UK Politics

The people have spoken this week, and pronounced that the political system as we know it is indeed, as we suspected, broken.  The two main parties have suffered a severe dent in popularity, for various reasons.  They have declared it is because of Brexit, but there are other factors.  Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have finally risen from the ashes after being burnt from their involvement in coalition government.  And the Greens, benefiting from Greta Thunberg’s success (and rightly so) have had their best ever results.  Just when you thought our politics couldn’t get messier…Time for an astrological stock take.

UK Chart

Transits for the U.K. Chart for the 2nd May local elections show (for the 1922 Chart) Pluto from Capricorn in 8th House opposite its natal Moon in Cancer in 2nd House – a harsh emotional climate and verdict by the people.  And for the 1801 Union Chart Neptune square its Mercury in Sagittarius in 8th House (mental confusion), Jupiter trine its Saturn in Leo in 4th House (some balancing of its internal politics).

European Elections

We have a deadline to achieve a deal by 23rd May in order to avoid the European Elections on that day, so this is a date to scrutinize for transits to the U.K. chart. Some of the transits remain the same, but for the 1922 chart: Uranus squares its Midheaven in Aquarius in 8th House – a seismic shock in its direction, while Pluto still opposes its Moon.  For the 1801 chart: Uranus trines its Chiron in Capricorn in 9th House (sudden events or crises), and Neptune still squares its Mercury.

Conservative Party

Saturn was sextile the Sun of the Tory chart at the time of the Local Elections, which can indicate a sober result, though I would have expected a stronger astrological message.

Theresa May

Both major parties have been tearing themselves apart over Brexit, but Theresa May’s popularity is at an all time low, having handled the issue badly and not having achieved a deal on time.  Candidates for a new leader have been lining up for some time, but she refuses to give a definite date when she will leave. Neptune is currently opposite her Jupiter, bringing to mind the phrase “the triumph of hope over experience”.  She took as her message from the people a prompt to get on with Brexit.  She is still as single minded and one pointed as ever, and trying to ignore the wolves who are queuing up for the key to her door.

Gavin Williamson

Another story which has dominated her week is the sacking of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson after a security leak from a National Security Council meeting  He has been a bit of a maverick (Sun trine exactly Uranus) and made some strange statements over the time he has been in office.  In November 2017 I wrote: “He has a reputation for slipperiness, and that may be connected with his close natal Mercury-Neptune opposition.”  On the date he was sacked, Chiron was square his natal Sun (a healing crisis), but Jupiter was trine his Mars and Saturn was trine his Jupiter (he has some fighting spirit); Uranus was square his Saturn (personal earthquakes), Uranus opposed his natal Uranus (the midlife crisis, or midlife rebellion), and North Node sextile his natal Jupiter (some freedom from a situation).  He has totally refuted Theresa May’s claim that he leaked information from a security meeting, and she refuses to reveal further information about it. In their synastry Theresa’s natal Sun is conjunct Gavin’s Pluto, and though he has been loyal, he is capable of turning on her.  The event is borne out by Theresa’s transit of Neptune opposite her natal Jupiter, showing her to be a victim of deception and leaks.  The senior civil servant Mark Sedwill who is involved in the story has Neptune currently opposite his natal Venus, another deception transit (whether victim or perpetrator we do not know).

Labour Party

Transits for the Labour Party at the Local Elections were: Jupiter square its Mercury (an influence of over-optimism), Pluto sextile its Mercury (some serious and soul-searching information), and  Jupiter opposite its Neptune (over-optimistic and unrealistic outlook).  On paper, Labour did not suffer as many losses, but clearly the public is not happy with them as an effective Opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn

Like Theresa, Jeremy is blaming it all on Brexit, but the elephant at their headquarters is the issue of anti-semitism.  Nick Cohen this morning in the Observer has written a cogent article on the subject, stating: “when Jews and genuine anti-fascists complained, he and his supporters treated them as if they were false witnesses hiding their real aim of advancing Israeli interests”.  Sad to say, Jeremy’s days may be numbered, for this country needs a government of socialist values to remedy the austerity of the Tory years.  The tide so nearly turned for him in the 2017 election.  He might have capitalized on that if he had made his party line more strongly pro-European.  Chiron was this week sextile his Sun, and he may need to work on personal healing.  Uranus also squared his Jupiter in April, so he may have been overconfident or complacent.

Lib Dems

Does the Lib Dem chart show a strong sign of resurgence?  Their firm Remain policy has paid off, as well as the public disenchantment with the two main parties.  Uranus has been trine its Uranus/Saturn conjunction coming up to the election, and the Lib Dems have been well-organized and clear in their message.  Good for them!  It is about time they were karmically rewarded for the scapegoating they suffered under the hands of David Cameron.

