Wimbledon 2019

Setting out my stall for Wimbledon 2019…!  As usual, I will look at the top four seeds for the Women’s and Men’s tennis.

Women’s Seeds

No. 1 Seed: Ashleigh Barty

Australian Ashleigh Barty’s is a chart I haven’t looked at before.  She won the French Open earlier this month.  As a child, she was considered a tennis prodigy, but later took time out to play semi-professional cricket.  She returned to tennis in 2016.

She has Sun in Taurus (of short stature) square exactly Uranus – making her a maverick, who thrives on the power of surprise.  She also has Mercury loosely opposite Pluto, a possible fearlessness once she overcomes her initial fears.  But the possible secret of her success is Saturn trine exactly Pluto natally, a superstrength.  With the North Node conjunct Chiron in Libra, she has a healing karmic mission, possibly for later in life.

At her Grand Slam win, Uranus was transiting her natal Sun and squaring her natal Uranus, emphasizing the role of Uranus and the power of surprise in her chart and transits.  Her  transits for beginning of Wimbledon show:  Jupiter sextile her North Node (she feels on a roll starting out);  contrastingly Saturn on her Jupiter, a little held back, or honing her self-discipline; and  Neptune square her Venus – some complexity in her personal life.

For the end of Wimbledon: Jupiter still sextile her natal North Node, Saturn still on her Jupiter, Saturn square her Nodal Axis (not easy karma), and Neptune still square her Venus.

I would not expect her to win Wimbledon under these transits.

No. 2 Seed: Naomi Osaka

Another chart I haven’t looked at before is that of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka (born in Osaka), who won the Australian Open in January playing Serena Williams in the final.

Being born on a Full Moon (the Sun opposite the Moon), she may arouse strong emotions in others.  She says of herself “I fight myself a lot”.  She has the Sun conjunct closely Mercury in Libra, but has a difficult set of aspects in her natal chart: the Sun opposite Saturn and square Neptune. Mars sextile exactly Jupiter in her chart, bringing excellent energy and enthusiasm – she has a an aggressive playing style and a powerful serve.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus loosely in Aquarius (The Entrepreneur) may be a factor in her success.

Her ex-coach Sascha Bajin said of her:

“I thought she was a little bit more of a diva because she didn’t talk much. She doesn’t really look at someone’s eyes, but that’s just because she was always so shy … Back then I didn’t know for what reason.”

The stand out transits for her Grand Slam win were Jupiter trine her natal Saturn, and Jupiter square her Nodal Axis, reasonable transits for a win.  She is to play tomorrow on the first day of Wimbledon, against Putinsteva.  Her transits will include: Pluto square her Sun (a difficult time psychologically) and Jupiter trine her Saturn, as at Australian Open win.  At the end of Wimbledon she’ll still have Jupiter trine her Saturn but loosely.  But in addition she will have Saturn square her Saturn (a test) and the Nodal Axis square her Saturn.  These do not look like a winning set of transits.

No. 3 Seed: Karolina Pliskova

Karolina won yesterday at Eastbourne against Kerber.  Her transits will be almost the same for the beginning of Wimbledon: Saturn on her Uranus in Capricorn (overcoming the odds), the South Node on her Uranus, Saturn on her Neptune, Neptune sextile her Neptune (spiritual balance), the South Node on her Neptune (all in all, a karmic time), plus Pluto sextile her Pluto (self-empowerment).  So far so good, that looks quite good for the start of Wimbledon.

Her transits for the end of Wimbledon look even better: Uranus exactly trine her natal Jupiter (success), Jupiter sextile her Saturn (encouragement), Saturn still on her Uranus (which didn’t harm her chances at Eastbourne), South Node still on her Uranus, and Neptune and Pluto still in favourable position.

There is a possible winning set of transits.  This could be her time.

No. 4 Seed: Kiki Bertens

Kiki was defeated in the final at Eastbourne by Karolina Pliskova.  Her appearance in that final, as with Karolina Pliskova, will hold the same or similar transits to the beginning of Wimbledon:  She has Jupiter on her Sun, so she will be hopeful and fresh from the Eastbourne final;  Neptune squares her natal Sun, so there is some confusion and sensitivity in her life at the moment; Pluto sextile her Pluto, like Karolina Pliskova, but without the added advantage of Neptune sextile natal Neptune.

By the end of Wimbledon, she loses the upbeat Jupiter transit to the Sun; Neptune still squares the Sun; Mars trines her Mars, a minor energetic boost; and she retains Pluto sextile Pluto.  She therefore doesn’t gain any ground over, say Pliskova’s transits or other opponents.

Therefore, of these four, Karolina Pliskova has my vote for the final and/or the title.  This is dependent on the form and astrological form of other players, which I will try and work with as they come up the ranks.

Men’s Seeds

No. 1 Seed: Novak Djokovic

What can I say about defending champion Novak Djokovic? Novak seems to win even if he has lousy transits, defying the astrological odds!

At the beginning of Wimbledon he has: Jupiter opposite his natal Mercury – a little over-optimistic or complacent (he will still breeze through it!); Uranus exactly on his Venus to the day, some magic in his private life; Neptune squaring his natal Saturn, something sapping at his energy (though Mars closely trine his natal Sun) or a possible health condition.  That is all a bit lacklustre for a start, but it is difficult imagining Novak Djokovic not getting through a first round.

The picture for the end of Wimbledon shows: Uranus still on his Venus (though waning), Neptune still squaring his Saturn, and Mars squaring his Pluto exact to the day (a hint of danger).  These aspects don’t look promising, but I won’t repeat the mistake of counting Djokovic out!

