Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 3

Powering through the next four contestants of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, though I still have a few more to report on later in the series.  The standard seems really high this year, and is an absorbing watch!

Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher was drafted into the contest at the last minute when Jamie Laing dropped out due to injury leaving professional Oti Mabusi without a partner.  Kelvin played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale for 20 years, before leaving in 2016.  He has 0 planets in the Air signs, so is very instinctual in his approach to life.  With the Sun square Mars he has a penchant for cars and racing, hence his switch to being a professional racing driver since leaving Emmerdale.  His Mars is conjunct Pluto giving him high energy, and a possible attraction to danger.  Mercury sextile exactly Mars provides quick mental reactions and excellent co-ordination, which  explains how he came out blazing in a fast-paced dance the first week.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter confers an excellent brain, which explains how he was able to learn the steps so quickly.  Mercury also conjoins Neptune, so his brain is attuned to the spirit of dance (Neptune).  In other ingredients which make for an engagingly watchable dancer Mars sextiles Jupiter (energy allied with enthusiasm) and Mars sextiles Neptune  (movement with meditation).  He is currently riding high on the leaderboard.  This weekend Mars squares his Neptune (not an easy transit),  and by the end of the contest he has contradictory indications in the shape of Saturn square his natal Pluto (difficult and exacting circumstances) and Neptune trine his Mars (skilful dance).  As things stand, he does look likely to reach the final, though Saturn squaring his natal Pluto may just scupper his chances of actually winning.

He is partnered with: Oti Mabuse

Kelvin’s partner Oti is the sister of new judge Motse, so the relationship between the two sisters will be very much under scrutiny.  Like Kelvin, Oti has 0 Air planets, and so is also very instinctual.  When their instincts are running in sync, they could be very inspired. In their synastry, his Saturn squares her Sun, so he is a challenge to her.  His Nodal Axis squares her natal Mercury, so he is also a puzzle mentally for her.  But his Chiron trines her natal Jupiter, so there is a healing chemistry that occurs when they dance.  His Saturn is also conjunct her Pluto, so they mean business.  It’s not altogether an easy match, but they are determined to make it succeed.  This weekend, Saturn sextiles her natal Pluto, firming up her determination, Uranus trines her natal Uranus (she has the surprise factor), Neptune sextiles her natal Mars (her dancing is inspired), Pluto is on her Saturn (again, great challenges) and Pluto opposes her Chiron (she needs to take care about the balance of her health).  By the end of the contest, Pluto trines her natal Mercury (exquisite mental concentration), Chiron is on her natal Saturn (again, the need for the utmost precision), Pluto is on her Neptune (a profound psycho-spiritual challenge and learning), and the North Node trines her natal Neptune (a karmic pinnacle of her dance talent).  That is a powerful finale for her, so if they get to the final or win, it will be testimony to her skill as a teacher and choreographer as much as Kelvin’s own undeniable talent.

Viscountess Emma

Emma is married to Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, who she has known since she was four years old.  She has half her planets (5) in the emotional Water signs.  With the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces, the sign of dance, she was born 5 days after the dancer Jamie Bell in the same year.  At Longleat, she works a great deal with the animals, but also does philanthropical work.  She has a lively, energetic and rebellious chart (Sun/Mercury square Mars/Uranus).  She can get irritable and tense (Mercury square Mars/Uranus), but her greatest strength is a Grand Water Trine involving her Moon in Cancer, Pluto and Jupiter, giving her deep emotional reserves.  She has endured a great deal in her journey through life, facing opposition from her husband’s family, and being the target of racial abuse (her father was a Nigerian oil magnate).  She also has the Warrior Archetype (Mars trine North Node and square Sun).  Dance could be a joy for her, and a way of unwinding, with Jupiter sextile exactly Neptune (dance) and the North Node trine Neptune.  She and her husband have two children, one born from a surrogate.  Her current transits show the Nodal Axis square her Venus (she could take a little time to settle in to the contest, though I don’t see her going out yet), Uranus sextile her Jupiter (a spirited performance), and Uranus trine her natal Neptune (being able to grasp the complexity required).  By the end of the contest, Pluto will be square her natal Venus (she may have matters to attend to in her private life).

She is partnered with: Aljaz Skorjanec

Aljaz is a veteran of Strictly, having danced with among others Alison Hammond, Daisy Lowe and Gemma Atkinson.  The chemistry between them shows a good karmic bond (Aljaz’ Sun sextile closely Emma’s North Node), his Mercury sextile her Saturn (the ability to communicate requirements), his Jupiter sextile her natal North Node (a successful partnership), and his Neptune square her Venus (stretching her dance ability).  This is a relationship which could continue as a friendship.  Aljaz current form shows shows a variety of influences Mars square his Jupiter, Pluto on his Saturn, Saturn on his Neptune, and the North Node on his Neptune.  To be fair, it is rare for any of the professionals to underperform!  By the end of the contest, Mars is sextile his Sun and Jupiter, and Jupiter is on his Pluto.  That is quite a high for him, but that may be more about success in the performance of the professional dances – Emma may not stay the course with him.

