Ruth Davidson

On Wednesday last week, Boris Johnson announced the drastic step that he would prorogue parliament, and we were told to expect Ruth Davidson’s resignation the next morning.  Ruth Davidson, who has been Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party for the past 8 years, is a unique and capable politician, once hailed as a future leader of the Tory Party.  Such was her influence that the Conservative presence of MPs in Scotland went from only one (herself) to 13, a factor that helped to retain the balance of power for the Tories.  A feat that Caroline Lucas in England has not been able to pull off for the Green Party, sadly.

Resignation Speech

So it was, that she resigned first thing on Thursday morning.  As a Remainer, she has been struggling over Brexit, and there had been no secret about her having a difficult relationship with Boris Johnson (in their synastry, his Pluto is on her Saturn), but her speech was diplomatic and spared Johnson too much embarrassment.  She focussed on other reasons for stepping down, such as the toll electioneering would take on her new family life, after the birth of her son Finn.  In her speech she told how she had looked Boris in the eye, and he had assured her he was trying to get a Brexit deal.

So this timing was crucial for Boris (orchestrated no doubt by Dominic Cummings), coming the day after a cross-party initiative by MPs of all parties who wanted to prevent a no-deal, and for Ruth Davidson who chose this moment.  The transits of last week were dominated by Uranus, the planet of Change.

For Boris the transits were Mars on his Uranus (sudden decisive action) and Uranus trine his Uranus exact to the day (the power of surprise), plus the North Node trine his Neptune (using his intuition) – does Dominic Cummings have access to choosing dates by Astrology?

For Ruth the transits were many (she has a lot going on).  Here is a selection: Mars trine her natal Chiron in Taurus in 1st House (we have a birth time because she is Scottish) – instigating her own healing; Jupiter trine her natal Ascendant, from 9th House cusp, favourable change of lifestyle and freeing herself through a change in her belief system; Saturn sextile her natal Venus – loyalty prevailing in relationships; Saturn square Ascendant from 10th House cusp, renunciation of career status; Uranus conjunct natal Chiron in Taurus in 1st House – huge change; Neptune trine her natal Sun in Scorpio in 8th House – a new spiritual focus; Neptune square Neptune – some confusion, or being torn.

Birth Chart

Ruth has the Sun in Scorpio conjunct exactly Uranus in 8th House, a rare brilliance.  Her Moon is in Pisces unaspected except for a 2 degree conjunction with the South Node in Pisces in 12th House – Motherhood is an important role, from past lives.   Her Mercury is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in 8th House – she is an incisive speaker, and to the point with Ascendant in Aries. Mercury in her chart is trine exactly Jupiter – so she has a superb intellect, wide range of knowledge and interests.  This trine is perfect for journalism and broadcasting, which was her first career.

As an Aries rising, Ruth’s biography is littered with firsts, among them the first lesbian political leader to have a baby by IVF while in office.  Her Venus conjunct Uranus gives her great magnetism and ability to handle people, and that and her Venus square Mars point to her being a non-conformist in social terms.  She also has Venus sextile Saturn, a very personally loyal aspect, and although she reported in her speech that she had been a bad family member, neglecting them for her career, she was now going to redress that balance.

Saturn squares Neptune in her chart, which is difficult in subtle ways, and she admits to having wrestled with her sexuality and her mental health in the past, so balance is key to her well being.  Neptune squares her Nodal Axis, so she is sensitive about mental health and also about her own karmic path.

Saturn from Virgo in the 5th House trine loosely the Midheaven in Capricorn points to her calling in a political career, and Saturn trine Chiron in Taurus in 1st House gives her a practical approach to healing.

Pluto opposing her Ascendant by 2 degrees, conjunct the Descendant  in the 7th House of Close Relationships means that she  interacts deeply and strongly with others.  She “looks them in the eye”, in her own words.

Implications of her Leaving

Some say that Boris has made a mistake in not appreciating Ruth Davidson’s role in the party.  Will Boris be seriously hampered by her leaving? Probably.  He can ill afford to lose the presence of the Scottish Tory MPs, the rest of which may flounder without Ruth’s charisma and leadership.  The coming week is going to be very eventful (there are a lot of aspects, by the way).  What is on the table? People are taking to the streets in protest against the prospect of a No Deal, and the democratic threat of the prorogation of parliament.  Legal processes are being planned by opposition MPs, a No Confidence vote has not been ruled out, and some political pundits are even predicting that a General Election may be called this week.

Ruth’s Chosen Path

Ruth’s conventional career path in her chart is depicted by her Midheaven (Careerpoint).  At the point that she was declared Leader, Jupiter was exactly trine her natal Midheaven in Capricorn in the 9th House (almost always a sign of career advancement).  Pluto was on her Midheaven at the time, a profound transformation in her career.

Her life changed when she gave birth to her baby Finn last year.  Exact to the day, Saturn was on her Midheaven, a portent that her career and ambition would be curtailed.  But other values were stealing into her life: Neptune was trine her natal Venus in Scorpio in her 7th House of Close Relationships and Marriage.  She was experiencing a high level of spiritual love in her life.

