Jupiter square Neptune

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”

~ W.B. Yeats

Today Jupiter is square Neptune, which deserves a full blog on its own.  It is a major aspect, and occurs three times this year, returning in June and September.  So essentially, it does dominate the year, and the principle of this aspect is Uncertainty.


The world today seems on the brink of uncertainty, at least either side of the Atlantic.  We have a Brexit vote in parliament in the U.K. on Tuesday, which could bring the government down.  And in the U.S. President Trump is staking all on building a wall against Mexico, shutting down the government while he tries to fulfill his pledge to those that voted for him.


Jupiter and Neptune are both planets which deal with boundaries, or more correctly, the lack of them.  Jupiter wants to be limitless, and Neptune dissolves boundaries.  How ironic, or fitting, then that Trump is trying to build a wall, and that the sticking point for Brexit centres around the Irish border.  It is difficult to draw lines when Jupiter and Neptune are involved singly, let alone when they are interacting, let alone when they are interacting in disharmony.

Religion and Morals

I most habitually think of Jupiter-Neptune combinations in terms of religion (Jupiter) and spirituality (Neptune) interacting.  So in this case, there is a loss of spiritual compass. There can be extra lawlessness.  We seem to be on the edge of a precipice (Brexit or No Deal), but Jupiter-Neptune is more like a cloud of unknowing.

Public Lives

Some people will have a direct connection  in their chart with the transit of Jupiter and Neptune; but for those who have not, they will at least feel the effect in two areas of their lives which may not be gelling as they’d like, or may seem more chaotic.  If  you have a planet between 13 and 14 degrees of a mutable sign, then this transit will take on more importance for you.  Neptune is currently at 14 degrees 22 minutes of Pisces, and Jupiter reaches 14 degrees 22 minutes of Sagittarius at 18.58 Hrs today.

Looking at some of the people who have been in the news this week:

Theresa May

Theresa May does have the square in exact contact with one of her planets, in her case Neptune is currently on her Mars. As Neptune is slow-moving and goes back and forth on a particular degree over the course of a couple of years, it is now on her Mars again, as when she called the last election in April 2017.  Neptune was at that time at 13 degrees 22 minutes Pisces when she made that decision (which did not prove the right thing for her interests); her Mars is at 13 degrees 39 minutes Pisces.  Jupiter is therefore also square her Mars.  To say she is in a pickle at the moment is an understatement.

She also has Mars opposite her Sun in Libra, Chiron opposite her Mercury (a mental conundrum) in Virgo, Saturn sextile her Mars, Chiron trine her Saturn, Uranus opposite her Neptune, and Uranus trine her Pluto – so, a lot going on.

For the U.K. Chart: (1922 version) Jupiter is on the Sun/Mercury of the chart, with Neptune squaring the natal Sun/Mercury, so a direct hit, blowing up the situation.  The 1801 Union chart is not so affected.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump currently has Mercury square his Mars, the liability to dangerous talk (but that is not out of the ordinary for him).  Mars is applying to a potentially more explosive transit for him around 15/16th January (Tuesday and Wednesday of this week) when it trines his natal Pluto.  For the average person, that can bring extra strength and energy, but for Donald it may bring extra volatility.

Jupiter and Neptune are not directly contacting a planet in his chart, but as we know his birth time, we can see that Neptune is placed in his 7th House of Close Relationships (which may include his marriage and colleagues), and Jupiter is placed in his 4th House of Home and Family.

For the U.S. Chart, Saturn currently opposes its Sun, which is a major blockage to progress, presumably describing the present impasse.  The South Node (past karma) is also conjunct its Pluto, which is a heavy situation.  But there are a couple of mitigating influences, in Jupiter sextile its Saturn, and Mars sextile its Uranus – it is difficult at the moment to see what they are.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has one of the protagonists (Neptune) working against him, squaring his Venus, which may be his current image, ambivalence about his attitudes to Brexit and losing some support in his own party; but Jupiter is working for him, trine his Pluto – an opportunity to wrestle power from Theresa May.  He also has Uranus sextile his Uranus (the power of surprise), Chiron square his Uranus (some discomfort) and Saturn square his Neptune (suspicion surrounding him).  Some of you may have one of the two planets working for you in their contact with your chart, in this way.

John Bercow

The Speaker of the House has been accused by the right wing press of putting up  a block against Brexit this week, in engineering a vote to stop Theresa May backing out of Europe without a deal.  He allowed a vote such that if Theresa May’s Brexit plan is voted out on Tuesday, she would have to come up with a Plan B within three days after that (which is almost an impossibility).  His chart is not directly hit by Jupiter and Neptune, but he has Uranus square his Sun (taking risks), Chiron sextile his Sun (trying to achieve healing) and Saturn sextile his Jupiter (standing firm and applying his rules) this week.