David James

Alas, footballer (goalkeeper) David James was in the dance off last week, and on the spin-off show It Takes Two (which I don’t watch by the way, but is scheduled just before the BBC 6 o’clock news) a panel of three voted him most likely to go next!  He is a Leo, with the height to match.  In his chart, his footballing credentials come out clearly in his Sun/Mars exact conjunction.  He would normally, say in private life and on the football pitch, be quite a sparky individual, with the Sun/Mars sextile Uranus, but somehow the spark does not translate to the dance floor.  He has a few difficult aspects to Neptune, which may indicate that he is not at home in this medium: Neptune square the Nodal Axis, Mercury square Neptune, and Neptune opposite Saturn.  It just doesn’t flow for him.  His great strength is shown by Saturn trine Pluto.  His transits this weekend (I am writing this on Friday evening, before this week’s show) are not memorable enough to report on…At the end of the contest, Uranus will be square his Mars (shock), and Chiron will be trine his Saturn – he’ll be philosophical!

He is partnered with: Nadiya Bychkova

This is Ukranian Nadiya’s third year in the contest.  I wrote last year: “She’s a very perfectionistic Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, with all the brilliance of Sun exactly trine Uranus, and all the energy of Mars sextile Pluto.”  Her synastry with David is quite good (with a trine between her Jupiter and his North Node), so that does not seem to be the problem.  It may be purely down to his stiffness on the dance floor.  Her current transits are the North Node sextile her natal Mars (bravery), Chiron square her Jupiter (awkwardness), Mars square her Uranus (shock), and North Node trine her Pluto.  At the end of the contest she has Mars trine her Sun and Uranus (she’ll be energized), Neptune trine her Jupiter (she will enjoy the group dances!), Uranus sextile her Neptune (she will have some complex learning) and Pluto exactly trine Pluto (self-empowerment).  Maybe one of the dancers will lose a partner and she will step in.  Again, the two may remain friends on some level, so all may not be lost.  As you can see, I am not predicting that he will stay in the contest.

Alex Scott

Female footballer Alex Scott retired in 2017, and then followed a media career.  She has Sun/Mercury in Libra, which gives her a fair-minded outlook, but her birth chart is not well co-ordinated in terms of connecting aspects, and that may make her an unusually free spirit.  The standout feature of her chart is an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, which makes her super energetic and enthusiastic, driven and ambitious.  She kicked off the series with the first dance on the first week of the contest, and made a real impact.  Her current transits include Pluto square her Sun (the contest is a real challenge for her, or she has something currently challenging in her personal life), Uranus trine her Mars/Jupiter conjunction (huge excitement!),  and Neptune trine her Saturn (trying to master the precision required, with sensitivity).  At the end of the competition, Chiron squares her Sun, Mars opposes her Pluto and Saturn squares her Pluto, which are not helpful supportive transits.  I think she will progress well, and may make it to Blackpool, but may sustain a minor injury before the semi-final, or other factors may be distracting her by the end.

She is partnered with: Neil Jones

Red head Neil Jones recently split up from his wife Katya, another professional on the show.  He has waited a few years to get a professional slot, having taken part in the group dances in the meantime.  He’s a Taurean, with a sparkling triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Chiron in that sign.  The synastry with Alex includes good communication (his Venus trine her Mercury), and his Uranus opposite her Chiron (some clashing).  Head judge Shirley did comment last week that she liked their chemistry.  Neil’s transits this weekend show Saturn trine his Sun (steady) and Pluto trine his Mars (great force).  The latter transit was exact to the day when he and Katya announced their split, though it was presented as amicable.  He would be hoping to do well in his first series, but his transits at the final week are a mixed bag: Pluto trine his Sun (psychological strength), Chiron trine his Mars (physical well being) and Mars opposite his Saturn (a bit of friction).  I think he would achieve the semi-final at best, but my guess is that they will just get to Blackpool.

With apologies to my non-Strictly Come Dancing viewing readers!


Uranus opposes Mercury on Monday (7th), posing technological challenges and bringing controversial communications.  You could take a holiday from the internet and social media, but someone somewhere will probably need to get in touch and bend your ear, if only telepathically (Uranus rules telepathy).  No man or woman is an island these days, unless you happen to be on a real retreat.  If technology is a must, then take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the issue at hand.  I always try asking questions, but not being savvy with these things, tend to end up with more questions than I started with…

Well that is the morning challenge, anyway.  In the early evening there is a different scenario, with Saturn squaring the Sun.  It could be that you may be a bit irritated from Uranus-Mercury wrangles if you have not been so successful on the communication and/or technological front, and that may contribute to a feeling of stuckness or frustration later in the day.  At any rate, the mood of Saturn with the Sun tends to be flat, and even unmotivated.  You could try distraction with lighter activities, or you can look into the source of the ennui and you may find you go through it to a brighter prospect.

On to Tuesday (8th) and we have a shift of feeling, with Venus entering Scorpio.  This is a time when deep feelings can be experienced and expressed.  Her previous sojourn through Libra focussed on relationships, and on entering Scorpio the quality of relationship deepens.  You can take a relationship to the next level.  Venus will change sign again on 1st November, so make the most of the opportunity.

You’ll wonder what is going on with relationships on Saturday (12th).  Uranus opposes Venus and keeps her (and you) on her/your toes. Someone around you may be displaying skittish behaviour (maybe it’s a pet!)  It will have been useful if you practised tuning in telepathically on Monday morning (Uranus with Mercury), as on a more human level telepathy will be useful in understanding your opposite number, or even a group situation.   In fact, group consciousness may be more suited to the requirements of this capricious aspect.  It occurs in the late evening of Saturday, and may also make for exciting encounters, or lively party atmospheres.  Don’t overdo the alcohol, though, you may just need to keep your wits about you.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – keep your mind alert; pay attention to your mood
  • Tuesday – deepening relationships
  • Saturday – flighty relationships