Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Welcome to the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!  He is already creating controversy over his first name Archie, so could be an exciting addition to our royal family.  He was born apparently at the Portland Clinic in London, and not at home in Windsor as planned, so could be full of surprises!  But his mother Meghan has already pronounced him to be calm, with “the sweetest temperament”, both adjectives which can be applied to his Sun sign Taurus. The royal couple, Harry and Meghan decided to include the name Mountbatten in the mix, and there is a link with Lord Louis Mountbatten in that his Mars is conjunct with Archie’s Part of Fortune, so perhaps Archie has this ancestor watching over him.  His chart also has very positive ties to that of his grandmother Diana Princess of Wales, so again she will be cheering him on from the other side (this includes a telepathic link of her Mercury to his Uranus).

Archie is a double Taurean, in that his Sun sign and Ascendant are in that sign, so he would have many of its traits.  His Sun is rising close to the Ascendant (within one degree, in the 1st House), and as the Sun represents the father in the birthchart this depicts very well a prominent royal father (the Sun). Taurus as Sun/Ascendant  highlights many talents such as growing things, connection with the Earth, and musical and artistic expression.  Sun in Taurus inclines towards the Arts in general, and specifically fine art, sculpture and pottery.  The Sun rising brings in an interest in addition for drama and the performing arts.  There is a sensuality about this sign which inclines to his being a naturally “touchy feely” person”.  Mum Meghan will probably be into baby massage which would foster this.

He has his Moon placed at 0 degrees Gemini: According to “Star Names for Baby” by Dan Crawford, the name Archibald comes under this sign. The name means “bold”, and he says it depicts one who will take chances.  Like both the Queen and Prince Phillip, Archie has his Saturn conjunct his Midheaven (Careerpoint), so duty and tradition will be an important value to him.  This is emphasized by being in the sign of Capricorn, and also being conjunct his South Node, showing that this trait is established through past life links.

Mercury conjunct Uranus and trine Jupiter implies an original, wide, free-ranging mind, and ability to pick up information.  A great deal of curiosity here, and a love of travel and interest in other cultures, and philosophy.  It also shows a good business acumen, and entrepreneurial skill.  He’ll receive a good education and is likely to be poly-lingual.

He has some reserved traits (double Taurus, plus Venus square Saturn) but also has a sociable Venus/Jupiter trine and the Sun rising, so he may express both extraversion and introversion, perhaps wearing different hats or masks for different situations.  With the Sun, Part of Fortune/Moon in the 1st House his personality will always attract attention, but having Venus and Mercury/Uranus in 12th House he will also very much have a private side to his life.  Mars exactly opposite Jupiter suggests extreme enthusiasm, for example in certain sports or as a collector (they fall across his 2nd and 8th Houses).

Relationship with Harry

There’s an extremely dynamic and energetic link between Archie and his father Harry, as  Harry’s Sun forms a T-square with Archie’s exact opposition between Mars and Jupiter.  Harry’s Sun trines Archie’s Pluto, so Archie will have a profound and life-changing effect on Harry.  Archie’s North Node sextile’s Harry’s Moon, so that shows a family karmic link, likely to originate in past lives.  Archie’s Uranus trines Harry’s Jupiter, so he may be dynamically involved in some of Harry’s projects.  Harry’s Saturn is exactly opposite baby’s Ascendant, and therefore Harry may be quite a disciplinarian in their relationship.

Relationship with Meghan

Mother Meghan has Mercury trine her baby’s Chiron, so will be very much in tune with his needs, and in particular his health.  Her Pluto squares Archie’s Nodal Axis, so there is strong karma to be enacted between them.  Her Sun in Leo squares his Taurean Ascendant, and that might result in a clash of wills when he is older.  She may experience him as placid now, but he will have strong ideas of his own as he grows up. His Chiron is also exactly opposite her Moon, so emotionally he will have her on her toes from the outset.  But, love overcomes all, especially mother love, and her Venus is trine his Ascendant.

