NATO’s 70th Anniversary

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization celebrated its 70th anniversary this week in Watford.  The Organization had its origins in the aftermath of the second World War, and in April 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty was signed by twelve countries, prior to the formation of NATO in August 1949, as an alliance for the purposes of defence and peacekeeping.  The original twelve nations has now been expanded to 29.  In their meeting this week, we took an unexpected peek behind the scenes.

Transits for the gathering

A chart for the original Treaty reveals a transit of Jupiter trine its Saturn, indicative of some lighter moments occurring.

The transits for the chart of the Organization itself has some more conflicting undercurrents, with Mars sextile its natal Saturn, emphasizing conflict; Mars  square its natal Midheaven, more conflict; Saturn square its Nodal Axis, some group karma going on; Uranus sextile its natal Uranus – surprises; Uranus on the Descendant, disrupted relationships; and Pluto opposite its Mars in Cancer in 9th House of International Relations, more conflict.

Justin Trudeau

We’ve all been at that office party, where a group have been making fun of someone, only to be caught out, or have we?  Only this wasn’t an office party.  It was a serious meeting about world defences.  Who would have thought it?  A small circle of dignitaries were filmed having a lighthearted moment, and at the centre of them was Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.  The group was making fun of Donald Trump’s penchant for lengthy press conferences.  They were unaware that they were being filmed, and that their words were discernable.  Justin Trudeau did have a suitable transit that day for over the top humour, or being caught out inappropriately, and that was Jupiter squaring his natal Mars.  When it was brought to his attention, Trump accused him of being two-faced.

Donald Trump

After a bad day at the office, Donald decided to leave the party early and cancel his last press conference.  He put Justin Trudeau’s remark down to being annoyed at being called to account over not paying up his 2% share of dues to NATO.  Otherwise, Trump was found to be much more favourable to NATO than hitherto (having called it obsolete in 2016), criticizing Emmanuel Macron of France as “very, very nasty” for his comment that  NATO was “brain dead”.  He and Melania looked very serious on their arrival in England, and throughout their visit, with possibly his impeachment proceedings on their minds.  The North Node (karma – he had kept them waiting) was on his natal Mercury in his 11th House of Organizations;  Mars was square his Pluto (he was the victim); and Saturn was square to his Jupiter (he was not in a position to enjoy the joke).

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron of France was directly opposite Trudeau, and fully participating in the hilarity.  He too had trouble at home, for a large scale strike was scheduled the next day.  He also was involved with disagreement with Donald Trump over NATO, when he criticized its inability to deal with the behaviour of member Turkey in its aggression in Syria, the actions of Turkey being counter to the policy of NATO, and allied to Russia.  Macron has Jupiter on his natal Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius, so feeling confident; he has Jupiter trine his natal Saturn (up for a laugh); but the utter chaos at home is shown by Neptune square his natal Neptune; spiritually at the moment he is not so sure as he seems.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, standing to the right of Macron in the small group, was not overheard to remark or respond, but he was definitely there.  Later in the day he was asked about it and he denied it ever happened: “That’s complete nonsense. I don’t know where that’s come from.”  But Boris is on a lucky streak at the moment, with Chiron sextile his natal Mars, Neptune sextile his natal Jupiter and Neptune trine his Neptune.  That lucky streak may see him through the election next Thursday 12th December.  On Friday night’s head to head with Jeremy Corbyn, neither of them were seen to land a knockout punch.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne was caught up in two comic moments at that meeting.  She was stood between Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, and opposite Boris Johnson, but in that group incident we could not properly see her reaction to the merriment.  The other incident was when the Queen gestured to her to ask why she wasn’t standing with her to greet the guests, and Princess Anne gestured “search me!” as if to say she did not know what was going on.  Princess Anne’s transits were mixed: Uranus opposed her Mars (an unpredictable day), but Uranus was sextile her Jupiter (the comic moments) and Saturn was trine her Saturn (there for duty).  I can imagine she enjoyed the humour.

Recep Erdogan

Recep Erdogan of Turkey is at the moment a fly in the ointment for NATO, courting the Russians (e.g. purchasing their military hardware), hounding the Kurds, and flouting NATO’s official line.  Macron especially expressed his concern about it on Tuesday, and the fact that NATO was unable to deal with he situation.  Before the summit, Macron had said: “When I look at Turkey, they are now fighting against those who fought with us shoulder to shoulder against ISIS”.   Erdogan has Mars on his Saturn (tense) and the North Node trine his Saturn, and has agreed not to undermine NATO’s efforts to crush Islamic State in Syria.

Going Forward

NATO leaders have agreed to review their policies over the next year on this, and in relation to threats from Russia, China and worldwide terrorism.  The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this week: “We are 29 different counties, from both sides of the Atlantic, with different history, different geography, and different political parties in power. So of course there are differences. Anything else would be very strange.”

So it’s a happy birthday to the well-meaning peacekeeping organization!  But it was interesting to see the human side behind the stiff protocol.


Neptune squared the Sun this morning, so you may have felt a little confused, lost, or even  dizzy first thing.  It’s a mood of “Where am I?  What am I doing?”.  There are various routes to take from there, a strong breakfast coffee, a prolonged meditation, some grounding and tree-hugging in nature, for instance.  By the evening, Neptune is in a more mellow mood, so the fog may  fade gradually over the day.

In the evening, Venus sextiles Neptune, making way for a beautiful expression of spirituality and the arts.  There is a great deal more harmony in relationships, as people are much more in tune with each other.  Love and clarity may start to replace paranoia and illusion.

Tomorrow, Monday (9th) Mercury leaves the intensity of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, and mentally that brings more lightheartedness and expansion.  There’s room for humour, but spare a thought for the one who has to leave early for a flight home…There’s time to hone your sense of humour, sarcasm-free, because Mercury is in Sagittarius until 29th December (so right through Christmas), and Mercury is travelling fast this month, so those quick-fire wisecracks could bring a laugh a minute – it’s a great time for the comedy profession!

Despite Mercury in Sagittarius, Wednesday (11th) may be altogether more sober, because there is a conjunction between Venus and Saturn, and you will be looking more seriously at your close relationships, and evaluating what is important to you.  The care of the elderly may be a particular preoccupation.  The optimum condition for this conjunction would be loyalty and commitment, but there may need to be some letting go before that can be arrived at.

Election Day (Thursday 12th) is dominated by the emotional and mental tension of a Full Moon at 19 degrees Gemini.  The spiritual civil war over Brexit comes to a climax, and the two sides can do no more to convince each other of their view of what is best for  Britain.  The tussle of Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius is a tussle over communication, and that is the principle which can also bring them to a whole.  The Full Moon peaks early in the morning, so you may find the tension starting to dissipate from that point.  Once you have cast your vote, you can relax, at least until the first results late in the evening.

On Friday (13th), the post-Election day, we have two contrasting aspects.  One is Mars trine Neptune, under which the spiritual warrior flourishes.  You can combine your passions with your spiritual path.  Meditation with movement is favoured, e.g. yoga, tai chi and qijong.  Peaceful demonstrations, such as the school strike, also chime well with this aspect.

In the mid-afternoon, there is a much deeper mood, brought by a conjunction between Venus and Pluto.  There is much more reflection about the enormity of changes, and the impact on humanity.  You may need to do some soul-searching in order to have a handle on your feelings.  In your interactions, deep honesty may be required. A strong dose of chamomile tea and lavender may be needed all round.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – confusion, clarifying, and beauty
  • Tomorrow – mental lightheartedness
  • Wednesday – sober
  • Thursday – emotional and mental tension, dissipating
  • Friday – spiritual and physical harmony; depth of feelings