Geminian Sarah has a double interview, as I first asked Sarah the questions, and then invited her guide Hendry to comment as well.  She and I graduated in the same year (1998) at the Awakening your Light Body course at Lita de Alberdi’s School of the Living Light, together with Laura Dane.  Sarah is in the final stages of her Homeopathy training, but has channelled Hendry at Light Pod for about 10 years.

Lana:  What do you see as the link (if any) between Astrology and Homeopathy?

Sarah: It’s as huge and as old as the Universe.  I believe all things in existence are connected at the innermost level.  So any discipline will interact with another and contribute to the whole which aids the practitioner in their art. I think a particularly close link exists between Astrology and Homeopathy in explaining the makeup of an individual, their Constitution; whether they are demonstrating  recognisable characteristics – as in Astrology, or out of balance – as in Homeopathy, and in giving insights into a suitable remedy. There is also family history, and karma, to consider.

Hendry: Greetings…I think you do know deep down of many incarnations in times gone by at the beginning of the Universe and formation of the Stars and the study of planetary aspects and undertaking of nature the essence and study of which turns into homeopathic remedies, essences and elixirs.  Connectedness as Sarah says is the key, and the remedies are tailored to the individual make up and requirements.  The two can be used together and one enhances the other.  The link is very deep and very great, and part of the whole, understanding and unfolding.  You will use them in a greater capacity.

Lana:  How did you first get into the subject of Homeopathy?

Sarah: I’ve been surprised at the challenge this question has posed to me, and the difficulty of replying clearly. My first thought was that I was introduced to Homeopathy in the late 70’s when as a 20-something I became interested in Yoga .

Nowadays with support and encouragement I have recently completed a college course. I studied and experienced the energetic responses of remedies, as well as continuing my own treatment, and I feel that I have always known about Homeopathy. It’s like my inner self has this knowledge and it is important to me in practice to let my intuitive-self match my academic understanding. The learning is ever expanding I think.

Hendry:  There is a spiritual background in which Sarah was guided into this field.  Homeopathy found Sarah rather than the other way round.  Indeed, all people are part of Homeopathy and have used it in so many ways.  The knowledge was lost, but the elements were always there and it has recently suffered challenges in our society.  One strong challenge has recently become powerful, but the question is not about being alternative, there is only one alternative.  Artificial chemicals and materialism will have to come to an end.  Otherwise there would be a loss of instinct, intuition and telepathy, which are part of understanding and seeing. The inner elements are especially difficult to translate from the inner planes, if they are to be utilized fully in earthly life.  You need to bring as much of Heaven to Earth, the inner work to the outer, to contribute to the Ascension of the planet in times ahead, and this involves crisis and beauty.

Lana:  One of your skills is Channelling.  I think you are hugely talented in this.  Please could you tell us what you know and sense about your guide Hendry.

Sarah:  My initial intention was to consciously find my guide, after Graduating in 1998 from Light Body with Lita de Alberdi. So I attended her Opening to Channel course for this purpose, where I became aware of my first guide called Speller. Channelling simply happened on this quest almost without me noticing.  My guide called Hendry became known to me when I attended the second, Intermediate, course and has been with me for Channelling ever since. My early Light Body work was enabled with lots of visual experiences. As I became more adept with expanded energies I understood connection without needing to ‘see’.  So I feel my connection with Hendry, and discovered quite quickly that solo verbal channelling was not successful. (I do write up daily insights at bedtime and have come to realise that my answers are via my guide, and have probably been so for many years or even all my life). I am lucky to be able share verbal channelling regularly with you, Lana, my Light Body compatriot, and this is when energy expansion takes off.  I have become aware that Hendry is like the spokesperson for a group of Higher Beings. They are happy to answer, as is best for us to know, any question we pose. More importantly, there is encouragement to continue our growth in all aspects spiritual, Lightbody, physical, emotional, to be in our flow and as fully conscious as we can manage. To be true to ourselves and follow our path as we can best understand it, contributing to continued evolvement of mankind.  I am aware of huge energy and colours and patterns, but find this hard to bring back into the present time. There is always much love and encouragement, tempered with quiet power and challenges for us in our current physicality.  I have come to believe that the group may be closely linked to The Ennead, if not the actual group itself.

