Jose Mourinho

Manager Jose Mourinho parted ways with football club Manchester United at 9.00 a.m. on Tuesday this week (18th) after 30 months in the job, and having just renewed his contract. He has a pattern of working with a team for about two years and then going off the boil.  This may be part of the pattern, or it may mark the end of his reign as one of the most successful managers of his time.

Birth Chart

What can we learn about the substance of the man from his birth chart?  He has half his  planets in the fixed sign, giving him a fair amount of stubbornness.  His Sun and Moon are in Aquarius, so he is normally visionary and intuitive.  Why has he been going round with a long face in recent memory?  Well, he has the slow-moving, soul-searching dwarf planet Pluto transiting his natal Ascendant.  That is one of the heaviest transits anyone can have.  Some people don’t have it in one incarnation, because it takes so long for Pluto to travel round the zodiac.  He has been under this cloud for some time, and for some time to come.  He is in the middle of a psychological journey.  His natal Ascendant is in the not-very-jolly sign of Capricorn, so he is serious by nature anyway.  With Saturn, ruling planet of Capricorn, conjunct his natal Moon in the 1st House, emotionally he lives in an ivory tower.  The Saturn/Moon conjunction opposes Mars, so he is liable to lash out harshly at times.

Wherein lies the genius in his chart, the genius giving rise to the nickname of “The Special One” (originally self-designated)?  He has Jupiter conjunct Chiron, which can give rise to miraculousness, though of course he is not in such a phase currently.  Jupiter is exactly trine his Midheaven, giving rise to lucky opportunities in his career.  Interestingly, he has the religious trine between Jupiter and Neptune, and has been quoted as saying in relation to his Roman Catholicism: “I believe totally, clearly. Every day I pray; every day I speak with Him. I don’t go to the church every day, not even every week. I go when I feel I need to. And when I’m in Portugal, I always go.”


He originally wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a professional footballer, but realized he was better suited to being a manager.  He had previous stints as Manager for European clubs, plus two stints at Chelsea, where he was initially successful both times.

His first stint at Chelsea began on 2nd June 2004.  Saturn was sextile his natal Pluto at the time, marking a serious time for knuckling down.  At the same time, Neptune was conjunct his Moon, so he was able to project a sense of glamour.  Neptune was also square his Neptune, so some of that glamour was an illusion.  Neptune in his natal chart is conjunct his Midheaven, so glamour and illusion are very much a part of his public persona.

Mourinho left Chelsea on 20th September 2007 by mutual consent.  Jupiter was sextile his Saturn exactly that day, Uranus trine his Neptune, and Neptune sextile his Venus: a good planetary line up for a fairly civilized departure.

Six years later, almost to the day that he originally joined, on 3rd June 2013, he was back at Chelsea.  In  his yearly rhythm, the Sun is always trine his natal Saturn in the 1st House at that point, which is a point of stability and commitment.  Saturn, however, was square his natal Sun (not as promising as the first joining), and Pluto was trine his Pluto (self-empowerment). The North Node (karma) was transiting his Neptune (time to establish truth from illusion).  In the 2013 – 2014 season, Chelsea finished third in the Premier League.

While at Chelsea, he ran into conflict with Eva Carneiro, a sports doctor.  She rushed onto the pitch to assist a player, when  Jose thought it unnecessary.  This led to her departure from the team on 22nd September 2015, around her Uranus Opposition.  Neptune was conjunct Jose’s Chiron, an oversensitivity on his part.

Chelsea let go of Mourinho, again “by mutual consent” on 17th December 2015, with Chiron square his natal Venus (unable to resolve differences), Uranus trine his natal Venus, and Uranus trine his natal Mars in a Grand Trine with Venus (a sense of freedom for him).  The statement from the club read:

“The club wishes to make clear Jose leaves us on good terms and will always remain a much-loved, respected and significant figure at Chelsea.”

He went on to join Manchester United on 27th May 2016.  The transits for this new alliance was more tricky:  Mars was square his natal Pluto, Jupiter was square his natal Neptune, the Grand Trine was still operating in his life (a golden opportunity), and Pluto was sextile his Neptune (he had the confidence to embark on this new project).  He stayed in a hotel the entire time he worked for Manchester United, his family staying behind in Portugal.  At heart, he professes to be a family man.

