Brett Kavanaugh

In the confirmation process to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, nominated by Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh went head to head with Christine Blasey Ford in their testimonies this Thursday about her allegation of attempted rape in their youth.  The speculation about who was telling the truth split Republicans and Democrats across America, or entrenched them in their existing loyalties.  Kavanaugh was about to receive the nomination, but Senator Jeff Flake was accosted by survivors of sexual harassment in a lift, and agreed to recommend an extra week for the decision, while an FBI investigation is carried out.  His casting vote would have sealed Kavanaugh’s appointment.

Birth Chart of Kavanaugh

Half his planets are in the Fixed signs, making him very strong willed (literally sticking to his guns).  There are numerous examples of his steadfastness in supporting Republican policies in his legal career.  He has an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune, which can cause religious or moral confusion, and the opposition forms a T square with his Mercury, which represents his mental judgement.  He may have inner conflicts within his religion as a practising Catholic.  Mercury square Neptune on its own may represent a tendency for mendacity, but it is not always the aspect you have so much as what you do with it.  Someone can have an exemplary set of aspects, for instance, but misuse them.  But the cloud of emotion he expressed in his testimony is reminiscent of his Jupiter-Neptune opposition in its apparent self-righteousness.  The anger in his chart, which he expressed in volumes, comes from Mars squaring his Nodal Axis, which literally asks life “How dare you do this to me?”  He has a love of power, shown by Jupiter trine Pluto and Sun trine the North Node, which he has fulfilled through his professional life.

His transits this week show up Neptune opposite his Uranus (a challenge for the truth) and Pluto trine his Jupiter (his bid for power).

Christine Blasey Ford

Professor Ford has alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh dating back to high school days, and despite not having spoken out about this before, felt it was her “civic duty” to do so now, to prevent Kavanaugh’s appointment to this powerful position.  She stated that one of the most traumatic aspects of the assault was being silenced when she tried to scream.  Notably a polygraph reading has established that she is telling the truth.  Two or three other women have also come forward with allegations but so far have not testified in the same way.

Donald Trump questioned why she had not spoken up before about this incident.  Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio in the wake of the tsunami of allegations against Harvey Weinstein last year coincided with the new “Me Too” movement, and this has enabled a culture of more openness.  This seems to have been a lasting benefit of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Birth Chart of Christine Blasey Ford

Dr. Ford works as a researcher in psychiatry at Stanford University and specifically designs statistical models for research projects.  Her birth chart is very suited to this type of work, with Mercury trine Saturn.  But she does not have an easy birth chart to contend with, with a tight double opposition between Uranus/Pluto in Virgo and Chiron/Saturn in Pisces.  Her difficulties in life can be excruciating.  Adding another layer of difficulty, Mars conjunct Uranus-Pluto and opposite Saturn can imply that someone is the victim of cruelty.  There may have been past-life patterns relevant to present-day circumstances, with the South Node conjunct Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto.

Her transits for this week show Mars sextile her natal Sun (she has been much praised for her bravery), Mars opposite her Jupiter (a passionate testimony) and Jupiter on her Neptune (an astrological endorsement of her faith in her “civic duty” to tell the truth).

Her astrological relationship with Kavanaugh is also very interesting: His Saturn squares her Sun (a crushing sort of relationship), his Mars is exactly conjunct her Mars (pointing to some shared sexual history), and her Pluto square his Nodal Axis (her bringing down his reputation, being karmically compelled to do so).

Mark Judge

Author Mark Judge was a fellow of Kavanaugh at Georgetown Preparatory School, a Catholic all boys high school, at the time of the party where the alleged event took place.  Christine Ford says that he was present in the room during the attack, but he denies this.

In one of his books, he details the climate of “alcoholism, binge drinking, and hookup culture” at the school.  In others, he explores aspects of Catholicism which relate to morality and Catholic education.  It is interesting that in his chart, Mercury conjoins Uranus/Pluto to give voice to the climate of his teenage years.

This week Chiron was opposite his Sun (forcing him to confront past wounding), Mars was opposite his Mars (flexing his will) and Neptune opposite his natal Pluto (a deep soul searching, and a challenge to express his integrity).

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been a champion of Brett Kavanaugh, choosing him for the appointment (in the hope it will help him in his own travails) and expressing admiration for him.  Their friendship is very natural and personal, with their air sign Suns exactly in trine with each other, and Donald Trump’s Venus exactly sextile Kavanaugh’s Mars ~ a veritable mutual admiration society.

Senator Jeff Flake

The Senator played a crucial role in this week’s proceedings, influencing the course of events significantly.  A conservative Sun in Capricorn, he has significant planets in Pisces, and half his planets in water signs.  His transit this week is Neptune trine his Neptune, so he was in some ways a vehicle for the collective unconscious, and spiritually aligned in such a way that he felt the need to “do the right thing”.

What happens next week will be equally compelling, both in the United States and around the world.


A major development takes place tomorrow (Monday 1st October) with Pluto Stationary prior to turning Direct.  This can begin a major sea change going forward psychologically.  You may have worked hard to understand your deeper psychological processes since the end of April when Pluto went retrograde, and now you get to observe just how much progress you have made (and what you may still need to work on).  Just remember that you cannot do everything, and certainly not all at once.

The only actual aspect this week takes place on Wednesday (3rd), and brace yourselves, it is a testing one!  Mercury squares Pluto, so communication will be psychologically challenge, and it is a chance to assess how much progress you made since Pluto went retrograde.  It will be a chance to put into practice any insights around constructive and non-violent communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution, for instance.  Travel may not be straightforward, and some of the transport issues we currently face here in the U.K. may be highlighted.  You need to approach this aspect in a spirit of constructiveness, positive speech, and a desire for peace, in order to circumvent its harsher manifestations.

On Friday (5th) Venus will be Stationary prior to turning Retrograde.  This will herald a period of reflection specifically with regard to relationships (though for some it may be about money).  It will be a good period to assess whether any problems you have in a relationship are a form of mirroring your own condition, and looking at how much each person owes and contributes in the process or situation.  Taureans and Librans are likely to be most affected by the change of direction, but will also ultimately have most to gain in understanding.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – psychological progress
  • Wednesday – communication challenges
  • Friday – relationship scrutiny