Who knows how much time she will dedicate to politics in the future and to supporting her party?  However, the pull of motherhood is strong in her chart: her natal I.C. (rootedness and security) is in Cancer, the sign of motherhood and nurturing.  Her Moon is on her South Node of past life habits and karma.  Some of the MPs and proteges she brought to Scotland have told that she has been a wonderful mentor, and that is a related role.  There are also healing indications in her chart: her Chiron in Taurus is in her 1st House, her Midheaven trines closely Chiron, while her I.C. is closely sextile her Chiron, so she may be preparing for a healing role.  That may be literally in alternative healing, but it may be in a more advisory or diplomatic role in relation to her own party, trying to bring unity.  Whatever you think of her party, she was undeniably a real asset to them, but also a one-off.

Next Week: Strictly Come Dancing – Part 1


As mentioned, we have a busy week of aspects (at least one for every day!), starting today with Mercury trine Uranus.  If you found that last week brought positive changes through the three trines with Uranus, then you will welcome this next one. It fosters mental brilliance, technological upgrades, lightbulb moments, and futuristic inspiration.

Another trine follows at tea-time: that of Venus trine Saturn.  This operates on the realm of feeling rather than mental processes.  In relationships, it can bring great loyalty and commitment.  This will especially benefit Taureans and Librans.

Tomorrow (Monday 2nd)  the Sun conjoins Mars at 9 degrees Virgo, which may be confrontational, but is also an aspect under which  you can get things done.  “Action” is the word.  It is not a great day to be taking risks, however.

In the afternoon, Venus is square Jupiter, which may be socially awkward.  If you’ve read my piece today, you’ll see that Ruth Davidson has this in her natal chart, which makes her a non-conformist.  If you are a non-conformist, you will probably revel in it, but if you are a stickler for social manners or rules you may be hard put to impose your control on others.

The following afternoon, Tuesday 3rd, Mercury conjoins Mars at 10 degrees Virgo.  This brings brisk action, mental and physical stimulation, and again can help movement in your projects.  Again, there is a small element of risk of being incident-prone, as in minor cuts and bruises.  So mindfulness is a key to successful outcomes. This is another aspect Ruth Davidson has in her natal chart, one which makes her mentally acute.

Wednesday (4th) brings another conjunction: that of Mercury and the Sun, at 10 degrees Virgo.  If you know which House Virgo occupies in your chart, you’ll find that area of your life to be exceptionally busy.  This conjunction brings exceptional mental focus, excellent for study, office organization, or applying the mind to environmental issues.  You may have a moment of crystal clarity.  This conjunction takes place in the early hours, and so it may either keep you awake, or result in a vivid dream which yields interesting information.

Late morning, Venus opposes Neptune: this may be the first real challenge of the week.  It involves sorting out your feelings, the real from the illusion, and especially in relationships.  In politics, there may be bluffs and double bluffs.  In relationships, more compassion is needed, and in finance more honesty.  Fine words may butter no parsnips.

Mercury trines Saturn on Thursday (5th), and there is a chance to maintain, restore, or improve balance in organizing your life, and especially your paperwork.  Following on from the mental focus of the previous day, you can make real headway if these are your goals. It is a good time to assess what you have achieved so far, and plan ahead.

There are ups and downs this week (mostly ups), and on Friday (6th) the mindset is almost the opposite of Thursday’s, for Jupiter squares Mercury, so you can go from applying information really efficiently, to taking in too much information and scattering your concentration.  The mental mood may be slightly more upbeat than Thursday’s, but maybe less realistic and overstretched: almost too much possibility.

There is another change of mood in the evening, for Saturn trines the Sun, and a re-stabilization may occur.  For example, you may have been able to whittle down your options to a few basic important ones, and your overall task looks more manageable.  Plans may be starting to take shape.

Two more contrasting aspects fall on the last day of the week, Saturday (7th).  First, in the early hours, Venus trine Pluto, settling your deepest feelings into a more comfortable psychological context.  This may mean beautiful dreams for some.  This aspect helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  So you should at least get out the right side of the bed…

Around breakfast time, Neptune opposes Mercury, so brain fog may start to set in, and you may need some caffeine to help you focus.  Having had a good level of focus most of the week, you may wonder why it suddenly evades you.  It may be that you have done all you can on a project or issue on the logical side of the brain, and need to soft focus and let your imagination, spirituality and inspiration take over.  Take care though that you do not overbalance this process into fear and paranoia.  There is a lot of panic at the moment about Brexit, and stockpiling.  Step back from the worry, after you have done all you can (for the day).  If you’ve been studying too hard, give it a break (there is only so much of Descartes you can take).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental brilliance, relationship loyalty
  • Tomorrow – action, and social non-conformity
  • Tuesday – briskness
  • Wednesday – mental clarity, relationship illusions
  • Thursday – mental practicality
  • Friday – mental overstretching, restored stability
  • Saturday – deep feelings, mental fog