Reality beckons as I work on a dossier on the astrological factors behind depression, but how I loved to hear about the many ways people created the space for the healing of the earth on Tuesday. At ancient temples, meadows and lavender fields, communing with sacred mystical poets, in solitude in candlelit homes…Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t recommend walking a spiral on Parker’s Piece in the rain, but it was very meaningful: to think of all that love and goodwill interpenetrating the earth, air, fire and water. Some of us too have felt that there has been a subtle shift since that time, enabling us to make decisions we hadn’t dreamt possible before, and whispers from the Cosmos of choice and co-creation. It was backed up by the sextile of Mars and Uranus last night (“Could that have been divine design?” asked Felicity), bringing anticipation to fever pitch over the launch of the last Harry Potter book!