North Node enters Cancer

Last week (on 6th November) the True North Node left Leo and entered Cancer.  So you may have seen the beginnings of this cycle.  This week (on Friday) the Mean North Node enters Cancer.  In terms of timing, we are currently (on this Armistice Day) between the two, and certainly within the orb of the essence of the influence and meaning of the North Node’s entry into Cancer.  Its sojourn in this sign will take eighteen months, a  karmic cycle.  The North Node takes 18 years to go round the zodiac, which represents another karmic cycle.  One often hears of something, e.g. a job, lasting 18 months, and that is often a sign that karma has influenced the timing of its beginning and ending.

Difference between True North Node and Mean North Node

There is a difference in the way these two positions are calculated.  The reading for the True North Node appears to oscillate to and fro, whereas for the Mean North Node an average is taken which produces a steady progression, say from 1 degree Leo to 29 degrees Cancer (the Nodal Axis moves backwards).  They are in fact the same thing.

What they represent

The transiting North Node represents collective karma.  In a birth chart, the North Node represents the individual karmic mission for the current lifetime moving towards the future and future lifetimes.  It can also represent karmic rewards.  There may be a slight difference in manifestation of the Mean and True Nodes in transit, e.g. the Mean Node may be more practical and the True Node more spiritual (I am still researching this idea).

North Node in Leo

What was the meaning of North Node in Leo?  Leo is one of the signs which represents the Will, and Power.  I would say that the last eighteen months has coincided with the rise of right wing regimes, particularly in Europe, but to some extent also around the world.  In your own life, you may have noticed a long standing battle of wills or power struggle, where two or more people have vied to have their needs met.  On the plus side, you may have come into your power to a greater degree, and built more confidence in asserting your needs.

North Node in Cancer

What can we anticipate during the eighteen month stay of the North Node in Cancer?  The political manifestation shifts significantly more towards Nationalism, Tribalism and Patriotism.  In just under six months’ time we are due to leave the European Union, and if we were to have a one year transition period, that would take us to the end of this karmic cycle.  On the Andrew Marr show this centenary Armistice Day Sir Harold Evans, veteran British-American journalist emphasized the prominent role of Nationalism in the causes of the First World War.  A close second to Religion, Nationalism has probably been the cause of most wars throughout history.  North Node in Cancer can make communities more insular, and less open to unity with other countries, and mutual global concerns.  The sign of Cancer reminds us that charity begins at home, for instance.  With poverty increasing in our society (in the U.K. at least), people may be more inclined to draw in their horns and look after their own.  Governments may be less inclined to support struggling nations such as in the Third World.  Nesting, and fostering family relationships, may be a karmic imperative for us in our personal lives during this period.  We may, however, drop the power play and posturing and clash of wills which characterized the period of North Node in Leo.  We may acknowledge that blood is thicker than water, that you can’t choose your family but you need them, and they need you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

For the first year of this eighteen month period, Jupiter will be in its own sign of Sagittarius, countering in some respects, perhaps within the House it falls in in your birth chart, the insularity of North Node in Cancer.  Jupiter promotes expansion, openness and generosity, a sense of live and let live, and living in a global society.  So this may provide balance, in certain ways, in the next year.

Nodal Axis Polarity

The North Node is one end of a polarity with the South Node.  Collectively, the South Node represents our path of least resistance karmically, where we may have outmoded habits or even faults needing correction, or mistakes we have made in the past.  If manifesting positively, it can also represent good karma we have accrued in the past.  In our own personal lives, it represents our past life in this lifetime and how we started out, but also our habits and qualities carried over from past lives, such as the soul paths we have trodden in lineages such as warriorship, scholarship or the Arts.  It is where we are travelling from.  The South Node is now entering Capricorn, which represents structure, administration and politics, and harvesting the wisdom we have gained along those lines.  It is leaving Aquarius, which represented a clinical scientific approach, but also humanitarian ways (such as the way communities have pulled together in troubled times, like  in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower inferno).  Thus in our collective and personal lives, organizational skills may come into blossom during this eighteen month period.

