It’s over two weeks since I dislocated my shoulder, and I have an x-ray on Tuesday so I’ll know how the healing is coming along.  So I will plough on with the next 5 candidates for the Conservative Party Leadership!

Conservative Party Leadership – Part 2

I wrote about five of the candidates last week, and since then some more candidatures have been announced, and Liz Truss ruled herself out of the race.  Some of the prospective candidates have appeared in interviews or panel discussions (e.g. Rory Stewart on Question Time) and some have kept a lower profile (e.g. Boris Johnson, though endorsed by Donald Trump this week).  Meanwhile, Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party triumphed at the European Elections, and Farage hinted that he might go for the top job.

So here is my next batch of contestants:

Dominic Raab (odds 4/1)

Dominic Raab is considered to be even more of a threat than Boris Johnson, among moderates. Apparently, there is a new slogan in town, “Stop Raab”. The former Brexit Secretary, who spent a few months negotiating Brexit, then ditched the withdrawal agreement, is very keen to become Prime Minister.  He reminds me of an X-Factor contestant who “really wants it”.  The ambition is plainly written on his face.  But like a lot of the contenders, he is not hugely experienced in Cabinet.  Do we have the right to expect true statesmanship in our party leaders (let alone Prime Ministers) these days?  What he does know, is what he thinks and has learned about Brexit.  On the other hand, he has claimed he is not a feminist, which may lose him some support.

I wrote about his chart last September:

“He is a Piscean, with his Sun/Mercury square Neptune.  So he has sensitivity but also stealth, and may encounter complicated problems.  His natal Jupiter trine exactly Saturn is good for balanced judgement.  Very favourably, he has an exact Grand Trine in Air between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, which may stand him, and us, in good stead.”

Transits for 7th June (Theresa officially leaving)

Uranus sextiles his Mercury, which gives him a chance to express himself eloquently, but that may be the extent of his achievement.

Transits for 31st July (by which time a leader should have been chosen)

Uranus sextile his natal Sun, which is more promising as it can be very personally successful, and offers up an opportunity to be fresh and original.

Transits for 31st October (the deadline for Brexit)

With a Mars Return and Mars trine his Venus, he may be seen as Action Man around this time.  Perhaps he has taken a crucial role in some negotiations.  Jupiter is transiting his natal North Node, which can bring karmic reward for merit.  This looks like a favourable period for him, whatever his role at the time.

Matt Hancock (odds 33/1)

Matt Hancock succeeded Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care last July, and again would not seem an experienced enough Cabinet member to be going for the top job (call me old fashioned).  At the time of his appointment, I wrote:

“His background suggests more of a talent for economics than an interest in health .. . He was born under a New Moon in Libra, with a keen, forensic type of mind (Mercury conjunct Pluto in Libra).”

He seems pleasant enough, but was quoted as using the F word inventively this week in relation to business and Brexit (…call me old fashioned).

Transits for 7th June

Neptune trines his Venus (his ruling planet), which is personally heartwarming, though not necessarily related to politics.  The North Node also trines his Venus, so even if his political ambitions are not satisfied, he will be fulfilled in his personal life.  Uranus squares his Jupiter, indicating he is taking a chance on life.  Mars trines his Uranus, so he will put a lot of energy into his attempt.

Transits for 31st July

Neptune still trines his Venus, but Saturn squares his Pluto, which may spell disappointment politically.  In addition, the Nodal Axis squares his Pluto, so the force does not appear to be with him.

Transits for 31st October

At the time of Brexit, his transits are very quiet, so his life may have calmed down considerably, and with it the ambition for the top job.

Sajid Javed (odds 20/1)

Sagittarian Home Secretary Sajid Javid (“my father was a bus driver”) clearly has great ambition, but seems to be a middle of the road candidate when vying for support among his fellow MPs.  He has made a few high profile gaffes in his time in office, which may not have helped his chances.  He has made it very clear this weekend that he does not support a second referendum, a general election, or the revoking of Article 50.

Transits for 7th June

His transits for this time of opportunity are very undistinguished.  That could mean disappointment at the outset for him, perhaps he doesn’t achieve the support he hopes for.

Transits for 31st July

Prospects look brighter for him at the time of the settlement of the contest, with Jupiter on his Sun.  Perhaps the new leader will offer him a plum role, or he will be pleased to keep his current role.  He looks to have some happiness come his way at that time.

Transits for 31st October

Brexit time sees Chiron trine his natal Venus, perhaps some healing or personal satisfaction.  Mars opposite his Neptune may see him bristling on some issue though.  Perhaps the form of Brexit is not quite to his liking.

