It’s Happy Mother’s Day here in the UK and if you are a mother in any sense of the word, your appreciation from the Universe may arrive a day or two later, until after the New Moon in Pisces tomorrow night…Meanwhile, it’s full steam ahead until Thursday with the aspects, starting with Sun conjunct Mercury today at 23 degrees Pisces.  Write that poem, rehearse those lines, do your homework, for later in the week.  There could be a memorable occasion in the offing this week, and today’s efforts will be part of it.  Tomorrow (Monday 15th) is the actual New Moon at 25 degrees 10 minutes of Pisces.  If you are planning an event tomorrow, it could have tremendous emotional impact.  Hard on the heels and a degree away but only 39 minutes later (21:40 Hrs in the UK) Mercury conjoins Uranus.  The two events have to be considered all of a piece, and today’s  Sun conjunct Mercury is also part of that cosiness.  An intense concentration of energies in an emotionally-driven area of your life could produce an astonishing realization.  On Wednesday 17th the Sun is conjunct Uranus in the morning (again UK timing) at 26 degrees Pisces.  This too is part of Monday’s manifold configuration, but emphasizing a different aspect of it: Individuality, Creativity and Originality.  In the afternoon Mercury enters Aries: and some of the Piscean intensity is relieved.  There’s going to be a tendency for people to stop pussyfooting and to speak their minds.  Accountability and transparency will be the order of the day, with Mercury highlighting O degrees Aries, heralding the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which will take place there in the summer.  The hauntingly truthful  and powerful words of Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;

Refers to the advent of the Cardinal (T-square) Climax over the next year or two.  This astrological event between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto represents the Structures and Strictures we have to work within.

But Lo! Do you feel the accelerating dynamics of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction approaching?  This represents

courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

This is the counterbalancing gift this summer.

Donna Cunningham’s blog tells us it’s 5 days until the International Astrology Day Blog-a-Thon: “Celebrate International Astrology Day with articles and media from over 50 fantastic astrologers on Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and the Cardinal T-Square starting March 19, 2010!”  This will be all you can eat on the subject of the T-Square, so register with the Forum and enjoy.  We need to be fully equipped  It would seem that the symbolism of the T-square is encapsulated in the current political situation in the U.K. coming up to the election with the Conservatives (Saturn) opposite the Labour Party (Uranus, Old Labour in its close-to-Socialism purity, and New Labour dislocated from its moorings) squared by the Lib Dems (Pluto, now holding the balance, and the balance of power).  Andrew Rawnsley writes in the Sunday Observer: “The Lib Dems will be intensely pressed during the campaign to jump off the fence, especially when opinion polls put us in hung parliament territory….So the Lib Dem leader has been given equal exposure and status with Gordon Brown and David Cameron which treats him as a candidate for prime minister even though he is not.”  On Wednesday evening Mercury is trine Mars – so seize the day (even if it’s in the evening) – Time and tide wait for no man! (Platitudes rule this week).  He who hesitates is lost.  Now last week Venus (feeling) was under fire, opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto. (Pulled out of my comfort zone, I found myself shielding myself from a spotlight with a tomato at an Arts Festival – you couldn’t write such a script). This week it’s the turn of Mercury (mentality).  So on Thursday (18th) Mercury opposes Saturn, and again I say he (or she) who hesitates is lost, but it is already too late.  You had to act yesterday, for this aspect is mentally flattening or paralyzing.  On Saturday (20th) Mercury squares Pluto which is mind-blowing , taking you to mental limits of endurance.  Getting through that, later in the day (17:32 Hrs) the Sun enters O degrees Aries (Spring Equinox)…and if you can let go of a whole lot of mental baggage, you’ll be born anew.  And now for something completely different: If you have an interest in Homeopathy, Channelling or any space or combination between the two, suspend the mind and read this week’s interview with Sarah Berry. This summer is all about the new, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus, so how about a surprise move of Vince Cable for Chancellor of the Exchequer?