Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Profile of a Philanthropist

Week long funeral ceremonies are under way in Thailand for the owner of Leicester Football Club Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who died in a helicopter accident while leaving a local match at 8.30 p.m. on Saturday 27th October.  He seems to have been a very special man, charitable and well loved, as well as an exemplary Football Club owner.  We arrived the next day in Leicester, for personal reasons, and so were able to chat to locals about it, and get a first hand sense of his importance to the City.  His contribution was immense, to local charities and especially the hospitals.  The people of Leicester remember him for his kindness and personability.  All his work was imbued with his religious conviction as a Buddhist and belief in karma, he brought monks to bless the football players, and we heard talk of processions of elephants too.  It was, of course, under his management that Leicester won the Premier League title in 2016.

Birth Charts

There are three dates of birth ascribed to him, which poses a problem for the Astrologer. 3rd or 4th April 1958, and 5 June 1958. The 4th April 1958 chart seems most convincing.

For the chart of 4th April 1958, the Sun is exactly sextile Mars, indicating a strong connection with football.  The Sun also trines Uranus, bringing originality and brilliance to his creativity and self-expression.  With Moon in Libra and Mercury sextile Venus he would have had good diplomatic skills.  Mercury opposite Jupiter gave him great global vision, and the ability to work with foreign cultures.  That date also shows up an exact trine between Mercury and Pluto, which can mean business acumen on a grand scale, which fits the profile of this billionaire businessman.  Mercury is closely conjunct the South Node, and this implies that a flair for business was built up in past lives.  Another treasure to be found in this birth chart is Venus exactly trine Jupiter, showing philanthropy and a love for humanity.  Venus trine Neptune/North Node represents compassion and charity, qualities for which he was an ambassador.  He had the balanced judgement of Jupiter sextile Saturn, while his Venus sextile Saturn shows his loyalty and commitment.  And, last but not least, he lived his philosophy of Religion/Karmic Awareness/Spirituality depicted so eloquently by a triple conjunction of Jupiter/North Node/Neptune.

Premier League Win

The transits for Vichai at the time his football team won the Premier League title were Mars trine his Uranus (excitement), Uranus sextile his Chiron (unexpected healing) and Venus on his South Node (harmonious karma).

Transits at the time of the accident

At the time of the helicopter accident, which proved fatal, transiting Uranus (accidents) was conjunct Vichai’s natal Mercury (helicopters), and  the Nodal Axis (karma) was square his natal Mercury.

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha

Vichai’s son Aiyawatt, who has been Vice Chair of the football club, has expressed the desire to carry on his father’s work.  Does he have the qualities needed?  He certainly has been in training for some time, and presumably shares his father’s values and ways of working.  We only have the month of his birth (July 1985).  We can’t draw many conclusions from this, but Aiyawatt’s Jupiter may be sextile Vichai’s Sun (they worked successfully together) and Aiyawatt’s Pluto may be conjunct Vichai’s North Node (taking over from him after death, to help continue his karmic mission).

This Week

Leicester City played Cardiff yesterday, and due respects were paid by the people of Cardiff in welcoming the team.  They were playing for Vichai, and secured a 1-0 win, although they had stated the  score would not matter.  Immediately after the match, the team flew to Thailand for his funeral.

Footballers have been notably articulate, eloquent and heartfelt in their tributes to this kind man.  Last words go to striker Jamie Vardy from the Leicester team:

“It’ll be massively important we attend.  We are a close-knit group and one big family and one of the main reasons for that is Vichai, so it’s massively important.”

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter will be saying goodbye to Scorpio, and moving into jolly Sagittarius on Thursday this week, for its year long stay in that sign.  Can Jupiter make a real difference to our lives?  Well it certainly had impact over the last year.  It left Libra just as the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and that gave rise to the Me Too movement.  Often it is Saturn who, through struggle, yields the most enduring benefits and gifts.  Sometimes the benefits of Jupiter seem like pie in the sky, or frivolous gains.  The issues around the treatment of women, the balance of the sexes, and the discomfort of the casting couch have been around for a long time.  But this time the truthfulness around sexuality (Jupiter in Scorpio) was revealed and the consequences have had a lasting impact; a breakthrough came and a stronghold was achieved on this problem.  Many women have been able to speak about trauma they had been holding on to for decades.  There is still a way to go.  A few years ago, the Jimmy Savile scandal unleashed many such revelations, and prosecutions were made (one being Rolf Harris), but the problem was that some (one being Cliff Richard) were identified before being able to establish their innocence.  Just this week, just as Jupiter is leaving Scorpio, Paul Gambaccini successfully sued the CPS for that very issue.  So there are nuances we have to get right.

