As you read this you may already be under the spell of Mercury trine Uranus which occurred in the early hours of this morning. Have you planned anything exciting for today? Be assured it will turn out to be exciting. If you haven’t planned anything exciting, the excitement may turn out to be all in your head, virtual worlds and telepathy having free rein today in the mental realms. If you are feeling any emotional uneasiness, then that is probably down to the upcoming Full Moon, which is exact in the early hours of tomorrow (30th) morning. The Moon itself will be in Aquarius, so the emotion will be group-driven, while the Sun is in Leo the sign of the individual. This is the polarity which needs to be balanced now. It brings to mind the phrase by Theodore Roszak: “The needs of the planet are the needs of the person”, though your own immediate group will do for working this one out. Mars squares Saturn on Tuesday (31st) which could bring about some hard bargaining, but hopefully you have enough finesse and sensitivity to contribute to the most satisfactory outcome for all concerned. What you need to avoid is being drawn into the victim-victimizer loop. If there’s one day in which the Sun is most likely to shine, that’s Thursday (2nd): Jupiter trines the Sun in Leo that day, and that’s as much of a long-range weather forecast you’ll get from me this week (I’m wondering if I should do a separate blog on the astrological weather patterns, but on second thoughts…I don’t think I could do better than the Meteorological Office). The Sun-Jupiter trine isn’t only about the weather, in fact it’s mostly about you allowing the Sun to shine into two areas of your life, one of them having a creative connection and the other having an application which expands your mind. If you’re on holiday, then this could be one of your highlights. If you’re at home, it’s good for landscaping the garden. If you’re in the office (doesn’t everyone work in an office?) you might find ways of improving working conditions, employee relations, and more organized practices. And there’s more! Friday (3rd) brings a snappy sextile between Mercury and Mars, so if you’re on holiday the surfing will be cool, in the garden all those weeds will be out in no time, and in the office those excel spreadsheets will ensure maximum efficiency. On Saturday (4th) Mercury joins the Sun in Leo so there is more chance that the weather will tow the official August line.