In a sense, his Ascendant in Capricorn/Saturn in the 1st House “cautious” approach to management and style of play was at odds with the attacking tradition of Manchester United.  Though he spent money on good players, somehow the morale of the team did not generate good play, and there were numerous squabbles, and numerous justifications by Mourinho.  This all led to this week’s firing.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan was Jose’s first signing at Manchester United, with Zlatan eventually leaving on 22nd March this year.  It is said that Mourinho was regretful at the loss of this player.  In October, he stood up for Mourinho against criticism saying they were both victims of criticism.  The two have their Marses closely conjunct in Leo, possessing a similarity of energy (they both have a swagger in their statements about themselves!).  They also have numerous positive interaspects, including a trine between their Saturns, so work well together.

Ed Woodward – Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman reportedly had a difficult relationship with Mourinho.  Jose’s Neptune sits on Woodward’s Sun, throwing Woodward into confusion.  Jose’s Uranus squares Woodward’s Mercury, so the latter cannot think straight!  Jose’s Uranus also squares Woodward’s Saturn, which makes Woodward think he has to stand his ground, resulting in personal earthquakes. At the time of the firing, Woodward was boosted by a Jupiter Return.

Paul Pogba – Paul Pogba was purchased for a record £89 million.  However, he did not live up to his promise, and Jose fired him as captain and left him on the bench.  The resulting resentment over this relationship was one of the bones of contention which led to Mourinho’s firing.  In their synastry, Pogba’s Uranus sits on Mourinho’s Ascendant, catching him on the backfoot and contributing to changes in his life.  Pogba was reportedly delighted by the sacking of Mourinho.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has temporarily taken over from Mourinho, and morale was boosted sufficiently to bring the team to a 5-1 victory over Cardiff yesterday.   They relaxed enough to play their own way, for a day at least, but their future currently lies at a crossroads.


Just a sprinkling of aspects this week, starting on Christmas Day itself (Tuesday 2th), with Mercury square Neptune.  This aspect may contribute to misunderstandings, so keep your communications clear (make like it’s Mercury Retrograde).  Clarity may be difficult to achieve (possibly made the worse for wear by Christmas drink – we’ve got in some non-alchoholic pear cider and non-alcoholic Budweiser, really pushing the boat out).  But your sensitivity will be high, for processing the inevitable emotional issues which crop up when families are under the seasonal pressure cooker.  Neptune favours surrender, and letting things lie, rather than confrontation.  People may be putting a brave face on troubles and hiding their pain, or their motives.  I bought the boxed game “Would I Lie to You” last Christmas, which is still languishing, unopened.  Mercury square Neptune seems the perfect aspect to open its lid…

A last word of caution (if you have read thus far), and that is that under Mercury square Neptune journeys could be complicated.  So good for you if you are not having to travel (I will be in the kitchen, wrestling to make decent roast potatoes), but take care if you are travelling – the SatNav could be playing up!

But, apart from that, Merry Christmas!

Friday’s (28th) aspect, Venus sextile Pluto, is altogether more satisfying.  If all the guests haven’t dispersed, by all means have that confrontation on Friday – it could be cathartic and deeply constructive.  It is a good day for relationships to bond.  Alliances can go to another level of understanding.  If you find yourself with a different “crowd” on that day, you will find it easier to achieve a rapport.  If with the same congregation, there is an opportunity to iron out some of the possible misunderstandings.  Love and money may combine profitably that day.

Mars conjoins Chiron on Saturday (29th), a conjunction which could manifest in different ways.  It may bring to  your attention an old psychological wound, or even a new one.  Perhaps it is the source of a misunderstanding from earlier in the week.  It can bring to you new understanding about healing and solutions to problems.  It may also bring more empathy, in the poignancy of recognizing another’s dilemma(s).  Particularly vulnerable may be men, cars and dogs, in this respect, so go gently.

It only remains for me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and remember that Love and Good Will conquer all, whatever the aspects!

  • Tuesday – a bit of a fog
  • Friday – deep interaction
  • Saturday – need to go gently