What can we look forward to during this once-in-twelve-year treat of Jupiter’s sojourn through Sagittarius?  Global issues are favoured, and that includes climate change.  We have been issued the starkest warnings about this, and about the proliferation of plastic in our seas, e.g. is the fish that we eat full of plastic?  This is an area in which Jupiter in Sagittarius could help mitigate or claw back some of our excesses (with our co-operation of course).

General quality of life is also something Jupiter in Sagittarius can help us with.  The pursuit of happiness, and right philosophies of life can be engendered under this configuration.  There may be improvements in the economy (however unlikely that may sound now).

If you know the House position Sagittarius falls in within  your chart, you will be able to consciously work with that area of life to bring optimum results.  Even if you don’t, the joy and luck may show you where you are experiencing the effect.

You may think back to the period of November 2006 to December 2007, and the benefits which Jupiter in Sagittarius brought to you then.  For me, as a Sagittarian, I started this blog during that period, early in 2007, when Jupiter in Sagittarius was sextile my natal Neptune in Libra..


A positive week starts with Sun trine Neptune on Tuesday (6th).  It is good news week, and the first trine sets a spiritual focus.  It holds the possibility of aligning with your highest spiritual sources.  It would be a good time to meditate on setting the highest tone for the week, or practising your Tai Chi or Qijong moves to perfection.  If you are engaged in the Arts, you may be especially inspired.  If engaged in sciences, you may be able to access inspiration from your unconscious or from the collective unconscious.

The early evening sees Uranus retrograding back into Aries for a time, after its initial foray into Taurus.  Maybe you have some unfinished business, some personal goals or battles to see through.  Since the Spring, you may have had some new challenges present themselves based on groundbreaking changes brought on by Uranus in Taurus.  Before you can tackle them wholeheartedly, you need to squeeze out every ounce of the teachings of Uranus in Aries.  On a global scale Uranus in Aries coincided with the Arab Spring; we certainly would like to complete that process, with the ensuing wars of ISIS, and the lingering atrocities in Syria and the Yemen. So in your life there may be some loose ends you are longing to tie up, on a seven year old cycle.

Wednesday (7th) brings a New Moon (the first new beginning of the week) in the sign of Scorpio, which makes it more profound than most.  Scorpio is a sign which encourages clearing out of old outworn material, so continues the theme of Uranus’ re-entry into Aries.  You might find yourself being ruthless with your de-cluttering, in accordance with your recent re-evaluation of the past.  Sometimes a certain length of time has to go by before you are ready to let go of an object or a situation.  In the letting go, you can now move forward afresh.

The big movement this week is the entry of Jupiter into Sagittarius on Thursday 8th (see above).  The world is due for some good news.  The march of progress seems to have brought nothing of the sort in the last few years, with steady deterioration in the areas of climate change, pollution and politics.  In our U.K. society, the country has never been in such a mess (much of it Brexit-related).  I was out yesterday in my locality collecting signatures because 46 out of 53 Children’s Centres in Norfolk are due to close; we have lost our police station and other vital services.   All over the country the need for food banks has mushroomed (yes, this is a party political broadcast…!)

So, with Jupiter in Sagittarius for a year, the most benign placement for the benign planet, can superhero Jupiter save us?  Or at least claw back some of the damage?  Jupiter in Sagittarius is helpful to all zodiac signs, but especially uplifting for Sagittarians out there, with their ruling planet in its own sign.  That is a reason to be cheerful, and this year may see you regain some joie de vivre which may have been eroded of late.  It is an excellent year to find the formula for your happiness and your philosophy of life.  Success may come in all forms, e.g. a business boost for entrepreneurs (which goes against the grain of what we are expecting from the impending Brexit, and may mitigate problems).  The shift of Jupiter into Sagittarius takes place at 12.38 Hrs in the U.K.  Will you feel that shift?  If you don’t feel the impact immediately, you have a year to make it work for you.

Interestingly, the Moon goes into Sagittarius the same day, at 18.59 Hrs in the U.K.  If you are sensitive to the Moon, you may register this as an uplift or boost which alerts you to the possible benefits of Jupiter’s presence in Sagittarius.

And if you miss that cue, you have a third chance to register the event (3 is one of the numbers of Sagittarius and Jupiter).  For at 19.06 Hrs the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Sagittarius, further crystallizing our hopes and wishes for the possibilities held by this event.

In this fortuitous week, we end with a trine, for Friday (9th) sees Venus in such an engagement with Mars.  This adds to our enjoyment of life, and enhances the relationships between the sexes.  There may be an important success in relation to the Me Too movement, for instance.  It is quite a touchy feely aspect, but with some balance, so hopefully interactions will respect personal boundaries.  Body awareness, whether it be through yoga, or massage, will bring a sense of wellbeing.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – spiritual
  • Wednesday – new beginning
  • Thursday – good news
  • Friday – sensuality