Strictly Come Dancing 2019 – Part 4

And so to the rest of the competitors in what has been an amazing series so far.  And it is last, but not least…

Karim Zeroual

I was bowled over the first time I saw this 19-year old CBeebies presenter dance; he had such a sense of style and physical awareness.  Although I felt Michelle Visage had excellent transits for the competition, he won my heart, and continues to do so.

Karim has an amazing chart, but no birth time to fine tune our understanding.  He has 5 (half), possibly 6 (over half), of his planets in Scorpio, which is unusual.  Scorpios have an amazing ability to take up challenges, and you can’t get much more Scorpionic than that!  His Sun squares closely Saturn – so there is hope for all of us yet who have Sun square Saturn, as he seems to have a capacity to overcome such a handicap.  With the Sun sextile Uranus, he is innovative.  He also has Sun sextile Neptune – that boy can dance!  The Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio takes the depth of character to a whole new level.  Mercury conjunct exactly Venus gives him a way with words, while Mercury conjunct Jupiter increases intelligence, and the ability for rapid learning.  Mercury sextile Chiron enables him to be a problem-solver.  Mars exactly conjunct the North Node points to the Warrior Archetype, and Uranus exactly conjunct Neptune in Capricorn enables him to understand complex systems.

His transits for the results show tonight show Jupiter sextile his natal Saturn closely, a steady transit, but believe it or not, he hasn’t peaked yet!  For around the time of the final for the series Jupiter sextiles his natal Uranus – a wonderful surprise is in store! Jupiter will also sextile his natal Neptune, a sublime, and euphoric experience.  But Saturn square Jupiter will be a slight fly in the ointment – some drawback or something to attend to in his personal life, or possibly even  not sure about his life being under more scrutiny due to his success.

As for his partner, Amy Dowden, this is the first time I look at her chart.  At 21 she is herself very young, only 2 years older than Karim, so she is an incredible talent.  Her chart has various similarities to Karim’s, which is interesting.  With the Sun and Moon in Leo, she was born on or around a New Moon.  Sun conjunct Jupiter makes her extremely positive, and a bouncy personality.  Her Sun is exactly square Pluto, so she can take on Karim’s strong Scorpio nature.  She has Mercury exactly conjunct Venus, exactly like Karim, they must have very good communication between them.  Her conjunction is in Virgo.  The double sextile formed by the relationship between their conjunctions is exact, too!  Mercury trine Uranus bestows a brilliant mind (her choreography has been superb.  Last night the dance was criticized for not being a classic paso doble, and she admitted she had taken a creative risk).  Mars closely trine Neptune indicates a sensitivity in movement, an asset in dance.  A sextile between Mars and Pluto brings huge energy.  Mars trine closely the North Node means that, like Karim, she also has the Warrior Archetype, together they are going in to win!  And Neptune conjunct the North Node in Capricorn, shows her karmic mission in dance.

In their synastry, their Mercuries are exactly sextile: a sign of perfect communication.  Amy’s Jupiter squares Karim’s Sun – she gets the best out of him.  Her Jupiter opposes his Saturn, so helps him to overcome his natal Sun-Saturn square.  At the moment, Neptune opposes her Mars, while Mars squares her Neptune – her judgement may be slightly off kilter.  Jupiter exactly trines her Jupiter, bringing great success.  Chiron sextiles her natal Saturn, so she is working out problems.  And Saturn is on her Neptune – she is trying to pin down an aspect of dance.

At the final, she will have Jupiter on her Pluto – Empowerment!  Uranus will also be closely sextile her Uranus, bringing her to the verge of great success (if not taking her actually there).  If they win, she will have more opportunities.

Saffron Barker

You-Tuber/Vlogger Saffron Barker is also 19, and rising rapidly up the ranks in her performances.  She has Sun in Leo, and a triple conjunction of the Sun/Mars/North Node, another Warrior on the dance floor.  The Sun sextile her Jupiter makes her another super positive personality.  She has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, which is a complex conjunction that can provide balance, or sometimes stagnation (cancelling each other out).  With the Sun opposite Neptune, dance may be in her DNA.  And with the Sun loosely conjunct the North Node, performing is definitely in her DNA.  Mercury unaspected may make her a free thinker.  Venus trine Pluto gives her strong feelings, Mars sextile Saturn provides the capacity for controlled movement.  Jupiter exactly trine Neptune means she is capable of transcendent emotion – her modern freestyle performance of an earlier week was hailed as inspired.

Her transits at the moment show the North Node on her natal Mercury in Cancer, developing her concentration.  And Uranus squares her natal Neptune, challenging her to take on greater complexity.  At or around the final (I do not have the exact date of it), Mars squares her Sun and Saturn opposes her Sun, while Pluto opposes her Mercury and Neptune squares her Jupiter; her transits therefore are not encouraging.  Perhaps injury hampers her performance, or maybe she will peak for a while, then plateau.

