Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman won an Oscar last week for her role in the film about Queen Anne, “The Favourite”.  She’s an actress of extraordinary range, who started out in comedy in Peep Show, played D.S. Ellie Miller in Broadchurch, and several roles later has earned herself an Oscar with this role.  She is due to play the Queen in “The Crown”.

Birth Chart

Olivia has 0 water planets in her chart (unemotional), so must have something like a water planet or sign on the Ascendant, as she can cry – witness her appearance on Would I Lie to You on You Tube.  She has over half her planets (6) in Air, so she operates mainly on a mental level. Mercury, Uranus and Saturn form a Grand Trine in the Air element, which could be a large factor in her success. She has been highly praised for her acceptance speech at the BAFTAs, displaying her talent for comedy (she has Mercury conjunct Jupiter) and sincerity.

The most obvious sign of theatrical talent in her chart is the Sun closely sextile Neptune, a planet associated with acting, empathy and emotion (so that does give her a link to the element of water).  This is backed up and deepened by a trine of Pluto to her Sun, ensuring that she grasps the deeper meaning of what she is portraying.  Her power is increased by having her North Node in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre, so these last two factors enabled her authenticity in her police detective role in Broadchurch.

Peep Show

Olivia originally met David Mitchell and Robert Webb (and also her husband Ian Sinclair) at Cambridge Footlights while studying at Homerton in Cambridge.  Her longstanding role in Peep Show kickstarted her very successful career, and she was reluctant to leave for pastures new, but was advised to do so by her agent. In Peep Show she played a co-worker who became romantically involved with Mark (played by Mitchell), and through the course of the series married and divorced him.

One would suspect a karmic link with Mitchell and Webb, and their synastry is close.  Mitchell’s Venus trines her Jupiter (a strong friendship), and his Uranus trines her Mercury (a mental spark).  Robert Webb’s Sun is conjunct her Pluto (a deep link) and his Mars trines her Venus, which is an emotionally deep bond.  Mitchell and Webb themselves have a definite karmic link, of Webb’s Uranus sextile Mitchell’s North Node (sparky karma).

Her transits for this opportunity (Peep Show first aired on 19th September 2003) were Neptune on her Sun in Aquarius (a starring role) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron in Aries (a sense of fulfilment).


Olivia has played many various parts on television programmes and in film, but Broadchurch, set in a fictional Dorset town, next stands out as a programme which established her as a serious actress. Her role in this hugely successful series was as D.S. Ellie Miller, and it earned her a BAFTA (not her first however) in 2014. She was first choice for the role, being offered it without audition.  In this series she was successfully paired with David Tennant, with whom she has a sparkling rapport (her Jupiter conjunct his North Node, her Sun trine his Uranus and sextile his Chiron, and her Uranus opposite his Sun.  The start of the series  found Olivia with a challenging opposition of Uranus to her Pluto, finding the depth in her psyche.  David Tennant had Pluto square his Uranus, in a similar dynamic, as well as a reorientating transit of Neptune square his Neptune.

Olivia won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her role in the highly praised The Night Manager, based on a John Le Carre novel.  In that series, she played an Intelligence Officer.  Again, she will have been stretched, with Neptune square her Neptune, and Pluto square her Chiron.

The Favourite

The film The Favourite premiered in the U.K. at the beginning of January this year.  In this role  she reprises her talent for comedy.  For the role, she gained 35 lb in weight (ever since Renee Zellweger did this for Bridget Jones I have found the concept quite eye watering).  The plot concerns two cousins, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, and Baroness Abigail Masham (Played by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone respectively) vying to be court favourites to Queen Anne in the early 18th Century.

The U.K. premier saw a transit of Uranus sextile Olivia’s natal Saturn, which highlights the strength of her natal Saturn exactly trine her Uranus.  She is able to bring together the old and the new.

Awards Transits

Olivia has won a plethora of awards over time.  Notably, she won two BAFTAs in 2013 (Jupiter was trine her natal Jupiter, equalling success, plus an exciting transit of Uranus sextile her natal Sun).  She picked up a third BAFTA, for her work in Broadchurch, in 2014 (with Mars sextile her natal Neptune and trine her natal Sun). In the pinnacle of her career so far, she won her fourth BAFTA and her first Oscar this year for the leading role in The Favourite (at the BAFTA ceremony, quite a dizzying concoction of transits: Mars opposite  her natal Uranus, Saturn trine her natal Mars, Saturn square her natal Chiron and Neptune sextile her natal Mars). For the Oscar ceremony, Jupiter came out for her, sextile exactly her natal Jupiter.  Many described her acceptance speech as “the speech of the night”.