Vince Cable

Despite his promise a decade or so ago, Vince Cable has made a lack-lustre leader for the Lib Dems, and clearly not relished the job, announcing his imminent retirement.  Ironically then he finds himself at the helm of their rebirth.  Mars is sextile his natal North Node (he must have done something right, and the planets have put new fire in his belly).  Jupiter is trine his natal Chiron (a wonderful healing transit, which he should be thoroughly enjoying), Saturn opposes his natal Jupiter (he may feel torn at the moment, now that he will be leaving just as success has arrived), Neptune sextiles his Sun (a graceful spiritual completion to end this phase of his career).

Green Party

A big cheer was given to the Greens by the public (their most successful ever result), and again well-timed now that we officially have a Climate Emergency.  Caroline Lucas is one of the most honourable and hardworking politicians at Westminster, and though she no longer heads up her party she is still its most high profile proponent (recently triumphing on Question Time).  She has Neptune square her Sun in Sagittarius at the moment, manifesting as euphoria rather than confusion.  She may hardly believe this big breakthrough.

Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry are the new joint leaders of the Green Party.  Jonathan has Pluto square his Sun at this time, again a huge challenge in his life, but a breakthrough for his integrity perhaps in trying to protect the planet. Sian too has a challenging main transit, that of Pluto square her Mercury (she may not be able to compute the enormity of her task ahead), but she has Neptune on her Jupiter (a spiritual high) and Jupiter sextile her Uranus (an enterprising opportunity).  She also has two seismic shifts: Pluto square her Uranus and Chiron opposite her Pluto.  Her life is likely to change drastically as a result of this set of local election results.

In Summary

The country is still in a huge mess, and likely to be for some time.  The immediate response of the two main parties is to get their heads together over a Brexit deal which can go through, though some are calling this prospect a stitch-up, enabling the type of Brexit nobody wants. But there are two ways of looking at the political landscape now.  One, it’s a disaster for the Conservatives and the Labour Party, neither of which has seemed to serve its population well recently.  Two, it is the beginning of a new political order, one based on new values such as care of the planet.  The Greens are also fervently Remain, and anti-austerity.  But if the smaller parties are able to consolidate, grow their position and unite (the Independents also did well in the local elections), they may have a chance to do things their way.


There’s a bouncy aspect of Mars opposite Jupiter today, which is a highly energetic opposition of energy and enthusiasm.  This may work well for you, but it could also get out of hand if it is not balanced.  You may be trying to multi-task, for instance, and find that you can’t keep hold of one of your spinning plates.  Sport and keep fit regimes may be happy areas for handling all that energy.

Tomorrow (Monday 6th) Mercury enters Taurus, and the mental energy may be steadier and calmer than the fieriness of the last two or three weeks when Mercury has been in Aries.  This placing is better for negotiation, which is something much needed at the moment.  Practical ideas will be the order of the day.  Mercury enters Gemini on 21st May, so this is a short window, pre-European Elections.

Tuesday (7th) could be deflating, with a square to Venus from Saturn.  Don’t expect too much of others, or yourself.  Self-care is important, so a pampering (such as an aromatherapy massage) would be a constructive and reviving antidote.  Relationships and finance are key areas where you must be prepared for adjusting your expectations, or cutting your coat according to your cloth.  In relationships, you may need to prepare to be a listening ear. Work with what you have, and love the one you’re with.

Wednesday (8th) won’t be a dull day!  Mercury conjoins Uranus on that day, so mentally it could be off the wall.  You’ll be thinking inventively and out of the box.  There may be some interesting synchronicities happening.  Welcome the power of surprise!

Thursday (9th) has a sublime sextile between the Sun and Neptune to bask in.  The day begins on a note of inspiration and spiritual harmony.  In your creativity, you may be able to reach the parts which have been hitherto unavailable.  Nature may be a real source of nurture.

Jupiter semi-sextiles Pluto that day, so there may be minor power struggles going on, more likely on a wider scale, such as internationally.

In the afternoon, Venus trines Jupiter, one of the best aspects of the year, so altogether it could be a powerful day which moves your social objectives on significantly.  Romance and celebration could be on the cards.  Feel the Love.

Hold the Love.  At the end of the afternoon, Venus squares Pluto, so there may be some turbulence after the engagement, wedding or honeymoon that is Venus trine Jupiter.  Perhaps there is some jealousy or mean-spiritedness, which can come up if people think they are not getting their fair share of the limelight, or are threatened by a display of high self-esteem.  So the day ends with some psychological soul-searching.  It might be a roller coaster of a day on the stock exchange, too.

If you found Thursday to be a roller-coaster, Saturday (11th) provides a chance at a more stable and equanimous state of affairs, courtesy of Sun trine Saturn.  You can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again.  If you found Wednesday easy (for some it will have been a high) then you can build something practical from that, such as a new chapter in your blockbuster.  It is a day of laying good and solid foundations.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – energetic and enthusiastic
  • Tomorrow – mental practicality
  • Tuesday – low key
  • Wednesday – mental excitement
  • Thursday- powerful
  • Saturday – stabilizing