually, they don’t have a strong connection astrologically, so it will be fascinating to see how they do get on.  Their strongest link, which is an amiable one,  is his Jupiter two degrees away from her Venus, which is very pivotal in her chart.  At the end of the tournament Anton has Chiron square his Venus, which is not a happy aspect.  But he’ll still be energetic and strong, with Mars trine his Neptune and Pluto sextile his Neptune.  Given the fact that Anton has never got close to winning, this pair do not seem likely to get within reach of the glitterball.

Ashley Roberts

“It is the mind that creates either heaven or hell. So, the mind needs to be controlled. Then we won’t have to experience sorrow. There will be only bliss, bliss, and bliss.” —Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Ashley Roberts was a member of the Pussycat Dolls, together with other members who have a high profile in the U.K. such as Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Wyatt, who have also taken part in reality shows here.  She left the group in 2010 and in the following year, Ashley followed the “hugging saint”, Amma.

When Ashley took part in I’m a Celebrity in 2012 (in which she was runner up), I wrote the following:

“Ashley is a perfectionistic Virgo, with 4 planets in elegant Libra.  … she has the push me-pull you conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  She comes across as quite level-headed, so has it well balanced.  I think the contrast of her US identity gives her an advantage, as she is able to be more detached from some of the British concerns and personalities, and makes her more able to make light of the experience (“Another day in Paradise” she observed wryly.)  She has a spiritual side, yoga and meditation being part of her daily ritual, and these will help sustain her for at least a few more days.”

Her transits this weekend are Mars squaring her Venus (out of her comfort zone, but enjoyable), Saturn sextile her Venus (holding her own),  and Uranus opposite her Venus (a bit of a shock to her system).  At the end of the contest, she has Jupiter trine her Mars (superb for co-ordination and energy), and Saturn square her Saturn (a bit of a struggle, could be quite tired).  Despite the latter, I think she could be a front runner, or contender for the glitterball.

Ashley was paired with Pasha Kovalev, and they have a karmic connection (her South Node on his Sun).  Her Uranus sextiles his Mercury, so there will be a lot of telepathy between them.  Her Uranus sextiles his Saturn, so she may bring something new to his performance.  Her Neptune squares his Sun, so there may be confusion or merging in their personalities.  Her Pluto also sextiles his Neptune, so they will communicate on a deep level.  At the end of the contest, Pasha has Uranus square his Sun (there may be an upset or disruption for him – at best, excitement), the South Node will be on his Sun (Ashley will be having a Nodal Return, so an important time for them both karmically), Saturn will be trine his Jupiter (steady progress).  Maybe Pashley (as they may come to be known) will come second.

Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann the former cricketer, now commentator on the sport, is rather out of my realm of knowledge, so I tried to read his autobiography on hubby’s kindle, and found that it was…all about…cricket.  He has a marvellously sporty birth chart, with the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Aries trine Jupiter.  He has Mars on the South Node, possibly depicting warriorship in past lives.  Emotionally, he has quite a detached planetary picture, with an almost unaspected Moon in Aquarius, possible square Uranus and Chiron, together with Venus in Aquarius square Uranus.  According to hubby, he was able to be quite detached from the drama when he was playing cricket.  One of his best aspects is Mercury trine Jupiter, giving him a wide ranging and humorous mind. He is quick witted and good at impressions. Mars closely trine Uranus gives him electrical energy, which you may see on the dance floor.

His transits for last night were: North Node trine his Sun (this could change his life!), Jupiter trine his Mars (at a physical peak), Pluto sextile his Mars (super energetic), but Pluto square his Pluto (may feel he has bitten off more than he can chew).  The astrological picture at the end of the contest for him shows up a Mars Return (aligned energy), Uranus square his Jupiter (surprises), Chiron trine his Jupiter (learning and healing), Jupiter square his Saturn (encouragement), Saturn trine his Saturn (bringing out his powers of discipline), Pluto sextile his Uranus (meeting unexpected challenges), and Mars square his Neptune (his sensitivity stretched to the limit).  That’s quite a line up, so he could do well, but certainly there will be a lot going on in his life at that time.

