The high energies of Jupiter conjunct the Sun are stirring up the waters in Pisces and opposing the Full Moon in Virgo (Mother Earth).   Climate change deniers may have to start admitting there is something unusual going on, instead of exacerbating the problem by diverting time and resources from where it is really needed.  Jonathon Porritt recently wrote in his blog that it is getting beyond a joke, adding later: “The damage done to the credibility not just of climate science but also of the entire approach to climate change is already serious – and getting worse.”  With the earthquake in Chile, and storms raging around the world, we might find it difficult to enjoy to the full this conjunction of Sun and Jupiter.  The Moon if left to its own devices in Virgo could be quite placid.  But the two happen to oppose each other today, and if say you are having a family get together, the kids are likely to be extra lively.  If you are running a country, you might lose your temper or resort to bullying…our Gordon has done his best to develop his social manners and curb the temper of his Mars-ruled Ascendant in Aries since taking up a position unsuited to his Sun in Pisces naturally introverted personality.  And he seems genuinely outraged at the talk of abrasiveness on stairwells when he was developing his personality and learning to smile for us.  I feel this has been his spiritual path…But for today, invite your inner child out to play and celebrate life – it’s a day to live life to the full.  There may be a cosmic giggle to tune into.  I remember during the great hurricane of October 1987 having an experience of being at-one with the elements as a cosmic dance.  There may be energies liberated in you, which need to be stirred in order for you to take notice or awaken  If you need to ponder your own spiritual path, you may find my interview with Laura Dane answers some questions, posted on Friday.  It’s a Theosophical path, in contrast to the previous two.  Tomorrow, Monday 1st March, Mercury enters Pisces and there is a change of mental focus from intellectual to compassionate.  It starts to nestle in the sea bed of Pisces and gather new information, readying itself for a constructive meeting scheduled later in the week with Pluto well-earthed in Capricorn.  Wednesday and Thursday 3rd and 4th are special for meetings and greetings, with a conjunction between Venus and Uranus at 25 degrees Pisces.  You may be invited to a social occasion, or if you have time to spare or insomnia bites why not listen in to Kim Gould’s radio show on BlogTalk Radio and learn more about the Human Design System and past lives? (see my even earlier blog “Astrology meets Human Design on Air”)  I will be taking part, and exchanging impressions with Kim.  Mercury meanwhile will be establishing itself in Pisces and reaches a sextile with Pluto on Thursday late morning (UK time).  It picks up a theme from the ocean of the collective unconscious and investigates it more deeply, following through its implications.  This favours self-understanding, social work, mental health issues, looking at sibling rivalry for instance, and can also promote true meetings of the mind.  If it is your birthday, you will have the gift of the gab to move hearts, and if a freind or family member has this birthday they will take you with them on their journey to the centre.