No. 2 Seed: Roger Federer

Roger is reportedly worried that not enough good players are coming up through the ranks.  He and Novak and Rafael have dominated the top table for so long.

For the beginning of Wimbledon: Jupiter squares his natal Venus in the 1st House in Virgo, while Saturn trines his natal Venus (a duo of aspects which suggests swings and roundabouts); the North Node sextiles his natal Venus bringing him some karmic satisfaction, but that may be in his private life; Chiron opposes his natal Jupiter in 1st House in Libra, there is some imbalance or healing which needs to be healed; and finally Pluto squares his Pluto in Libra in 2nd House, so he may have some financial wrangles ongoing, and psychologically he may feel challenged.

By the end of Wimbledon, the picture is looking much more optimistic: Jupiter will be exactly trine his natal Sun, so he is in with a chance!; Saturn will be trine his Venus, holding him steady; Neptune will be opposite his Venus in 1st House in Virgo, personally confusing; the North Node will still be sextile his natal Venus,  Mars will be sextile his Jupiter, which is super enthusiastic; Chiron will still oppose  his natal Jupiter but also opposing his natal Saturn in the 1st House in Libra; Pluto still square exactly his Pluto and exact to the day.  If he wins he will feel it is against the odds, and a memorable achievement among many.

No. 3 Seed: Rafael Nadal

Rafael won the French Open at Roland Garros (his tournament) at the beginning of June, but feels aggrieved that Roger Federer has been seeded above him.

The transits for the Roland Garros win were as follows:  Mars on his Pluto, which turned out not to be as dicey as I thought.  Jupiter was square his Jupiter, and he used the luck and avoid the pitfalls of that;  Chiron was trine his Saturn, a measured healing force.  Jupiter was conjunct his natal Uranus (luck and surprise), but on the wane.  Uranus was opposing his natal Pluto (great tension) also on the wane; Uranus was also trine his Neptune, so his intuition was strong.

On to his Wimbledon prospects: At the beginning, Pluto will be on his Mars (again, could be dicey);  Chiron will still trine his Saturn as at Roland Garros, a measured healing force;  Uranus will still be trine his Neptune also as at Roland Garros, so his intuition will still be strong.

By the end, that Chiron-Saturn trine will still be there, but not much else of note. So not much help from the stars, not a very distinguished or powerful array of transits at all.  He had a lot going on in his charts at the final of Roland Garros. (though a mixed bag).  He has very little going on at the end of Wimbledon.  Will that be a deciding factor?

No. 4 Seed: Kevin Anderson

At the beginning of Wimbledon and throughout the contest, Pluto trines his Mercury, giving Kevin Anderson tremendous concentration and mental stamina, and ensuring a good innings in the competition.  Saturn sextiles his Jupiter – bringing good control and balance.  The North Node trine his natal Jupiter, also boosting his start at Wimbledon;  Chiron trine his Saturn, ensuring good steady work, and Uranus trines his natal Neptune, giving him a command of complexity.  Finally in the analysis, Uranus opposes his natal Pluto – some possible negativity, which may see him fall before the final.

At the end of Wimbledon, Pluto will still trine his Mercury,  Neptune will be on his Jupiter – he’ll be feeling very idealistic, but if he is not in the final, it will be directed to some other end in his life.  Mars will be trine his Saturn, boosting his determination, Chiron will still be trine his Saturn and Uranus still trine his Neptune.  And he won’t have quite shaken off Uranus from the opposition with his Pluto.  He could still go far in the competition, though maybe not up to the end.

Of the four, Roger seems to have the best transits, and is most likely to make the final.

I will try and keep up with all the twists and turns of this year’s Wimbledon.  Look for updates under comments.  And feel free to ask questions about the progress of your favourite players.



Mars enters Leo tomorrow (Monday 1st July), which is a great start for a sporting competition such as Wimbledon!  This will bring energy to your self-expression, or you may observe displays of power.  Mars will stay in Leo until 18th August, so it is a good summer transit through the holiday sign of Leo.  If you are making hay, you could feel Mars supporting you with extra oomph and bravery.  Drama and theatre also receive a boost (hubby and I are going to York at the end of July to see 3 Shakespeare plays at their pop-up theatre).  And sporting interests generally will thrive: the English women’s football team seem to be doing well, and women’s football generally is on the ascendancy.

The eclipse season starts on Tuesday (2nd) with a New Moon at 10 degrees Cancer, making July a potent month in our lives, bringing shifts and changes.  We are likely in this month to have a new leader of the Conservative Party and therefore a new Prime Minister.  We are also expecting a change in the Liberal Democrat leadership.  Our new Prime Minister seems intent on cracking on with changes and progress regarding Brexit, too, as soon as he takes the helm before the end of the month.  The eclipsed Full Moon on July 16th will be the other major event of this nature, and keeping us on our toes and dealing with Change.  As a new beginning, Tuesday’s New Moon is good for setting intentions on matters which are related to home and family.  We renew our thoughts and perspectives on this area of our lives, and also in the House area of our chart which it falls in.  On the world stage, you may notice more patriotic pronouncements of putting one’s own country first.

Wednesday (3rd) brings another change of sign, this time for Venus entering Cancer.  This boosts the family-orientated vibe of the New Moon in Cancer, and applies more love and care towards other members of the family.  There could be memorable and sentimental occasions arising (Venus stays in Cancer until 28th July) such as family get togethers.  And on the world stage, more patriotism and nationalism.  We need to be conscious about our emotional boundaries during this period. If you find the family context too cloying, we have the Mars in Leo sunny outdoor vibe with which to let off steam.  Hopefully, there can be a balance to be found.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Self-expression; letting off steam
  • Tuesday – Turning points in home and family matters
  • Wednesday – family tea and sympathy