Gina Miller

This week, with Parliament reconvening after an illegal prorogation, female MPs such as Hannah Sheriff and Jess Phillips described their rage at incendiary language used by the Prime Minister, which they felt put them at risk.  They reported a constant daily barrage of threats, and Jess Phillips’ office was actually physically under attack.  Yvette Cooper’s daughter expressed her fears for her M.P. mother.  These female M.Ps are Brave (with a capital B).

Though known as a business owner, philanthropist and activist, not an M.P., Gina Miller played a vital role in bringing the occupants of the House of Commons back to their workplace this week.  She too has faced right wing hatred, and deserves a medal for bravery.  She has taken an unpopular stance on two notable occasions, and carried through with calmness.

Two Legal Challenges

The first occasion was over article 50 in June 2016, just after the referendum.  She brought a challenge to the UK government over its authority to implement Brexit without the approval of parliament. Her argument was that only Parliament could take away rights that Parliament had instituted.

Her transits at the time of the Referendum (23rd June 2016), which was such a crucial time in her life, as in ours, were: Jupiter square her Nodal Axis (a karmic push), Saturn trine her Mercury (mental focus), and Saturn square her Uranus (pushed out of her comfort zone).  She stated that her motives were for the sake of democracy.  She is undoubtedly a woman of great principle.  As an aside, I just see it as ironic these days, that both sides of the argument, Remain and Brexit cite that they are upholding democracy! Her legal challenge was upheld in January 2017, and article 50 was eventually triggered by PM Theresa May in March 2017.

Subsequently, Gina Miller suffered death threats, threats of acid attacks, and  racial abuse (she is from Guyana).  One man, who was charged in March 2017, called her a “boat jumper” saying “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles”.

The second occasion was over the recent prorogation of parliament.  Her transits at the first legal challenge indicated that her issues were unfinished, her work not complete, with Saturn square her natal Pluto.  On 28th August this year, together with others such as John Major and Shami Chakrabarti, she launched legal proceedings against the government for their unprecedented action.   She stated it was “a brazen attempt, of truly historical magnitude, to prevent the executive being held accountable for its conduct before parliament”.

Although the High Court ruled against her, the Scottish Court of Session upheld her claim that the prorogation was unlawful, and on 24th September (last week) eleven members of the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that prorogation was unlawful and the Queen had been misled in agreeing to it. On that day, Saturn had moved to precisely trine her natal Pluto, the completion of that phase of her work.

Birth Chart

In her birthchart, she has the Warrior/Peacemaker dual Archetype.  Her Sun is in Aries (The Warrior) and is conjunct Venus in early Taurus (the Peacemaker).  Thus she is able to be in the fray of negotiation, playing that dual role.  We do not have her Ascendant, but she comes across as coolly composed and determined.  She has half her planets in Earth signs, making her very grounded and practical.  Her Moon is in Sagittarius, giving her a global perspective, and squares Uranus (challenging the status quo).  Mars opposes Saturn in her chart, giving her an understanding of the force lines of immovable objects, and knowing when to stand her ground or otherwise.  Her Mars is conjunct Uranus in Virgo, so she is a social engineer. Pluto is conjunct her Mars, endows her with a powerhouse of energy.  She has a free, unaspected Jupiter, making her very much a free spirit.  Saturn exactly opposes Pluto in her chart, and she is prepared to count the cost when making extreme decisions.  With Neptune trine closely with her Chiron,  she may be motivated by a desire for healing, and by her own concept of spirituality.

I have not read her memoir, entitled “Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading The Way” but it’s on my list.


The week largely belongs to Pluto – deeply challenging but ultimately rewarding.  Pluto reaches right to the heart of who we are.  To  set the mood:

“Pluto serves in a dual capacity as eliminator and renewer.  In this respect, it works surreptitiously, as its nature is subversive and its domain lies underground, but there is a good reason for its modus operandi.  Eventually, Pluto forces things out into the light.  It reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation. It draws these clandestine situations out of the darkness so that they can serve their purpose in the universal plan.”

~ Alan Oken, “Complete Astrology”


“The evolutionary past of any individual also represents the deepest sources of unconscious emotional security.  These old unconscious security patterns create resistance to change and the unknown in varying degrees of intensity in all of us.  This security/resistance dynamic creates compulsion, obsessions, or emotional complexes in many individuals (or nations).”

~ Jeff Green, “Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”

As the week opens you may still be basking in the late night aspect of Venus sextile Jupiter from Saturday:

“And as a reward for all that hard work, Venus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening, one of the loveliest aspects of the year.  It would be good for weddings, engagements, parties, and cultural events.  Chin up, and chin chin for the end of the week!”

You may be able to squeeze every drop from that in the run up to our first aspect, which occurs on Tuesday.  At some point, you’ll feel the pull of Pluto over Jupiter in relation to Venus and our relationships.  From carefree, to looking deeper.  In finance, from spending freely to skidding to the edge of our budget.

So the early hours of Tuesday (1st October) in the U.K. brings us a square between Venus and Pluto.  You may experience some tension, after the honeymoon from Venus sexile Jupiter. The gloss may wear off in a relationship, or in a financial transaction.  This will require some psychological soul-searching, e.g. were your expectations too high, did you really see things as they are/were?  In this transition, Venus (love and feeling) is a key player, and a heart to heart may be healing and get to the truth.  Self-honesty will also work well with this aspect.

Our next Plutonian feature is early morning on Thursday (3rd), with Pluto Stationary at 20 degrees Capricorn prior to turning Direct.  We may feel we are coming through a transition, or at least on a more salubrious path.  The ruminations of Tuesday and Thursday, or indeed even the entire retrograde period (since late April) if you are taking the longer view, bear fruit.  Breakthroughs can take place at this juncture, e.g. reunions where perhaps people have not been speaking to each other.  There may be a positive impact on the Brexit process.

A little later, the same morning, and continuing the Plutonic theme, Mercury leaves Libra (a concentration on fairness and justice) and enters the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio.  This mental outlook is more forensic in nature, and looks deeper than the surface.  As Alan Oken says, Pluto “reveals ideologies, neuroses, and activities which have long remained hidden or suppressed in the subconscious of a person or nation.”  We’ll put aside our romantic novels, and start reading crime fiction, or psychology textbooks.  In your own life, you will have more courage to look at what really matters, and to worry less about how things appear to others.  Mercury stays in Scorpio until 9th December, because there is a retrograde period during that time.

On Friday (4th) in the early hours Mars marches into Libra – a slight change of emphasis or mood, but Mars is known as the “lower octave of Pluto”, a more basic and physical energy.  What is happening here is that Mars, the god of war, is entering the sign of Libra, the sign of peace.  We are back to the principle of the peaceful warrior (as exemplified by Gina Miller).  There is a need for balance, especially between opposing factions, so the Warrior/Diplomats among us have work to do.  People may be putting more energy and effort into Libran pursuits, such as the understanding of art (we are intending to make for the William Blake exhibition at Tate Britain some time in October, which may fulfil that directive) or practising a musical instrument (Mars demands some action!). Mars entering Libra gives fresh incentive

to tackle such areas of our life and psyche where we are currently just gliding, biding our time, or complacent.  It energizes the issues of the area of our chart (the House) it currently moves through.  Mars stays in Libra until 19th November.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – the turbulence
  • Thursday – the psychological breakthrough; looking deeper
  • Friday – war and peace