Venusian types are chivvied along by the Martians twice today.  At lunchtime, Venus enters the battleground of Aries, so she is not on her home ground, and forced to quicken her pace.  The meandering pace of Pisces was more suited to her placid nature.  And then in the evening (UK time) she engages with Mars in a trine, which would be equal footing if she were not on his home ground.  So if you are Venusian, centre yourself and make sure that you are able to work at your own pace.  If you are Martian, curb your impatience if you want the dance of life to be a success.  I am a Venusian and hubby Mike is Martian, and though he is trying to chivvy up the blog this morning, I feel he deserves a special mention for his help during my Radio Show with the lovely Kim Gould on Wednesday: plying me with cups of tea throughout the one and a half hours, and even going out and buying extra phones just in case.  Thank you, Mike.  The Radio Show itself went well, especially in terms of the flow of information back and forth between Kim and myself on the subject of Human Design, Astrology and Past Lives; and the link to listen to it is at the foot  of this blog, as well as permanently posted on my past life page (try saying that quickly).  Venusians need to make the most of today because later in the week they may be even further out of their comfort zone.  In fact, they may find they need the Martian energy, and today may be good training.  Tomorrow’s good too (Monday 8th), especially for Geminis, Virgoans and Sagittarians, as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 11 degrees Pisces.  This is a good aspect for broadening your mind, business meetings and catching up with your reading.  This week’s interview is rather a long one and features Barry Stevens, the Mandala Artist.  I know many people have been looking forward to his interview, and I don’t think they will be disappointed.  What I would recommend  is to visit his website first, and take the tour of the stunning galleries of mandalas, then to read the interview, making sure someone is plying you with tea throughout.  If you do nothing else this week, please read it.  Tuesday (9th) has an opposition between Venus and Saturn, and Venusians will feel a little flattened (after being flattered on Sunday) but Capricornians will feel warmed.  If Taureans or Librans are interacting with Capricornians, the latter may get the best end of the deal, but ultimately it is an equal exchange – it just may not feel like it to some.  For instance, the Venusians may propose a creative venture, and the Capricornians may throw a wet blanket on the deal.  But the fact is that the Venusian may not have thought it through, and meanwhile something may click with the Capricornian for a future collaboration.  It takes time for Saturnian seeds to grow: Venusians may like a slow pace, but Capricorns like it slower.  On Wednesday (10th) Mars goes direct, and the sleeping lion wakes, the ram is ready to butt, the tiger to roar.  Ariens and Leos feel that Spring is already here and ready to go.  Why wait until the Equinox, they might feel.  Virgoans may disagree, pointing at the calendar.  But the Venusians by now are dealing not only with the opposition with Saturn, but also an impending square with Pluto, and this is stress which may affect the throat chakra.  Plenty of rest, honey and lemon to be recommended.  Colourwise, blue scarves.  Thursday (11th) is the actual day of the square, and Plutonians may ask more of Venusians than they currently can easily offer in terms of stamina and resources.  Plutonians and Scorpios need the answers to searching questions about life and love, and the cycle of incarnations.  Venusians at this point need to find a quiet corner on the Martian battlefield and go into meditational retreat, and regroup their forces, before re-engaging.  The battles may rage in the background, but the inner stillness is needed to ensure that you are true to your original incarnational blueprint, your pre-birth lifescript.  We all have Venus and Mars in our charts, in varying measures and interplaying in various ways, and are likely to find out a great deal about ourselves this week.

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