Rachel Weisz won a BAFTA for best Supporting Actress for her role in The Favourite (with recognition for hard work, Saturn sextile her Sun, inspiring and healing Neptune trine her Chiron, and karmic depth of North Node sextile her Pluto).


It will be interesting to see what roles she chooses from this point.  She has the huge role of Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, which should keep her occupied for a while.  It is difficult to describe her appeal as an actress, other than that she is very relatable, you feel you know her.  This may be her Sun in Aquarius shining through.


Hereby two days’ notice before Mercury is stationary prior to turning retrograde;  two days to put your paperwork in order, and service your computer.  Tuesday (5th) sees Mercury stall at 29 degrees Pisces, before turning back and possibly causing communication havoc.  Who goes there, friend or phobia?  We are all the time refining and evolving our communications, and depending on where we are, we can have a difficult time, or a less difficult time (not every phenomena that ensues during a Mercury retrograde period can be down to us; we can get caught up in outer forces such as strikes).  But with “failing Grayling” still occupying the position of Transport Minister, and clinging on to the post by his fingernails, you have to wonder what else can happen to confuse conditions of this area of life in the U.K.  There are rumours that he may be forced to step down tomorrow, which would be an interesting correlation astrologically in terms of Mercury’s position.  His own Mercury, at 27 degrees Pisces, is quite close to this point, and natally his Uranus is quincunx to it, which is disruptive to communication (who put him in the post…?).  He is in a bit of a quagmire at the moment, with Mars opposite his Neptune and Neptune on his Mars, wondering how to proceed.  For those of you more interested in your office fortunes and documentation, check the fine print assiduously until 28th March, the day before Brexit, when Mercury proceeds forwards again.  It might be worth having an extra proofreader this month.

The big feature of the week comes on Wednesday (6th) when Uranus re-enters Taurus, where it will stay until July 2025.  It may have a groundbreaking effect in the area of your life (the House) in which it appears in your chart.  When it first entered (before retrograding) in May last year, I wrote:

“Uranus enters Taurus: the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, as it were.  You may register this if you are sensitive to Uranus and/or Taurus … or you may observe it in events in society or on the global stage.  For others, it may pass them by for different reasons, e.g. the timing is not critical in their charts or with their planets, at the moment.  But it will be the beginning of a new process, and a new way of seeing progress and the way forward.  We have exhausted the possibilities of Uranus in Aries, and must find new ways to circumvent and deal with new challenges, or new ways around old challenges we haven’t given up on.”

This will be followed, in the afternoon, by a New Moon in Pisces at 15 degrees.  This is the time to set intentions for the following month.  On a personal level, you may have deep emotional issues that you want to get to grips with.  On a global level, collectively we are only just starting to realize the huge effort required to eliminate plastic from the oceans, and the impact of global warming on the ice melting at the poles, two issues which are Pisces-related. So any affirmations, practical projects and creative visualizations along these lines would be apt.

Thursday (7th) sees the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces, which to some extent continues the themes of the New Moon.  This conjunction last occurred on 4th March last year, the day of the Skripal poisonings (Neptune) in Salisbury.  They have just cleared the last site of contamination (Sergei Skripal’s own house), but are continuing investigations, as there are still many mysteries and questions unanswered (Neptune).  At the other end of the spectrum, Neptune combined with the Sun so intensely can bring high spiritual experiences and inspiration, especially if you are channelling or working with your creativity, in art or music for instance.  Again, as with Mercury, how you experience it may to some extent depend on your own evolving relationship with Neptune, and the clarity on your mystical path.

Saturday (9th) brings a sextile between the Sun and Saturn.  After the Neptunian intensity, the balance starts to revert to the practical.  Creativity, having received inspiration, now settles into practical results and projects, and can more easily take form.  It is also a time you can lay down some plans, foundations and preparations.  Perhaps there are ideas you have had which are more suited to the springtime, and you can prepare for them now.  For gardeners, itching to sow seeds, you may have the urge to get going.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – communication needs care
  • Wednesday – groundbreaking; new beginnings
  • Thursday – confusion or inspiration
  • Saturday – practicalities