Mrs Wilson

The final episode of the drama “Mrs Wilson” aired this week, starring the actress Ruth Wilson, uniquely playing her own grandmother.  The family have an intriguing mystery to tell.  Her grandmother Alison was the third wife of bigamist, intelligence officer and novelist Alexander Wilson.  Ruth is the daughter of Nigel Wilson, one of Alexander Wilson’s sons. The action ranges over time, and displays the range of Ruth’s acting talent, from joy to despair and everywhere in between.

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson first impacted our screens as an arresting Jane Eyre in 2006, at the age of 24, and barely out of drama school.  She won a Golden Globe award for her portrayal.

Her chart is gritty, having the Sun in Capricorn closely square Saturn, with Pluto conjunct Saturn.  Her Sun exactly conjunct the South Node, suggests she was well schooled in the age old profession of acting in past lives, perhaps from the amphitheatres of ancient Greece.  With Mercury square Jupiter, she has a wide ranging mind.  Venus trine Mars gives her a measure of sensuality, while Venus sextile Uranus forms part of her magnetism.  She has a sensitive sextile between Saturn and Neptune too.

She has chosen interesting roles in relation to the female experience, from that initial performance of Jane Eyre.  The Guardian has described her talent as “courageous, edgy and compelling”.  She has played Stella Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, a role of female subservience in a relationship, but ending with a liberation.  She has also played Hedda Gabler, the title role in the Ibsen play, another classic work and one which has at its heart the theme of female empowerment.  We do not have Ruth Wilson’s birth time, but her Moon (female sensibility) is likely to have a sextile with Jupiter and a trine with Chiron, which are positive in regard to feminine issues.  The females she has played often start out as victims, but end in a position of strength, psychologically at least.

Alexander Wilson

International man of mystery Alexander Wilson was born in 1893 and had an unaspected Sun in Scorpio – a free spirit.  We do not have his birth time either, but it seems likely that his Moon was trine Venus, so he tended to get on well with women (he married four times).  His Moon conjunct the North Node at Noon in Aries may tell us a lot about the karmic compulsions behind his relationships with women.  Venus in Sagittarius may often indicate more than one string to the bow in relationships, and closely opposing Neptune points to deception in close relationships.  Some aspects in his chart mirror aspects in Ruth’s: the Sun opposite Saturn, mirrors Alison’s Sun square Saturn; Mercury opposite loosely Jupiter, mirrors Ruth’s Mercury square Jupiter;  Venus sextile exactly Mars mirrors Ruth’s Venus trine Mars; Saturn trine Neptune, mirrors Ruth’s Saturn sextile Neptune.  Mars trine Pluto brought a military side to his character, one which was inherited from his father.  Mars/Saturn on the South Node depicts compelling patterns from his past lives.

The most intriguing aspect of his birth chart was a conjunction between Neptune and Pluto, prevalent in his birth year, a chaotic whirlpool of energy.  Miro and Vera Brittain were also born in 1893, trying to make sense of the chaos through art and writing.  I would expect that the conjunction is prominent in his full birth chart, say on one of the angles, to make that cauldron of intrigue a central facet of his life and character.

His true relationship with MI6 is yet to be fully known, but his ability to write about the world of the spy is openly seen in his many novels, described in various newspapers as “forceful, exciting, thrilling, vibrant, vivid, intriguing, [and] daring”  .

In his synastry with Ruth, there were a great deal of mental connections (although he died nearly 20 years before she was born): his Mercury was trine her North Node, his Uranus was square her Mercury and his Pluto was trine her Mercury.  There is also an energetic connection, in that his Mars was conjunct her Mars, by two degrees, in the sign of Libra.  Ruth’s Neptune sextile closely Pluto brings an opportunity for generational healing of Alex’s intense conjunction – makes it more workable

He died of a heart attack in 1963 (when Pluto was square his Pluto), which sparked the events which were to lead to the uncovering of his bigamy.  His wife Alison encountered one of the other wives through that process.


Many of his descendants have chosen life roles which involve the theatre or the media, or connect with the acting profession in some way.  He himself was an actor-manager of a touring repertory company in the early 1920s.  One of his sons, Dennis, was a poet.  Granddaughter Ruth is of course an actress, and other descendants are involved with playwriting, film-making and drama education.   Ruth’s brother Sam is a senior BBC journalist.  Alexander had altogether seven children with his four wives, and subsequent to the death of Alison (who left a biography) all the descendants have met and kept in touch.  At the end of the third programme in the series there is a touching sequence of their gatherings.

Timing of Programme

Transits to Ruth’s, and Alexander’s (post-humus) charts are interesting.  The programme began on 27th November 2018, on a day which saw a triple conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun – the telling of a true and informative docu-drama.  Ruth had Mars exactly trine her natal Jupiter in Scorpio (an injection of interest) and Saturn exactly sextile her natal Jupiter (both transits of success).

For Alexander, the emphasis is very much on exposure: Neptune was square exactly his Venus, focussing on an exposition of his bigamy; Neptune square exactly his Neptune, depicting his duplicitous nature generally; and Pluto was square his Nodal Axis, a coming home to roost of his karma.

Finding out the truth of his life is still a work in progress.


Venus sextiles Saturn today, encouraging the qualities of loyalty and stamina in relationships.  You recognize the reasons you are together with your loved ones, and why you have stayed together.

Tomorrow (Monday 17th) brings a different sextile, that of Mars and Pluto.  This is more dynamic, less thoughtful, and more instinctual.  There is a sense of strength and courage, but also action without too much prior thought.  Things can certainly get done under this influence.  If you are a slower type, try not to get steamrollered.

Wednesday (19th) sees Chiron squaring the Sun.  It may pose a dilemma, or a problem to be solved, or even a healing crisis to be soothed.  Certainly what needs healing will be uncovered, and the answer may lie in the problem, or deep in the soul.  Choose a healing modality, such as singing, and just go with it (especially if you are in a group).

The Sun trines Uranus on Thursday (20th), which is a day when surprising solutions can be found, and may come out of the blue.  It favours originality and creativity, and group work.  Electricians, Engineers and Astrologers are some of the groups who would benefit especially under this trine.  Someone (if not you) will definitely be thinking outside the box.

Another lovely trine arrives on Friday (21st) in the shape of Venus trine Neptune, as we are preparing for the Christmas break, bringing inspiration, whether philosophically, spiritually, artistically, or in imagining the right Christmas gifts which fit the brief.  Christmas carol services will be sublime!

Mercury also conjuncts Jupiter that day, bringing good news, prolific information, sales opportunities (a better day for the high street), and heightened travel experiences (whether geographically or of the mind).  Optimism prevails.

Lastly on that day, at 22.23 Hrs in the U.K. comes the Winter Solstice, the much longed for return of the light.  It is a good day to reflect on your relationship with the light, your experiences under the fading of the light, and your hopes for the growing of the light.  The Sun enters Capricorn, and we may become more focussed on practicalities.

The Moon is Full at 0 degrees Cancer in the afternoon of Saturday (22nd).  This is a super emotional Moon, connected and expressive of the more personal, private and family emotions, rather than the greater compassion of a Pisces Moon.  Be aware of the truth of your emotions, or otherwise.  Allow the emotion to flow freely.  The human family generally may then be a focus, e.g. we may see on the news the current state of tribal communities in the third world, or suffering in war torn countries such as Yemen, and identify with them on a human level.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – love and loyalty
  • Tomorrow – energy and force
  • Wednesday – healing and problem-solving
  • Thursday – surprise and ingenuity
  • Friday – artistic inspiration, good news and a sense of relief
  • Saturday – emotions at full flood