Previously…”a call to start working with the potential of the Saturn-Pluto trine…as it connects Leo and Sagittarius it also connects two areas of your life and you can enhance the effect of the mutual support of these two planets.” Your handy guide to 6 August: First identify which two areas of your life Saturn and Pluto have been operating in during the last couple of years. The Saturn area is one in which you have had to streamline and make cuts. The Pluto area is one in which you have had to dig deep psychologically. Astrology by numbers: If you know your Ascendant, then you can count to see which houses are involved, bearing in mind that Saturn will be at 26 degrees Leo and Pluto at 26 degrees Sagittarius and there are 30 degrees to a house and a sign. Now assess what you and the Universe have been working towards in those two areas, and start to evaluate how they could come together in a positive way, in perhaps a new structure, with your conscious intention and with the help of cosmic forces which help the divine plan unfold. Coming next week – Step 2: When you have had a chance to identify the two areas and digest what is required, you can work more closely with the psycho-spiritual orientation which will enable a new foundation for your life, or for the planet if you are working on a bigger canvas.