Fenella Fielding (1927 – 2018)

“She reminds me of the great raconteur Quentin Crisp – the same love of language, mastery of its rhythms, perfectly formed sentences, and a joie de vivre even when relating her profound despair.”

 The Guardian

Fenella Fielding may well have been before your time, dear reader.  But in my childhood and teenage years, she was a household name, and a captivating character.  She died this week, at the ripe old age of 90.

Birth Chart

With 6 of her 10 planets in water signs, Fenella had a very emotional chart.  Her Sun was of course in sultry Scorpio (it could not be otherwise, with her femme fatale image), and it was exactly trine Jupiter, which ensured many opportunities in life (some of which she chose not to take up).  She was said to be cheerful and optimistic, as befits a positive natal Jupiter.

Her Ascendant was in theatrical Leo, with Neptune rising, creating a personality of glamour, mystique and allure.  Marylin Monroe also had Neptune rising in Leo.

Saturn in 4th House depicts her difficult childhood, with difficult parents and a violent father who stood in her way initially when trying to make a name for herself in the acting profession.

Mercury in Scorpio produced the trademark husky voice, which was a gift to impressionists.  Mercury was also conjunct Mars, giving her an easy wit – she could be spontaneously funny.

She was an intellectual, keeping Plato by her bedside, interpreting Ibsen, Wilde and Chekhov  masterfully on stage, and taking part in intelligent activism.  That her mind was the foundation of her life and art is shown by a forensic Mercury conjunct the I.C. in Scorpio in 3rd House.

She also had a powerhouse of energy, with Mars closely trine Pluto and loosely trine Jupiter, in a loose Grand Water Trine.

Life and Relationships

Many felt that Fenella did not reach her full potential, and often attribute that to her having become typecast from the role of vampish Valeria in Carry on Screaming (1966).  The Times deemed her Hedda Gabler to be “one of the experiences of a lifetime”. She turned down some possible prestigious roles.  I do think that she had a fondness for comedy, despite her genius as a serious actor.

Her autobiography “Do you mind if I smoke?” revealed some of the harmonies and tensions between herself and some co-stars.

Ron Moody gave her her first big break.  The connections between their charts are extensive and include: Her Pluto opposite his Sun (life changing), her Mars square his Venus (magnetism), her Jupiter trine his Mars (mutually energizing), and her North Node sextile his Neptune (a karmic and spiritual link).

She found Kenneth Williams, who she worked with in several productions, very difficult.  In their synastry, his Moon square her Venus may hint at a personal antipathy.  There are some more harmonious links between them, but his Mercury square her Saturn hints at problematic communication.

Theatre critic Michael Coveney recalls she “dressed in clothes of a severe line, with white collars back and front, clasped with big jewellery, which gave her the appearance of an unlikely modern nun on the run.  No one ever had such a laughing drawl, or haughtier, naughtier intonations”.

He reveals in the Guardian Obituary that she never married, but “for 20 years she kept two lovers on the go, one of them married, without either knowing of the other’s existence”.


Fenella had a strong urge to maintain her working life, even in recent years.  She suffered a stroke a few weeks ago, and with a transiting Uranus conjunction to her natal Chiron she passed over.  But Saturn was also trine her natal Chiron (the Inner Healer) enabling a coming to terms with her transition.  She had a good innings, but, in common with many others, I would have liked to have seen more of her!


Today, Mercury trines Pluto, which is an excellent aspect for talking about things that matter.  Make sure you wring every ounce of meaning out of your conversations, or in your writing.

As Alexander Pope said, “drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.”  That’s a good description of Mercury trine Pluto.

We are fortunate to also have today a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter, so Geminis and Virgos could have some very constructive communication today.  Mercury sextile Jupiter favours broadening the mind, and boosts business ventures.  You may also experience new ways of looking at things.

Tuesday (18th) is more tricky, with Mars square Uranus.  This is a wild electrical energy, and caution should be your watchword, both in human interactions (with any volatile types) or in relation to the environment (such as freak storms).

Friday (21st) serves up a sparkling mental outlook, with the Sun conjunct Mercury at 28 degrees Virgo.  This aspect occurs early in the morning in the U.K. (the previous evening in the U.S.) and your dreams could reveal to you in a message an important way of managing or organizing your life.  On waking you might feel extra keen to be productive or push on with a project.

Mercury goes into Libra on Saturday (22nd) and you’ll be open to new relationships as you go about your business or social life.  Artistic and musical creativity will add special colour to your outlook, and be extra engaging.  You will have gathered facts while Mercury was in Virgo, and now you can add colour to those facts.  The contenders for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing will have been put through their paces, and will now be ready to show you what they can do.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – deep, satisfying and uplifting conversations
  • Tuesday – tricky, or even explosive
  • Friday – mental clarity
  • Saturday – colouring in