Liver Rescue

You may remember I wrote about the first two books of Anthony William in January 2017 (“Medical Medium” and “Life Changing Foods”).  My enthusiasm for the work of this author has not diminished!  Last year, he published “Thyroid Healing”, and now his fourth book “Liver Rescue” has just been published, which I am in the middle of reading.  It is easy to read, but it is the heaviest book yet, I can hardly lift it!  But if you have any suspicion that your liver health needs upgrading, do read it.  According to Anthony William, we are all walking round with livers which need much more care.  They apparently do so much on our behalf.  But, to quote him:

“Luckily, the liver is very forgiving. It has great patience”

 The timing of this book is most interesting, astrologically.  For Jupiter has just gone into its own sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter and Sagittarius in medical astrology represent the liver.  Therefore this book has arrived at the right time for us all to pay respects to and upgrade our liver health.


On this very special Armistice Day, the anniversary of the ending of the First World War, we have the perfect aspect to meet it: Sun sextile Pluto.  Sun sextile Pluto honours those who have gone before us, assists us in looking at how we remember our ancestors and those who have passed, helps us reflect on the self-destructive traits in human nature which have led to wars, helps us look deeply into our collective and personal psychology.  If we do nothing else today, that is worthwhile.

On Thursday (15th) Mars is sextile Uranus, which represents a go ahead, dynamic energy with a surprise twist (usually positive).  It is a day you can get things done, especially if mechanics, electricity, household appliances, engineering or cars are involved.

In the evening, Mars enters Pisces, from the more strident sign of Aquarius where it has been on and off since may (a longer stay than usual in one sign).  While Aquarius is humanitarian, and looks after the underdog, Pisces is even more compassionate, and very empathetic.  Mars represents our use of energy, and so it may not be so direct, but it will be more in touch with emotional needs (ours, or others).  Pisces is also a very charitable sign, so with Mars in Pisces for the rest of this year, and for the run up to Christmas and Christmas itself, it is a good time to support our favourite charities, and put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

On Friday (16th) Venus is Stationary, prior to going Direct.  Venus has been retrograde since 5th October, and relationships may have been tested and put through their paces in that time.  You may have realized the true worth of some of your relationships.  You can pause, breathe and relax into that knowledge.  That doesn’t mean relationships will suddenly be easy, but you will have learned something important for moving forward.

The same day, the Mean North Node enters Cancer (see above, for the general flavour of the event).  You may have begun to feel the influence of North Node in Cancer since last Tuesday (6th).  It may be a personal marker for you in some way, such as the anniversary of a passing, or the conclusion of one project, and the prospect of another.  It represents a switch in collective karma from Power, and Creative manifestation to Family and patriotism.  Within your own personal birth chart, it depends how it plays out according to the area of life (the House) it falls in.  For most people, it will fall in the middle of a House and alter the way you look at the issues of that House karmically, but if you have a 0 degree Ascendant (as I have) it will switch Houses (in my case, it switches from Family to Communication).  The transiting North Node especially represents how collective themes affect our lives.

Mercury is Stationary prior to going Retrograde on Saturday (17th) – do I hear a collective groan?  As if to anticipate this Southeastern rail have published a special timetable to accommodate the difficulty of navigating Autumn leaves on the line…Of course, all the usual rules apply: make your communications clear, upgrade your computer systems, send all your parcels by Special Delivery, and, above all, Don’t Panic.  Right brained processes, such as painting and inventing, can flourish when the left brain gets out of the way or is not dominant.  Sometimes it is easier to get in the flow of life when you are not overly focussed on schedules and controlling details.  New ideas and energies can enter in more easily, and not all of them of the disruptive variety! Some influences may be of a higher order.  Unusual solutions may be found, such as those residing outside the box, when necessity is the mother of invention.  You may think you may need to be in a certain place at a certain time, then find yourself truly in the right place at the right time, a place you may not have anticipated but equally interesting.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – remembrance and deep reflection
  • Thursday – electric; emotional
  • Friday – relationship harmony; family karma
  • Saturday – possible communication glitches