Jamal Khashoggi

The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi seemingly within the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul remains a mystery.  It has been claimed that the Saudi Arabian journalist was killed inside the embassy, as he did not emerge.  Khashoggi was a long term critic of the Saudi regime, on issues such as women’s rights and the intervention against Yemen.  The U.K. government continues to profit from arms trade deals with Saudi Arabia.


His surname was made famous by his uncle, Adnan Khashoggi, who was an arms dealer on behalf of the Saudi government, and who led a luxury lifestyle.  Dodi Al-Fayed was Jamal’s cousin, and their Marses are exactly conjunct.

Birth Chart

Khashoggi is, or was, a Sunsign Libran with Venus, the North Node, Mercury, and possibly the Moon also in that sign.  He was reported to have visited the Saudi Arabian Consulate in order to obtain documents to marry his Turkish fiancee, who waited for him outside, and who reported him missing after the consulate closed for the day.

Mercury is conjunct his North Node, so it is part of his karmic mission to be a journalist, and speak out.  Jupiter conjunct Neptune will have given him a strong conscience.

He has, or had, Mars square closely to Pluto, indicating that he could be a victim of violence.

Transits for disappearance

What did happen to him when he entered the Embassy on 2nd October 2018?  His transits for the time were Mars squaring his Jupiter, Saturn sextile his Neptune, and Saturn trine his Pluto.  But most tellingly of all, Pluto squaring his Sun: the possibility that he could have met his end.

The Turkish police claim that a 15-member team killed him and disposed of his body.  They claim there was no CCTV evidence for him leaving the building, and that there is video evidence of his killing.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is currently largely ruled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a controversial leader, who has made some reforms (e.g. allowing women to drive) but who seems to run as brutal a regime as ever, and has supervised the war which has caused so much suffering to the Yemeni people.

The Crown Prince himself has some difficult squares in his birth chart (difficult for others to cope with).  He has Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Pluto, Mars square Saturn, and Jupiter square Pluto, which constitute inner conflicts but also conflicts with others.  Some might say that some of the brutality of his actions lie among these aspects.

Jamal’s astrological relationship with the Crown Prince is mixed, but has a telling power issue in their Plutos being exactly sextile.  The relationship between Khashoggi and the Saudi Arabian chart is more shocking, with the Saudi Arabian Uranus conjunct Khashoggi’s South Node (surprise karma).

Sadly, although Khashoggi was set to marry a Turkish woman, his synastry with the chart of Turkey is not a happy one:  its Pluto squares his Venus, and its Saturn is on his Mercury (both heavy weather connections).  Not a place for effective refuge, for him.

The U.S. government has condemned the alleged killing of Khashoggi, even though they have been as enthusiastic about the arms trade as the U.K.  Khashoggi is legally a resident of the United States.  There has been no reaction from the Arab media, according to Al-Jazeera.


The U.K. response has been more muted.  Emily Thornberry, writing in the Observer today, and interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show claims Britain must hold the Saudis to account for Jamal Khashoggi.  She claims Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt did not comment for a week after the event.  She criticizes the hosting of the Crown Prince by Theresa May earlier this year, describing him as “the architect of the war in Yemen, directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians as a result of airstrikes and humanitarian blockades.”

What, apart from oil, money and arms, keeps the U.K. so bonded with Saudi Arabia?  Astrologically, their Jupiters are exactly sextile, traditionally a sign of luck and success in a relationship.  It would take a strong conscience to rise about the feelgood nature of that connection!  Money still talks.


We have a congenial conjunction tomorrow (Monday 15th) between Mercury and Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio, a chance to articulate fine words, and set them to music or accompany them with appropriate illustrations.  With the placement of this conjunction in Scorpio, they won’t just be fine words, they will have a deeper meaning too.  The verbal or written contribution may address negotiations, relationships, human rights, or cultural themes.  Aspects this week are thin on the ground, so you would do well to make this project your credo for the week.  If you know which House into which the conjunction falls in your chart, you can further train your focus for maximum effect and truth.

Another aspect on Friday morning (19th), Mercury trine Neptune, continues the theme of nice words.  So the middle of the week is cocooned by these two aspects.  Mercury trine Neptune spiritualizes and sensitizes communications, and can take them to a whole new level.  Therefore the responses to any communications you make on Monday should be positive ones, and take you smoothly through the week, peaking like soft meringues with Friday morning’s influence.  “Aah…” you may sigh, resting on your laurels at that point.

The interlude of your rest period, however, will be short lived, for late afternoon, early evening, Mars squares Mercury. “What just happened?!” you may exclaim, from your position on the chaise longue.   Just as you had established a new order of diplomacy and understanding, a new argumentative thread begins.  This may come from another quarter entirely, and not disrupt your earlier work this week.  But it may be a new battle, or war of words, to fight, react to, or ignore.  And of course, it is your choice how you do respond.  But your shared credo from early in the week may serve to help smooth things over, or clarify things.  If you are communicating with a new set of people, they will either buy your ideas for peace, or you will have to negotiate anew.  Or you may be arguing with yourself over a new issue.  Take care of simple health and safety measures, as carelessness may disrupt conditions.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – smooth communications
  • Friday – sublime communications, followed by fractiousness