Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 2

On with Part 2 of my survey of dance contestants for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing  competition.  Last night’s dance show was quite simply thrilling! Here are the next four contestants, and hopefully, you might have heard of at least one of them…

Emma Barton

Emma Barton plays the bright eyed and slightly naive character Honey in Eastenders.  She is quite a modest character in the soap, but in real life, as a Leo Sun sign, one would expect her to shine much more.  Emma has half her planets (5) in Fire signs, and the Sun sextile Mars, so we would expect a fiery display at times.  Nor would she be as demure as Honey in real life, with a rebellious square between Uranus and her Sun (in a T-square with her Chiron).  She has 0 Earth planets, so somehow will need to connect her feet with the ground (if we had a birth time, that connection might be revealed).  Her Mercury in Leo sextiles Jupiter in Gemini, so she has a keen and curious mind with a love of learning and travelling (again, a far cry from Albert Square).  With Venus conjunct Jupiter in Gemini she is very sociable and chatty (in her role as Honey, she communicates a lot with her eyes).  Mars trine Pluto will give her the energy for the up-tempo dances.  Her transits for this weekend, when the first dances begin, include Uranus on her Chiron, which is tricky, but she danced last night with great panache to the song “Honey, Honey”.  By the final, Jupiter will be square her natal Saturn (not entirely in her comfort zone), and Pluto will be square her Pluto (she could feel drained or disempowered).  That isn’t very promising, sadly.

She is partnered with: Anton du Beke

Anton du Beke considers that he has a chance at least to get to Blackpool week, with Emma.  He is the joker of the pack, and often given the celebrity dancers who have the least prospects.  The astrological chemistry between Emma and Anton is not very marked, which may count against them.  How are his transits throughout the competition?  His transits for this weekend, are exciting, with Jupiter square his Uranus/Pluto (fun and some overstretching), Uranus sextile his natal Mars (more excitement), Neptune trine his natal Jupiter (high hopes). He must have been happy with their first dance.   At the end of the contest, Uranus will be square his Mercury (mentally, he’ll be frazzled).  That twosome doesn’t look as promising astrologically as one would hope.

Will Bayley

Will Bayley is a table tennis champion (currently ranked World No. 1) and Paralympian, with a host of medals to his name (Silver in the London 2012 Summer Paralympics, and Gold in the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics), plus an MBE.  He was born with a condition named arthrogryposis.  In his birth chart he has Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter (which gives him enthusiasm, and the ability to bounce back).  At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with cancer and when he was recovering his grandfather gave him a table tennis table.  The Sun sextile exactly his North Node gives him a karmic mission as a sportsman.  His physical struggles may be shown by Mercury exactly square his Pluto in his chart, and Saturn conjunct Uranus.  His transits this weekend show Pluto square his natal Jupiter (power allied with enthusiasm), and he too did very well in his inaugural dance.  His transits at the end of the contest are the North Node squaring his natal Mercury (some nervous strain), Chiron square his Jupiter (in need of some healing), the South Node on his Pluto (a karmic challenge) but countering that, Pluto sextile his natal Pluto (some self-empowerment and transformation despite the challenges).

He is partnered with: Janette Manrara

In their synastry, there is some spark (his Uranus squares her Mars), some harmony (his Neptune sextiles her Saturn), and some abrasiveness (his Saturn/Uranus is on her Neptune), but that constitutes more of a connection than between Emma and Anton.  Janette’s current transits are fairly quiet, and at the end of the contest Neptune squares her Mercury (so she will be quite sensitive), Uranus will be on her Saturn (challenging), Mars opposite her Pluto (very difficult) and Saturn square her Pluto (ditto).  So, again, this pairing does not look like the winning duo.  But they were off to a great start.

Michelle Visage

At last, a birth time to work with!  American Michelle Visage, well known in reality TV, has Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo, and Ascendant in Scorpio.  She has Sun in Virgo closely conjunct Uranus, so should be exciting to watch.  The Sun also sextile with Neptune may indicate prowess on the dance floor.  The Sun’s conjunction with Pluto will be good at the dramatic dances such as the Tango and the Paso Doble.  Her Moon conjunct Mars indicates that emotional expression will be a strength.  Mercury conjunct closely Venus in Libra, may be quite smooth and elegant in her retorts if Craig Revell-Horwood prompts one, but on the other hand she has Mercury opposite exactly Saturn, which makes her equally  eloquent in her silence, or in a look.  She’s a Warrior, with Mars square exactly the Ascendant at the top of her chart.  And Neptune conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th House, could result in a great deal of flow in the slow dances.  There isn’t a strong planetary line up for her at the beginning of the contest, but despite this she was amazingly charismatic in her performance.  Neptune will oppose her Moon  in Virgo in the 10th House at the end of the contest, so she will either be mesmerizing or dazed.  Jupiter will be sextile her Jupiter, a good transit for Success however, so she has an excellent final transit.