Andrea Leadsom (odds 10/1)

Andrea Leadsom’s resignation from the cabinet did seem to be crucial in its timing, and led to Theresa May abandoning the 4th vote on her withdrawal agreement, and led the path to the leadership contest.  She and Theresa were rivals in the previous election contest, but Leadsom was criticised for intimating that Theresa would not make a good P.M. because she had not been a mother.  However, in Theresa’s leaving speech she expressed a hope that in the future there would be more female Prime Ministers.  She is a firm Brexiteer, and that will endear her to those on that side of the fence.  The prevailing climate demands that someone committed to finishing the job takes centre stage at this point in time.  Interviewed this morning by Andrew Marr, she stated that she is going for a “managed exit”.

She is a strong-willed Sun in Taurus (a financier), with the Sun in a T-square with Mars and Saturn, and her Sun is closely sextile her North Node (born to lead some).  She seems to be a catalyst, as pulling out of the previous leadership contest paved the way for Theresa to win.

Transits for 7th June

Pluto trines her natal Sun at this time, which would seem powerful, but judging by the lack of support she has gained so far, the power may be in pulling the strings behind the scenes.  This could be a tough period for her personally as well, as Pluto squares her natal Venus.  Her vitality will hold up though, with Jupiter trine her Mars, and Mars trine her Neptune.

Transits for 31st July

Pluto will still be trine her natal Sun, but she will have lost the other transits of interest.

Transits for 31st October

It is interesting to look at the picture for her at the time of Brexit.  Will she be overjoyed or dismayed?  Mars will be on her Mercury, so she will be mentally excited by it.  Jupiter will be trine her Venus, so something will be pleasing her.  Pluto will be square her natal Venus again, causing some personal hardship.  The Nodal Axis will be square her Venus (her ruling planet) so some of her past decisions may not prove to have served her quite as well as she would have hoped.  But Uranus trines her Uranus, so there are surprises up her sleeve (e.g. a good cabinet post), or she may free herself in some way.

Esther McVey (odds 50/1)

Esther McVey was originally a television presenter (Mercury sextile Venus), before she entered parliament as an MP in 2010.  With Mars in Capricorn sextile her Scorpio Sun, she is very ambitious.  She also has tremendous energy and enthusiasm, with Mars exactly trine her Jupiter.  I wonder if it is possible to get through a political career without making a gaffe…notably, as  Secretary of State for Work and Pensions she misled parliament, skewing information regarding Universal Credit, and subsequently resigned.  When making her pitch in an interview this week on daytime TV, she claimed to be more honest than the average politician because she had held her hands up to a mistake!

Transits for 7th June

Mars sextiles her natal Venus at this time, giving her a high profile.  Pluto sextiles her natal Neptune, which will provide her with some profound lessons, and Pluto trines her Pluto, so she will feel empowered in some way, but she is not a serious threat to Boris.

Transits for 31st July

At that time, the North Node will be trine her natal Mercury, so she will be expressing herself verbally a great deal!  Jupiter will be square her Venus, so she may take a knock to her self-esteem.  Saturn trine her Venus indicates that those who are loyal to her will stay loyal.  And Pluto will still be trine her natal Pluto.

Transits for 31st October

She is a hard line Brexiteer, so this period will be important to her.  Accordingly, she has a lot going on astrologically.  Uranus opposes her Sun, so she will be breaking away literally.  Neptune will be trine her natal Mercury, so she will be spiritually in tune with what is going on.  Uranus will be trine her natal Mars, so breaking away and warriorship will be fulfilled within her, both personally and politically.  Uranus also trines her natal Jupiter, bringing out her Inner Entrepreneur: she may land a trade role.  Pluto sextiles her natal  Neptune again.  The North Node trines her natal Neptune, so again spiritually she’ll be at peace too.  Altogether, she may not do well in the race to the top, but in her Brexit hopes she could be quite satisfied.

There is still time for me to cover some or all of the other candidates, though I hope that next week I will find myself writing about something else!  Maybe when the field narrows I can go into more depth.


Happy birthday to Sarah, chief commenter, today!

Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) Venus trines Pluto, which is a deep and meaningful aspect for money and love.  It helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  Artistic and musical projects also flourish, especially if they are not trivial or frivolous.

The New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini also occurs tomorrow.  This brings a new beginning on the mental plane, such as a fresh outlook, new learning and progress in communications.  New initiatives in the travel industry may also be helpful.

So Donald Trump has chosen well astrologically for his state visit to the U.K. It doesn’t mean he won’t encounter resistance, though!  He is a Gemini, and the New Moon in Gemini is of course especially beneficial to people born under that sign.

Mercury goes into Cancer on Tuesday (4th), so where you may have been super-rational on Monday, emotion will enter into your mental conjectures on Tuesday.  Family considerations for instance may be very much on your mind.

Friday (7th) brings an opportunity to bring mind, emotion and intuition together, with Mercury sextile Uranus.  New ideas will be stimulating, and unexpected communications could be very synchronistic and exciting.  The higher mind feeds enlightened information to the concrete mind.  Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Electrical gadgets come into their own – d’ya hear that, Alexa!

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – deep engagement; new beginning
  • Tuesday – taking into account emotion
  • Friday – mental brilliance