Andy Murray

As written in my earlier blog today, on his announcement of retiring:

“Mars was squaring his Neptune, so he felt vulnerable, Jupiter was square his Ascendant, and Neptune was opposite his Ascendant.  So today’s (and this year’s) Jupiter-Neptune square are exactly on his angles, and he is feeling the nature and pressure of this square ..  Its impact on his life is more than average, therefore.  Jupiter is entering his 4th House of Home and Family, which will bring him a greater domestic joy, with his wife and two daughters.  Neptune opposing his Ascendant makes his immediate future, and health (the Ascendant represents the physical body) seem more precarious and uncertain.”

Jeff Bezos

The richest man in the world, indeed “in modern history” announced his divorce this week from his authoress wife.  This would make the settlement one of intense interest to money-watchers, if not relationship-watchers.  He does have an exact hit to his chart from the Jupiter-Neptune square, as Jupiter squares his Pluto (his intense wealth) and Neptune opposes his Pluto.  He also has Pluto on his Sun (extreme transformation of circumstances), Chiron sextile his Mars (an attempt to heal), and Saturn square his Jupiter (deflating).

His wife, MacKenzie, has Uranus sextile her Venus (an advantageous relationship split), Chiron trine her Venus (an emotional healing for her), and Mars trine Pluto (a show of strength).

Nazanin Zhagari-Radcliffe

Nazanin, languishing in an Iranian jail, is about to go on hunger strike this week, with no sign of clemency from the government there.  The Nodal Axis is square to her Mars, a desperate  karmic action.  Saturn is sextile her Uranus, some strength if she decides to go through with it, though her health is in a parlous state.  Neptune trine her Uranus – it is something she feels she has to do, from her spirit.  A very sad situation, she’s in.

So as you can see, we have a range of influences on charts, which may provoke thought when pondering your own reaction to the Jupiter-Neptune square.

Nowhere has it been proven that a rich, joyous, abundant life cannot exist in the presence of uncertainty”

~ Susan Jeffers, from “Embracing Uncertainty”


Mercury was conjunct Saturn at 12 degrees Capricorn at lunchtime today, prompting serious communications.  Someone may be laying down the law verbally, or setting new rules.  Travel may be difficult or delayed.

Early evening is the more astrologically significant aspect of the day: Jupiter square Neptune.  This aspect is not just for today, it will dominate most of the year, so there is something to try to grasp or come to terms with, probably uncertainty itself.  But you may be more acutely aware of it today, and how it may be affecting your life (which will very much vary from person to person, but the repercussions in our society affect us all).  Just as we are in a state of flux about Brexit, you may be in a state of flux about a facet (or two) of your life.  To a great extent, you may not be able to solve it as a mental conundrum, and may have to bypass the mind and the mental analysis, for a higher plane of spiritual meaning and resolution. Dreams may be overblown, and grounding and practicality will be essential, however.  It is difficult, though not impossible, to draw lines during this influence.  Though Mercury conjunct Saturn today paradoxically can think, analyse, plan and draw lines more clearly than usual.

Tomorrow (Monday 14th) is helpful, especially if you are having any difficulty with the Jupiter-Neptune square, because Mercury (the rational mind) is sextile with Neptune (inspiration).  It is a day that you can start to clarify certain issues within uncertainty or confusion.  The left brain will be able to connect with the right brain, and higher guidance.

The Sun conjoins the South Node on Wednesday (16th), bringing light and insight into past actions and memories, and fostering existing talents.  The consequences of past actions will be more easily seen, such as Brexit negotiations and plans, and parliamentary wranglings and jostlings for power.

Friday (18th) brings a congenial trine between Venus and Mars.  If there are other wars going on, the relations between the sexes will be harmonious, or the connectivity between your own inner male and female.  You can find common ground, and shared activities.

The evening that day holds a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn, which is a deeper experience than this morning’s Mercury-Saturn conjunction.  Truth needs to be told, and words will have more effect.

Then even later, the Sun sextiles Chiron, which may bring a healing balm to the verbal or auditory wounds.  There will be an attempt to bring everything to a wholeness.

On Saturday (19th) the Sun squares Uranus, so be prepared for the element of the unexpected.  Someone may break with tradition, or break ranks, and those around may have to think on their feet in order to keep the enterprise going.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Factual thought, followed by irrationality
  • Tomorrow – Rational thought and imagination work together more easily
  • Wednesday – Karmic consequences
  • Friday – Harmony in relationships, then challenging speech, then healing measures
  • Saturday – Element of the unexpected