Boris Johnson

I was planning to write a piece about the karmic interplay between Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for this Sunday, and then on Thursday Pluto opposed Mars.

Thursday 20th June 2019

So it is reluctantly that I have to report Pluto opposing Mars on Thursday (20th), if you like the major reckoning of the week.  Words are not enough to contain and express the two sides of an argument, for Mars and Pluto together contain great physical force and energy… But it may be an incident-prone day, and one which pacifist souls may prefer to sit out, from the comfort of their armchairs”.

For Boris to seem stoppable, it would have required the rivalry and intellectual challenge of Michael Gove, however unpalatable all the candidates were.  As it was, Jeremy Hunt went through to the head-to-head contest against Boris.  It may not make any difference, because the ballot papers are going out to Conservative members before any meaningful scrutiny of the candidates, and it seems they will not debate directly, they will merely be interviewed separately.

But Jeremy Hunt is Boris’ opponent, as decided by Conservative MPs.  There was much talk on Thursday of skullduggery, and if any aspect suggests skullduggery it is Mars opposite Pluto!  It has been conjectured that Boris lent votes from MPs to Jeremy Hunt so that he would not have to face Michael Gove.

In the Conservative Party, that was not the only indicator of Mars opposite Pluto at work that day.  Chancellor Philip Hammond was about to make a speech at the Mansion House in the evening, when MP Mark Field manhandled a female member of Greenpeace who was demonstrating against climate change.  Mark Field was suspended, and the whole incident sparked a debate.  We do not know what processes went through Mark Field’s mind, but it has been said that Jo Brand’s comment last week (the subject of my last blog) about throwing acid at politicians has escalated tensions, and the suspicion of possible intentions of intruders.  Having watched the video along with everyone else, I do feel that his execution was fairly brutal.  Looking at his transits, he had Chiron exactly opposite his natal Mercury, which suggests that he literally had a brainstorm.  If he was born around Noon, the Mars-Pluto opposition will have formed a T-square with his Moon (emotions), contributing to blowing his fuse.

So the evening wore on…perhaps Boris and his partner had a little celebratory drink.  After all, she has managed his current campaign, studiously keeping him away from controversy.  Those of us who don’t think him suitable for the top job felt resigned to him succeeding.  He seemed unstoppable, still.  But the unexpected came into play.

Late into the evening, a neighbour heard loud and violent altercations coming from Carrie Symonds’ flat, and recorded shouting.  She apparently told him “Get off me!” and “You don’t care about anything!” referring to red wine spilt on her sofa.  It was again Mars opposite Pluto at work.  The police were called at 00.24 Hrs on Friday morning, but were told there was no need for concern by the occupants of the flat.

However, and bearing in mind Boris refuses to comment on the matter, the whole incident may point the way to possible cracks in his campaign to become Prime Minister.  Though subsequently, Conservative MPs have been falling over backwards to say it is irrelevant.

His Synastry with Carrie is strong, especially for a working partnership.  Their Suns are squared, which is not always easy (she is Sun in Pisces to his Sun in Gemini).  She has Mercury trine his Moon and North Node (emotional and karmic link) but square his Mars (they set each other off easily emotionally and in temper)

His Transits on that day and night show Jupiter square his Chiron (some exaggerated behaviour), balanced by Saturn sextile his Chiron; Uranus sextile his Saturn (strength, and the power of surprise), Neptune square his Mercury (some mental confusion; he was not scintillatingly clear at the debate a few days before), and Neptune on his Chiron (in some ways he is delicately in need of healing himself).  There is some upbeat energy between them (her Mars trine his Jupiter and sextile his Neptune, and her Jupiter sextiles his North Node – she contributes to his success).  Her Pluto trines his Midheaven (a meaningful contribution to his career path) and their Plutos are exactly sextile (a deep understanding between two people with an age gap).

Going Forward

When I looked at Jeremy Hunt’s transits previously, I did not feel that they represented a significant success. “Uranus will be opposing his natal Venus, so  he may have pulled out for personal reasons…  Pluto will be sextile his natal Neptune closely as with Michael Gove at this time, bringing complex learning.”  However, at the time of the Brexit deadline (October 31st), Pluto trines his natal Pluto, which shows self-empowerment.

For Boris, I wrote:

“Transits for 31st July (end of the leadership contest)

Uranus will be trine his Uranus exact to the day in Virgo in 11th House, which is a highly successful transit and may make all the difference for him.  But Neptune on his Chiron is very close in Pisces in 6th House, so his health may be delicate, and he may wonder if he can deliver on his own promises.

Transits for 31st October

Saturn will be trine his Jupiter in Taurus in 8th House, so he will be feeling more realistic. Saturn will also be exactly sextile his Neptune to the day in Scorpio in 2nd House, and that may be significant if he is prominently involved with Brexit.  He will certainly be looking at his own personal economic interests at the time. Neptune will be sextile his Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th House, so he should be feeling chipper.  Neptune trining his Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd House will see him quite at ease with himself.”

The polls have suggested that Boris has dropped a few points, though it is early days yet before the final result.  However, we could well end up with the Gemini twins ruling either side of the Atlantic.


Jupiter opposes Venus today, so there is a strongly social accent to the day’s proceedings.  Socializing may not all be plain sailing, e.g. there may be gaffes, but if so, not too much harm done!  There should be an opportunity for a good laugh, though the funny bone may be a little near the knuckle.

Tomorrow (Monday 24th) brings a square between Neptune and Venus, bringing the possibility of misreading social cues, and misunderstanding or suspicion of people’s intentions.  Politicians may be evasive about their private lives!  Be as clear as you can on an emotional level.

Mercury enters Leo on Thursday (27th), and there is a general trend of chasing the Sun, leaving behind emotional wrangles and deciding to have fun.  If you are heading off to Glastonbury, leave behind your cares for a few days.  If not, find some distractions nearer to home. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Mid-afternoon that day, there is an aspect to back up your hedonistic or pleasurable activities: Sun sextile Uranus.  This supports spontaneity and innovation.  So even if you had not planned an outing or a home event, you may find yourself partaking of some cheer unexpectedly, or throwing together an impromptu event.  If you are home alone, some creativity would be appropriate and successful.

If you are starting a new venture, to be applauded under this aspect, make sure you have thought through your ideas.  The last time this aspect was in play, the Independence Group set out their stall.  They then changed their name to Change UK, lost some members, and are now having to change their name again.  Although it is a good day for starting something, you need extra qualities for your plans to endure.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – social events
  • Tomorrow – emotional ambiguity
  • Thursday – the fun begins; the element of the unexpected adds spice