She is partnered with: Giovanni Pernice

Giovanni’s Sun is conjunct Michelle’s Midheaven (Careerpoint), so he is able to help her to shine.  They are both Virgos, which gives some basic mutual understanding and striving for perfection.  His Mercury is conjunct her Jupiter, so there will be good-humoured communication between them.  His Saturn trines her natal Jupiter, which means that he will be able to direct her with discipline in a constructive way.  They will work hard together.  His Uranus trines her natal Moon in Virgo, providing a spark.  His Neptune (dance) trines her Midheaven, so he could make her appear quite professional.  At this time Jupiter squares his Mercury and Neptune opposes it, so he may not be entirely at his best.  But Uranus trines his Uranus, so there will be plenty of excitement, spark and the power of surprise which will more than make up for it.  At the final, Pluto will be exactly trine his Sun to the day – a sure indication of something momentous happening for him (like lifting a glitterball trophy!).  Jupiter will be sextile his Saturn (if he is in the final, his  performance will be uplifting).  Pluto will be on his Neptune (could  success be difficult for him to take in?).  And the North Node will be trine his natal Neptune (a karmic reward for Dance).  This is one of my favourite couples to win, with the best final transits so far.

Dev Griffin

Dev Griffin is a Radio 1 DJ, hitherto unknown to me…He is another Capricorn, like Will Bayley.  The Sun sextiles Mars in his chart, like Emma Barton, so another Warrior.  An interesting feature of his chart is the Sun exactly conjunct Neptune, which may attune him to the world of dance instinctively.  His sensitivity creates a great deal of nuance.  He was born just after a New Moon in Capricorn.  He has good communication skills with Mercury sextile Venus, which would be useful in his chosen career.  Mercury is exactly conjunct his Uranus, so he is highly intuitive, if not telepathic.  He may come out with some memorable lines, e.g. in response to Craig.  With Venus sextile Uranus he could have a zany personality.  Mars square Saturn may be a little clumsy, a trait he may need to overcome on the dance floor.  Mars sextile Neptune however may counteract that, with a few smooth moves as well (maybe in the same dance!).  Mars trine Pluto endows him with great energy, like Emma.  His most notable current transit is Jupiter sextile his natal Venus, a feelgood transit – he’ll be enjoying the culture and the social life.  He is another contestant who wowed the judges, last night.  At the end of the contest Mars will be trine his Sun (he’ll be fired up) and trine his Neptune (energy combined with sensitivity), plus Neptune trine his Pluto (psychologically aware).

He is partnered with: Dianne Buswell

Red-head Dianne is still strongly linked with her celebrity partner of last year Joe Sugg, who was in the final.  Dev’s Sun is trine Dianne’s Jupiter, so that is a good basis for their dance partnership.  In addition, her Uranus is sextile with his Pluto, which could be helpful in tackling some of the complexities of the more challenging dances.  Her current transits include Uranus sextile her Mars (excitement), a Saturn Return (a decisive time in her life), Saturn on her South Node (also a karmic time in her life), Chiron square her Uranus (some turbulence in her private life, or health), Saturn sextile her natal Pluto (stability and strength to deal with challenges), and the North Node exactly trine her natal Pluto (this really is an important time for her generally).  At the end of the contest, Jupiter opposes her Sun (high enthusiasm), Pluto is on her Neptune (psychological challenges), the North Node trines her natal Neptune (like Giovanni Pernice, a karmic reward for Dance).  These two could make it to the semi-finals, or even the final, but with more of a struggle than Michelle and Giovanni.


Today could be a bit of a slog, especially if you are catching up with paperwork or undertaking travel.  Slow and steady wins the race, with Mercury square Saturn.  If you are studying, the material could be difficult to take in, and may need going over a few times.  Communication could also be flat.  More haste could mean less speed.  Have a restful Sunday!

Tomorrow (Monday 23rd), the atmosphere may lift somewhat with the Sun’s entry into Libra (the Autumn Equinox).  There will be a change of pace and mood.  It is a good time to take stock of the events of the Summer, and embrace the colourful Autumn prospects: different, but equally beautiful.  Libra may draw you to artistic or musical pursuits, new relationships, or an interest in the law and justice.

We have an uplifting sextile between Mercury and Jupiter on Tuesday (24th), which may redress the balance from Sunday’s flatness in communications.  Tuesday will be a great time for mental expansion, higher learning, travel prospects, and positive affirmations.  Speaking words of wisdom and encouragement will come naturally.  It may also be favourable for education and teachers.

Wednesday (25th)  brings a square between Venus and Saturn and focusses on our feelings, and our artistic and musical projects, and any blocks in relationships.  Open your heart, and take these to the next level.  Someone may need your help, be it a listening ear or a ray of healing.

Mental challenges and conundrums may characterize Thursday’s (26th) square between Mercury and Pluto.  It could be a busy week generally for Geminis and Virgos, as their planet Mercury makes a lot of connections.  This is a day to focus and ponder on the deeper meaning of your current obsessions.  It is difficult to eradicate worry entirely, and sometimes one worry can take your mind away from another.  Some ‘me space’ could enable the depth of thought you need to see things clearly, and put your priorities in order.  Again, travel and communication could present some difficulties.

Hopefully a new refreshing vibe will sweep away some of your concerns on Saturday (28th) with the New Moon at 5 degrees Libra.  Some of the artistic, musical and relationship issues you have been grappling with could receive new impetus and a more confident direction.  Where there has been struggle, there could be more harmony.  Where there has been vacillation, there may be more balance.  But whether or not you are conscious of beneficial changes or shifts in these matters, they may still be progressing and bear fruit over the next month.

And as a reward for all that hard work, Venus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening, one of the loveliest aspects of the year.  It would be good for weddings, engagements, parties, and cultural events.  Chin up, and chin chin for the end of the week!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – concentrate
  • Tomorrow – new focus
  • Tuesday – uplifting communication
  • Wednesday – examine feelings
  • Thursday – mental challenges
  • Saturday – new beginning; super social Saturday