If it’s all been too much lately, what with needless worrying about the fate of Harry Potter, then it’s a good day to hibernate today. The TV images of underwater towns and villages in the UK will be swimming in and out of your dreams and meditations, and you need to rest and digest…and wonder how it connects with the healing of the earth last Tuesday. The Sun enters Leo tomorrow (23rd), its home resort, and somewhere in the world the Sun must be shining even if it’s not through your office or conservatory window. The focus for the day is our relationship with that warmth: to find it, inside or outside, literal or metaphorical. We do need to draw benefit from the Sun’s rays, without fear or guilt. Fear and guilt could be components of Tuesday’s (24th) Mars square Neptune, an aspect which may be partly responsible for those TV images of underwater towns and villages…Incidentally, someone said I made last week sound too exciting, so I am going for blander this week (how am I doing?). Mars square Neptune is not necessarily bland, but more insidious, like water seeping everywhere, pollution under the surface, and political scandals bubbling away. They are things you may not necessarily see, but will certainly suspect. So if you need to take any remedial action, uncover the real truth first. Venus goes stationary on Friday (27th) in early Virgo, just as you were coming to love your new glamorous mission of saving the environment. You will see it’s now one step back for the time being, perhaps taking a more subservient role – you might need to play Mrs. Mop rather than Mrs. Bucket until Venus returns to that position…hang on in there, your true identity and life purpose is waiting in the wings.