As a non-sporty Sagittarian (excuse: Taurus Ascendant) I took a glancing interest in sport this week.  First came the upsetting news about David Beckham (he’s a double Taurean, so there’s my excuse gone).  His injury (Mars) shows up as the red planet squaring his Achilles heel (Uranus in his 6th House of Health and Safety). Friday night I watched Sport Relief and yesterday I accompanied my daughter to a Sports Shop.  That is 3 times my usual involvement in such matters.  Today continues to support the efforts for the various projects in Sport Relief, with Mars trine Sun.  All systems go, especially for those born under Aries and Leo.  It’s a day of firsts and records may be broken.  It’s a Now sort of day, and very suited to Yang or Macho energy.  It’s the third day of the first Blog-a-thon, concentrating on the Uranus leg of the Cardinal T-square with Saturn and Pluto.  Skip over to cj wright’s website, but not before reading my interview of this week which serendipitously  happens to be cj wright herself.  On her site (named “Auntie Moon”) you will learn about the surprises that Uranus can bring to our lives, and her conclusions about that based on her experience as an Astrologer and her readers’ experiences.  Tomorrow (Monday 22nd) in contrast the Sun opposes Saturn, so it’s more of a grinding-to-a-halt day.  We have talks ongoing in the U.K. about air and train travel strikes which are proposed and ongoing.  Athletes may be nursing blisters, those who are driven by nature may need to watch their adrenal energy levels if they overdid the weekend activities. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Mars has been stuck at 0 degrees Leo for three weeks, and depending on how that shows up in your chart you may have been suffering a recurring stress during that time, or have been waiting on the starting block of a project for all that time raring to go.  If so, things may now be starting to shift.  It was during this period that little Sahil Saeed was kidnapped on 4 March, with Mars at around 0 degrees 30 minutes of Leo, then 6 days later Mars turned direct, and 6 days after that on 16 March when Mars was at the same point, he was joyously returned to his family.  That must have been a highlight of news viewing for many people this week.  Tuesday (23rd) brings more recovery, and more re-balancing in our lives.  Mars sextiles Saturn in Libra, so we may have knocked ourselves out at the weekend, had an enforced rest on Monday, and now (Tuesday) are picking ourselves up again, and assessing what we gained/what we lost.  We may conclude it was equal, but with no regrets, especially if it has all gone to a good cause.  Tuesday is a particularly good day for deliberate, pre-planned action, and for taking the next logical step on your journey of the week.  If it’s your birthday, give yourself a pat on the back for the fine balance you have currently achieved in your life.  People generally may take time to savour the concept of “balance” as it applies in their life and what it means to them.  Being centred is important at this time, as the tension begins to build towards Friday (26th) when Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (the individual versus authority).  The balance sways towards excess, and someone or something may demand your extra attention.  The Pluto articles of the Blog-a-thon are archived on Donna Cunningham’s blog (Sky Writer) if you are trying to cope, or working towards mastery.  If you are meeting a friend for coffee that day, you’ll put the world to rights working out where it all went wrong, set up your own political party or TV channel over the table, and then maybe reverse the process and dismantle the whole thing, emerging a few calories heavier, a little lighter in the pocket, but an hour wiser.