Relationship with Prince Charles

Just as Harry’s Sun trines Archie’s Pluto, so Prince Charles’ Sun sextiles Archie’s Pluto, and Archie will also have a profound and life-changing effect on his grandfather Charles.  Archie’s North Node closely trines Charles’ Sun, and that is a close karmic link.  Charles has Jupiter trine Archie’s Mercury, and so will be a factor in his education, and in expanding his knowledge, reinforcing Archie’s own natal Mercury-Jupiter trine.  Prince Charles also has his Ascendant trine the baby’s Chiron, and this soul may share some of Charles’ alternative views about healing, nature and anthropology.

Relationship with the Queen

Being the same Sun sign of Taurus gives the two a natural affinity, and in addition Archie’s Mercury falls close to his great-grandmother’s  Sun.  His Chiron falls exactly on her Mercury, so mentally he will help her to see life differently, with new eyes. They have a splendid sextile between their Jupiters, so will feel uplifted in each other’s presence.  Her Pluto sextiles his Ascendant, so he will feel the weight of her history and role (in a constructive way).  His Saturn/South Node falls on her Ascendant, so she will also keenly feel the sense of his serious purpose in coming into the world.  There will be some element of the male side of his energy which will remind her of her own husband, Prince Phillip, as Phillip’s Mars is exactly conjunct that of Archie in the sign of Gemini.  Perhaps Archie will inherit his great grandfather’s mischievous streak.


We may have made solid gains with yesterday’s Sun/Saturn trine, and may consolidate them when the Sun trines Pluto on Tuesday (14th).  So these three days (11th – 14th) have that potential, of the combined power of Saturn and Pluto supporting us to make real progress.  You may have been working along some lines or on a particular project, and have felt it to be a real hard slog.  You may even have felt that you haven’t got very far, but may receive an indication in this period that you have done better than you thought, or that a pipe dream could become a going concern.

Around lunchtime the same day, Venus sextiles Mars.  Saturn and Pluto are both serious dudes, but Venus and Mars may introduce some more lighthearted frivolity.  Your project may be acceptable and adequate and on firmer ground, but maybe you can introduce some artistry or romance.  Or maybe you take a break from the serious stuff, and join a social whirl or a coffee shop outing with friends.

Moving on to Wednesday (15th) we see Venus coming home to Taurus, which gives a feeling of “all’s right with the world”.  Gardens flourish, money grows, arts are created, music is expressed, and there are sighs of satisfaction.  Venus is here until 8th June.

Sweet music continues on Thursday (16th) but of a more cerebral kind, as Mercury sextiles Neptune.  The inspiration is certainly there, but its application may be less earthy and more ethereal.  You may play around with mystical possibilities, for example.

Mars also enters Cancer that day, and may see you putting more effort into family affairs, or being protective of others.  Nurturing instincts and nest building are to the fore.  Mars is here until 1st July.

Thursday may be an eventful and productive day.  The next aspect occurring is Mercury sextile the North Node, bringing karmic information to light.  Communication is highly significant and imbued with meaning, though subject to differing interpretations according to belief.  It is a good day for teaching, tutoring and revising for forthcoming exams, so if this is a goal in your life pencil out the day in your diary for that purpose.

Lastly, and late in the day (in the last hour), Mercury trines Saturn, and you could really feel you accomplished something today.  It may be right down there in black and white, on paper, or on your computer screen.  You might even feel a last minute spurt of  mental energy carrying you through to midnight or beyond.  An odd late night won’t hurt you, not if it is so worthwhile or productive.  It is a good time to assess what you have achieved and what you plan to do for the next stage of your work or project.

Mental activity is still supported on Saturday (18th) with this time Pluto trine Mercury, deepening the nature of the work and thought and giving it a more psychological slant.  Conversations could be life changing: the right word at the right time, striking home in the right place.

From mid-afternoon things are more capricious, with an exciting conjunction between Venus and Uranus pepping up your social life.  It is time to take another little break from work, see who’s in town, and seek out new experiences.

It’s also a time to look within and examine your emotional health.  The evening belongs to the Scorpio Full Moon, and you will need to be in touch with your deepest emotions and be constructively authentic.  There may be a focus on shared finances and an attempt to balance material resources and needs between two people.  There may be a need for collective decisions going forward, so everybody involved needs to be clear about how they really feel.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – profound; sensual
  • Wednesday – homely pleasures
  • Thursday – mental inspiration; family concerns; karmic information; detailed work
  • Saturday – deep conversation; surprise meetings; intense emotion