Graeme has been partnered up with the dynamic Oti Mabuse, and he showed us his flossing moves as taught by his 7 year old son (but judge Craig Revel Horwood was not keen on his hip action).  Grame and Oti are likely to produce some stunning dance performances.  His North Node trines her Mars, so she could bring out his leadership qualities, essential for the male dancer.  His Mars (which has a return at the end of the contest) sextiles her Saturn, bringing out their ability to work with precision.  His Uranus sextiles her Saturn, so he may bring something new to her performance (as with Ashley and Pasha).  In addition, her Uranus trines his Chiron, so they will be problem-solving inventively at a higher level throughout the series.  At the end of the contest, Oti has Uranus square her Jupiter (exciting) and the North Node on her Jupiter (karmic rewarding), Chiron trine her Jupiter (miraculous healing), Mars sextile her Saturn (great control allied to movement), but a difficult Pluto on her Saturn.  Despite the latter transit, they could win the contest.

I’ll write about the next four when the contest starts for real.  Keep viewing, if not dancing!


This morning, Venus went into Scorpio.  She will be there a while, as she turns retrograde on 5th October, then returns to Libra at the end of October.  Venus is harmonious in Libra, but her affections deepen when she enters Scorpio, and are that bit more demonstrative. Greater intimacy is therefore a feature of Venus in Scorpio.  There’s a chance to understand your relationship more profoundly.

Around tea-time, there is a New Moon in Virgo, which freshens up health and fitness regimes, and new resolves in that area.  It also encourages ecological awareness and practices, such as standing firm against fracking.  What you intend this afternoon and evening may be an important focus for you over the coming month.

Tomorrow (Monday 10th) Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner comes close, near to the Fixed Star Capella in the constellation of Auriga.  The appearances of comets may highlight something unusual  in our lives – think back to earlier visits from comets in your life.

From: “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, we learn that Capella

“can help people bring spiritual ideas into a form that can be practical and applied well in the world.  This is an energy of resonance and connection.  When translated into human terms, these energies are best shared by working with love, compassion, and understanding.  Capella can be helpful in strengthening family connections, family ties, and awareness in one’s own biological family of certain pastlife connections that can improve family relationship.”

The event may be visible through binoculars.

Mars returns to Aquarius in the early hours of Tuesday (11th), and you may feel that you have tied up some loose ends while Mars was in its recent stint in Capricorn, and are able to turn your attention to wider social ventures, such as supporting the underdog or encouraging community projects.  Mars in Aquarius is about teamwork, but also about activating friendships (e.g. engaging in shared leisure interests together).  Mars stays in this sign until the middle of November, so if you are wanting to rally the troops in a common cause this is your time.

Around noon, the Sun sextiles Jupiter, one of the best aspects of the week.  Some luck may come your way, but if you are in a dance competition some luck may also turn up for the others.  Just take advantage of the upbeat vibe in terms of your own goals, and without comparing yourself.

In the afternoon, the Sun trines Pluto, an aspect which can make a profound difference to your performance, whether on the dance floor or elsewhere.  It can bring meaningful creative expression, and psychological insight into whatever is your current preoccupation.  There’s an element of drama and passion, without the destructiveness that can sometimes manifest with those qualities.

Wednesday (12th)  is the pivotal day, with the heavyweight aspect of Jupiter sextile Pluto working to improve your life.  Optimism combines with power, to again lend meaningful action to our lives (which seems to be a theme this week).  It may be a day of grand gestures, for instance.  Those who have not been working to use power wisely, or soften their egos, may overstep the mark (I can think of a couple of blond male politicians), but otherwise this constitutes another very constructive force this week.

Another aspect occurring on the same day, but not quite as powerful in its operation, is the disruptive Venus opposite Uranus.  So you may see cross-currents or crossed purposes, with hopefully the constructive element gaining the upper hand.  Uranus opposing Venus is disruptive socially, for example bringing unexpected misunderstandings or estrangements in relationships.  If a stand-off is unavoidable, then you may need to surrender to the bigger picture.

Venus sextiles Saturn on Thursday (13th), so there may be some reparation or conciliation in the disruption to relationship from Wednesday.  This aspect can re-establish loyalties, and hopefully bring relationships back on track, providing the issues surrounding the earlier disagreements are understood.

The astrological atmosphere around on Friday (14th) is one of fuzziness, mental confusion, or unclear health issues.  Journeys may be long and complicated, and conversations convoluted.  It may be difficult to extricate yourself or disentangle yourself from a situation or a conversation.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sincere; a new beginning
  • Tomorrow – signs and wonders; family connections
  • Tuesday – new enthusiasm for group activities; a stroke of luck; creative depth
  • Wednesday – the meaning of life; disrupted relationships
  • Thursday – loyalty
  • Friday – fogginess