Previously: Have you identified the forces of Saturn and Pluto as they are working in your life now? (see Step 1) Now you need to bring them both into harmony inwardly: the need for control and the need for psychological truth. Sense where they may be incompatible, and ask your Soul how they can be combined in a constructive way. Then explore how they can be brought together in harmony within the two areas in which they are currently working in your life. If you have not worked that out, then just work with the two principles. Balance the two together and see if there are any structures in your life which are emerging to fulfil the hopes and plans you have around these issues. The whole thing may crystallize and merge in your mind. If that doesn’t happen immediately, let it simmer until Monday’s aspect occurs. Is there any action or idea you need to put into place before then to help the process along? It’s a chance to make your life work, but there will be others. Project forward to what you may be doing at 10.35 a.m. (UK time) on Monday 6 August. As you tune in, you may see the huge pattern of your life and how it intersects with this event. The following quote by Howard Sasportas, though not quite in context, may be relevant for some: “When transiting Pluto aspects Saturn, a force is set into operation which challenges the boundaries, limitations, and inhibitions we have imposed on ourselves.”