Her partner is the youthful looking Scorpio A.J. Pritchard.  Their synastry is not so remarkable, although their chemistry seems good on screen.  His Mercury is square her Nodal Axis, so they may have a brotherly and sisterly karma.  His transits currently shows Pluto on his Neptune, so psychologically he has a lot going on right now.  At the time of the final, Pluto sextiles his Sun, so he may resolve a deep personal issue around that time; Uranus will be on his Venus, so his love life will be lively (he currently has a girlfriend).  He could do well, but in relation to Saffron’s transits, the prospect does not look promising.  However, they seem likely to make it to Blackpool week.

Chris Ramsey

Comedian Chris Ramsey is another performing Sun in Leo.  He has 0 planets in Air, so functions very instinctively.  He has Mercury exactly sextile Venus, so is another character with a way with words!  His Mercury trines Jupiter, so he has a wide ranging mind too.  Jupiter squares his Uranus, so he likes to take a chance in life and likes to take risks.  Together with Chiron, the opposition forms a T-square, so he does struggle sometimes.

Currently, his transits include the South Node on his Mars, so there may be a struggle in matters of movement!  He also has Jupiter square his Jupiter, plenty of enthusiasm, but perhaps over-expectation.  Chiron trines his Saturn, which will keep him stable, but it also squares his Neptune so there may also be tears or regrets.  With Uranus exactly opposing his Pluto to the day, he looks set to go out in tonight’s results show.

At the time of the final the Nodal Axis squares his Sun, karmic support is not there for him; Neptune squares his Saturn, again there may be tears or regrets.  Neptune sextiles his Neptune, enabling him to be spiritually more balanced, and Neptune trines his Pluto, so he will be philosophical too.

His partner, Karen Clifton , now sporting a mohawk-style haircut, has recently reverted to the name Karen Hauer, following her split from husband Kevin Clifton.  In their chemistry, her Mars sextiles his Saturn, so she is able to instruct him well.  But her Mars also squares his Neptune, so she can confuse him at times, too!  Her Saturn sextiles his Uranus and trines his Chiron, which are both positive for instruction.  Her Uranus  on his Saturn and her Pluto square his Mercury can be hard for him to cope with though.  And with her Pluto on his South Node, their karma can be quite dramatic, whether past life or present.  Her current transits show Chiron opposite her Mars, a possible healing crisis.  That also indicates that the pair might go out of the contest this weekend.  At the end of the contest, she has Uranus opposite her Mercury (nervously wrung out), and Neptune square her Uranus (too much complexity on her mind).  I would not be surprised if this partnership did not survive much longer.


Based on my four blogs on the subject, and attentive viewing, I would think that Karim, Michelle and Kelvin would be the finalists.


Today, Saturn squares Mars, which is a bit clumsy for dance prospects, if you were planning such moves.  The square may produce some tension.  Be aware of the effect of your actions on others.  There may be a block, impasse or obstruction occurring, either  literally or metaphorically – an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force, perhaps, or even a stoppable force.

Tomorrow (Monday, 28th)  there is a New Moon in Scorpio.  This can be a sign of Regeneration, but with Uranus opposing the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, the change may be uncomfortable or sudden.  There may be a certain amount of letting go required, before the fresh start can be established.

The opposition of Uranus with the Sun will require new insight, resolve and conviction.  You have to get with the programme, or be left behind.  Maybe you are challenged by an upgrade on your phone, and can’t use it until you sort it out!

Wednesday (30th) is more congenial, with Mercury conjunct Venus at 27 degrees Scorpio.  This is a splendid literary and cultural aspect.  It is also a good day for negotiation (take note politicians and diplomats).  Create something beautiful and harmonious.

Mercury goes stationary, prior to turning retrograde on Thursday (31st), Halloween and Brexit Day.  The previous day’s Mercury-Venus conjunction will have been useful for negotiation, but is not likely to produce miracles.  Certainly it is likely to be a jittery day, as it has been in the collective unconscious for a long time as being a possible cliff edge which no one can know the effects of.  The usual rules apply for Mercury Retrograde: keep your communications clear, and read the small print.  On the last occasion Mercury went retrograde, our sat nav took us down a cul de sac!  I am sure you have your own Mercury retrograde stories to tell.  In case you are counting the days, Mercury goes Direct again on 20th November.  Use this as a learning period for what works and what doesn’t work for you under Mercury retrograde periods, as we all respond in our individual ways.

On Friday (1st November) we have a change of social mood, with Venus entering Sagittarius.  That’s a “let’s get the party started” state of mind.  Let your love flow.  Venus will be in Sagittarius until 26th November, so this is a good period to plan Christmas festivities or winter holidays.   Be of good cheer.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a square peg in a round hole
  • Tomorrow – a new beginning; expect the unexpected
  • Wednesday – cultural
  • Thursday – communications awry
  • Friday – party mood