Hendry:  So, dear ones, you are asking for a pin-up portrait of some sort, some explanation you can hang on to in your earthly way.  Look beyond the outward wardrobe to the power of the inner group, watching and guiding.  It is not about huge talent, but about matching energies and being open and available, able to cope in a powerful way in the higher energies.  The group requirement is for your earthly abilities to progress in the wider energies, expanding more towards infinity.  Great joy can ensue on the wider levels, where you can expand and are more able to see clearly how a group of souls are poised to be used in greater light energies.  It is necessary to meet with the kindred spirits, because the power is not easily held individually.  On your own too there is a danger of too much enjoyment and indulgence and less work produced.  So meet with like-minded individuals.  But there is free will, these things are not dictated, and energies are not lost, as you will see more clearly at the right level at the right time.

Lana:  I am going to ask a Light Body question now.  Chris Griscom defines the Light Body as “The highest octave of the physical body which exists in the etheric”.  I have a Light Body page on my website, but have not written about it in my blog.  Sarah, you went on to study the Ascension path, and I have always been fascinated with the Merkebah (vehicle of light travel), from reading the works of Joshua David Stone but also from my own experiences, and feel that it relates to the Part of Fortune in the birth chart.  I particularly found your own description of the Merkebah interesting.  Could you give us a brief description of what it is and your experience of it?

Sarah:  The version of  Merkebah that I was introduced to is a Light Body vehicle, created in our Light Body using certain energy states and involving the Central star from above and the crystal heart of Earth. It is possible to use it to travel through the Universe and also dimensions. When I first made my Merkebah I was regularly visiting the Light Grid surrounding our planet and I found this experience wonderfully enhanced when I travelled there in it. Light Grid work has since Ascended. I have been occupied more recently with grounding myself and thoroughly embracing my current physicality so I have not been Star travelling. Your reminding me must mean it’s time to get back out there.

Hendry:  With regard to the question of the function of the Merkebah, a later question about Cosmokrator (of Asia Haleem) comes to mind as the answer is similar.  The connection has been made but not yet fully experimented with, because further power and energy is needed; a wider platform, before Sarah can use it.  It is indeed such a wonderful vehicle, but for now you are on a karmic path and there is no point in being elsewhere.  There will be a time of giving back in a wider universal way and meeting the divine in a more continuous way, but for the time being stay where you are. The earthly path is slower, but you will leap ahead when the time is right, not yet. When the Merkebah was used to visit the Light Grid that was appropriate, and now you have been reminded again of it, but it is no longer needed for that purpose.  We have progressed beyond needing that.  The work ahead will need its joy and lightness, but we do not interfere with your freedom and will.  Humour and Love are important.  Something not coming from Love would not be coming with our encouragement.

Lana:  An honest answer, thank you. The next question is actually about your relationship to Asia Haleem’s Cosmokrator.  You sensed immediately that you might have work to do with it in the future.  Can you elaborate (however briefly) on that?

Sarah:  I forget how long ago, but it was several years, that I saw the Cosmokrator on Asia’s website and sent for one. It is easy to create, arriving in a flat state. It is beautiful to behold, which I do most days even if only a glimpse.  It has recently changed location and come into full view on my dining room table, overlooking a window.  I felt I needed it urgently but haven’t worked consciously with it yet.  It does have a presence and now you ask I think I have been waiting until I felt ready to interact.  This represents deep, inner work, both my own which has recently occupied me, and how I may be able to use the Cosmokrator now I’m more fluent with my true self.  The possibilities seem suddenly exciting.  I intend to do more work with the material which is presented on the website

Hendry:  Dearest Ones, there is much about all of this which at this time is not fully known. There will be wider and greater connectivity and usage of it that will come to the fore, and preliminary work now of dipping one’s toe in and playing is appropriate.  It is a plaything. But whatever seems simple and playful nevertheless has importance, love and fun, and there will be more experimentation for you. More understanding will arise after work has taken place which is acceptable to you. Certainly Sarah’s feelings about it have foundation, and there are cycles and spirals, which start at one  point and then go on to the next stage.  It is a transitional stage of work, progress and changes resulting in regrouping and about to forge ahead with more challenges and work.  Pleasure, meetings and guidance to come, work taken far and still further to go and is continuing most greatly.

Lana:  Thank you!  Like some of the other interviewees, you have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Capricorn.  What (if anything) does that mean to you, and I wonder if you can describe to me your Inner Healer (not necessarily in astrological terms)?

