If last week was thin on the ground for aspects, this week is the opposite.  So much so, that I am devoting all of the space in this week’s blog to the aspects themselves.

Sunday (17th)

There is just the one aspect today, and it’s a congenial one: Venus sextile Neptune.  In terms of relationships (Venus) it is the best aspect of the week, as later on we have Venus conjunct Saturn, then conjunct Pluto.  So it is a day of sweet moments with your loved ones, heightened spiritual values, inspiration in art or music; a day that touches the heart.  If you are looking for a day this week to bring out the poetry in you, this is it.

Shamima Begum, who as a 15-year old went to join ISIS, and who wishes now to return to the U.K., gave birth to a baby boy this morning.  The issue sparked a lot of debate last week, revealing a great deal of complexity around it.  If he survives, he is likely to have a complex destiny.  If his mother is allowed to bring him into the U.K. she would have to face the music, and may be separated from him.  With the Moon in Cancer, his psyche will be very much tied to that of his mother.

Monday (18th)

Tomorrow starts with another sextile, that between the Sun and Uranus.  This sets up a sense of excitement early on.  There may be a sense of anticipation about the day, or the week.  Perhaps you have something special you wish to accomplish during those time frames.  It may be a radical change of direction, or some bold changes.  Your creativity will be firing on all cylinders.

The next aspect to occur tomorrow is a conjunction between Venus and Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn, so you may experience a dip in mood after the original enthusiasm.  In human relations or in finance, there may be a setback or disappointment, which you will need to process.  This week you will need to be on top of your game in processing the aspects, which are coming through thick and fast.  Feel your feelings (e.g. the nostalgia, or injustice), or deal with them philosophically, and let them go if you can.  The conjunction of Venus and Pluto later in the week will encourage you to process them at a deeper level.

The most important event of the day is Chiron’s re-entry into Aries.  I wrote last April:

“Chiron has been journeying through Pisces in recent years, a sensitive crucible of healing.  Chiron coming into Aries will be more overt, and possibly more physical in its approach to healing.  If you have important points in your chart at 0 degrees, you may have healing issues come up.”

You may be able to clarify some healing issues on Monday.

In the last hour of the day (in the U.K.) the Sun enters Pisces.  Although healing issues will look clearer, the general tone of life will become more soft focus.  It is a year since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II brought the issue of the proliferation of plastic in our seas to our screens.  It is amazing to think it was a year ago, but there have been initiatives as a result of that series.  Friday’s school boycott by children was to a great extent inspired by the graphic information it provided us.  But we all know we have so far to go, and have only just touched the surface of the problem.  So the theme of this coming transit of the Sun through Pisces may be the purification of the waters, and how to deal with the growing threat to our sea life.  Pescatarians may want to skip a stage and go on to vegetarianism, or even straight to veganism.

So tomorrow is a full-on day aspectwise, in a week that is full-on.  You may emerge with much food for thought.

Tuesday (19th)

Tuesday is an emotional day, with Mercury conjunct Neptune arriving first thing, at 15 degrees Pisces.  This colours the mind with emotion and imagination.  Depending on your relationship with Neptune, you may either find the combination disorientating mentally, or inspiring.  If disorientated, try a meditational route to your chosen spiritual path.  Journeys may be complicated, but messages could be subtle and finely-tuned.

Although there is a lot going on  this week, and some of it challenging, there is also a great deal of mutual support going on between the planets.  The Venus/Saturn conjunction on Monday is sextile with the Mercury/Neptune conjunction for Tuesday, creating a network with Venus sextile Neptune (Sunday’s handiwork) and Saturn sextile Mercury (on Wednesday).  This supportive network may be most keenly felt around Tuesday.

The emotion and tension will be building however towards the Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo on Tuesday afternoon.  Someone is going to insist that something is done properly, to their specifications!  They may meet opposition from more idealistic quarters (the Sun in Pisces).  This all sounds like the average day in Parliament in these final throes of Brexit negotiations and wrangles.  But we all have our own lives to lead, and some of it unconnected with Brexit issues.  So there may be some brinkmanship in our lives between the principle of getting the job done, and perfectionism.

Wednesday (20th)

Wednesday brings a more exacting mood to the proceedings of the week, conducive to knuckling down to paperwork or practical ideas.  The aspect in question is Mercury sextile Saturn, which takes place in the early hours of the morning.  Your dreams may be very prosaic, but you may awaken with a sense of determination to go about your tasks, a renewed work ethic.  The aspect may also enable straight talking, or plain speaking.

 Friday (22nd)

Mercury squares Jupiter on Friday, in the evening.  This is more upbeat mentally, but liable to overstretching or information overload.  Travel plans may be ambitious.  This aspect is mind-broadening, so you’ll have plenty to mull over at bedtime.  If you’re anxious for a good night’s sleep, put into place all your favourite insomnia strategies, such as chamomile tea and lavender on the pillow.

Saturday (23rd)

The last day of the week is not without its drama.  Venus conjuncts Pluto in the early hours of Saturday (so even if you fell asleep easily, you may wake in the night with a vivid dream).  An extra helping of chamomile tea and lavender may be needed.  Issues which surfaced earlier in the week may be felt at a deeper level now, and may feel more pressing.  Occurring in those early hours, there is a chance of working with them in conjunction with your subconscious mind, such as holding a thought as you go to sleep (or fall asleep again) and asking for dream guidance.  Self-hypnosis is also a possibility.  But what is important, is to try to get to the root of the matter, and for that you may need to go back in time.  Those born under the Venusian signs of Taurus and Libra may find the  process more heavy going.  Those born under the Plutonic influence of Sun in Scorpio may find the process lighter, and more loving.

But Pluto hasn’t finished with us, for late afternoon it sextiles Mercury.  This brings the emphasis from a feeling-centred process to more of an analytical process.  You may have sifted through your feelings, exhausted them even, and then go on to analysing them on a more mental level.  Your conclusions will then be able to make more sense of context and perspective, and provide a focus for moving on.  You may come up with some profound wisdom, or statements.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sublime
  • Tomorrow – ridiculously busy
  • Tuesday – emotional
  • Wednesday – mentally practical
  • Friday – exaggerative
  • Saturday – profound