Sarah: The Wounded Healer makes me think of Archetypes, which I am rather vague about. I’m not disputing them, but perhaps am challenged, so hope I am dealing with it as I progress.  I think I have had to deal with sorting mine and family karma and this has occupied me. Rather like channelling, healing is something I don’t consciously set out to do.  I know myself as an enabler, and to achieve this I guess healing takes place.  My struggle has been to find my real self, and this has felt life-threatening, personality and emotionally-wise. So I have needed to heal my inner self. Along the way it has been possible for me to support others.

Hendry: Best Beloveds, of vital importance is the influence of Chiron in life as the inner healer and in Sarah’s work and the path she is undertaking.  This significance  comes slowly to her, and she is currently not too aware of it.  However there will be rebirthing later in the year, including processing and progress and functionality.

Lana:  Since you began the study of homeopathy I have seen you combining channelling and homeopathy to create your own brand.  Does that resonate with how you sense your future work?

Sarah:  Since studying homeopathy academically over the last three years I have finally recognised my true self in this incarnation.  I’ve said this before but it’s so fulfilling for me that I hope you don’t mind the repetition. The last ‘jigsaw’ parts fell into place, allowing me to let go and become energetically connected both inwardly and consequently outwardly, for the highest good of all concerned.  Reaching my Saturn Return also contributed to all this. I’m sure it’s an ongoing journey but I have brilliant guidance now, trusting the Universe and myself.  So I found that using Intuition was my way of using Homeopathy. I have plenty of text books and a wealth of experienced practitioners for reference when required. I learn things about remedies constantly. I am still feeling my way forward with how my future work will develop, but I see now that channelling, in various forms, is a part of my way of being and will always accompany my activities.

Hendry:  We are delighted that you have agreed to undertake this work…Sarah trusts instinctively and accordingly is able to receive its gifts.  The energies of this work, like Reiki, are all linked energies of healing and part of connectivity.  It is not necessarily to rely on knowledge and learning, though we do not underestimate its value, but the work as has been mentioned before is about matching energy for another person, about timing and about working to assess their needs and allowing through the right remedies.  Homeopathy, Astrology and Past-life work are constantly changing.

Lana: Can I please clarify Hendry whether you are talking about Sarah working with Astrology and Past Lives or my own work with these?

Hendry:  Sarah is not consciously aware but does deep down know the work with Astrology and Past Lives, more than she realizes, but she does not use it.  However for now it is necessary to keep the vibrations high in running the light body energies and making a shift upwards.  The skill and space to create the right conditions for this work are to be undertaken only with strong and high abilities.  There is a question of whether or not you need the mundane work.  Sarah and Lana are both channelling in their work.  There is a quality of propping up others.  They each have their specialisms, which do resonate.


Lana:  In the light of the proposed NHS cutbacks on the use of homeopathy, what would you say to persuade the government about their efficacy?

Sarah:  I don’t think my lone voice can persuade the government. There is a danger of over and emotional reaction to the Report from the Commons Science and Technology Committee which does seem to be a propaganda exercise, and the committee members were not impartial. However advice to not make assumptions about motives is important. Homeopathic representation from experienced practitioners is underway, and information is available on the website (  I was reading an Invocation for something else and was struck by this part to ‘open the closed hearted and open the closed mind’.  Meditating on this I can and will do.

Hendry: This is a demonstration of the old element of fear of change.  It is not about the modern or New Age, there is no newness about it.  All things stem from the original forces and elements, and it’s a circle with no beginning or end.  It’s a time of big alteration.  There are elements reluctant to let go and closed minds.  However much evidence could be found it would not make a difference.  All the telepathic information would not have any influence.  All the pieces of paper and experiments would not affect the climate of thinking.  So go bravely into the work, and know the truth of it, and eventually there will be breakthroughs.  All will see the Light eventually.

Hermes (Lana’s guide): If I may interject, Scientists themselves are in various states of evolution, many of them on the threshold or actually aware of technological lives in Atlantis.  The younger generation especially, known as Indigo children for example born from the 1970s, have brought through sufficient consciousness to work with higher levels of awareness in combination with the prevalent scientific climate.  The evolution of the human brain is itself in a state of flux, and developing light centres in order to accommodate the new energies.  The general trend is forwards.

Hendry: Indeed, the trends are growth and expansion of consciousness and connectivity of all living energy.