Saturn conjunct Pluto

As you may know by now, the two great planets Saturn and Pluto make a grand conjunction today, a conjunction which heavily impact our lives, and the world in general.  For ourselves, the conjunction may highlight a challenge which we may already be aware of.  In the world, there are current challenges connected with international relations, climate change (witness the Australian bush fires), and particularly in the U.K. Brexit challenges, and a crisis for the monarchy.

It is a rare conjunction, having occurred in 1914 (the start of the First World War), 1947, and 1982.  People born with this conjunction in their natal charts may have faced huge challenges, and overcome great hurdles, but have great character, and are also immensely strong and resilient.  And strength and resilience is what to aim for as we navigate these times, whatever we may be struggling with. Transformation will always be part of the outcome, if Pluto has anything to do with it; and Saturn helps us face reality.

The effects vary according to what House the conjunction occupies in your chart, if you know your Ascendant.  Better still, if you know the degree of your Ascendant, you can fine tune its effect (bearing in mind that different House systems produce slightly different results).  The conjunction takes place at 22 degrees Capricorn, so if you have planets at 22 degrees they may be affected.

Here are some possibilities:

Saturn/Pluto in your 1st House (likely if you have a Capricorn Ascendant) –

The Challenge: Some physical discomfort, such as tiredness

The Potential Resolution: Action leading to better health and fitness; paradoxically, that may mean more surrender and rest.

Saturn/Pluto in your 2nd House (likely if you have a Sagittarian Ascendant) –

The Challenge: A large but necessary expense

The Potential Resolution: Realizing the value and worth of your financial transaction

Saturn/Pluto in your 3rd House (likely if you have a Scorpio Ascendant)

The Challenge: Fear of the consequences of speaking out

The Potential Resolution: A calm and measured written or verbal expression

Saturn/Pluto in your 4th House (likely if you have a Libran Ascendant)

The Challenge: Family disagreements

The Potential Resolution: Getting to the root of family issues

Saturn/Pluto in your 5th House (likely if you have a Virgo Ascendant)

The Challenge: A creative block

The Potential Resolution: Clearing and decluttering to make for a more creative space

Saturn/Pluto in your 6th House (likely if you have a Leo Ascendant)

The Challenge: A health issue, or problem in  your work space

The Potential Resolution: Seeking your Inner Healer, or rearranging office furniture

Saturn/Pluto in your 7th House (likely if you have a Cancerian Ascendant)

The Challenge: Difficult interpersonal issues

The Potential Resolution: Honest communication leading to more understanding

Saturn/Pluto in your 8th House (likely if you have a Gemini Ascendant)

The Challenge: Financial entanglements, or difficult spiritual initiations

The Potential Resolution: Releasing or separating financial obligations, or breaking through to a higher spiritual level

Saturn/Pluto in your 9th House (likely if you have a Taurus Ascendant)

The Challenge: Philosophy of life not working properly

The Potential Resolution: Finding the higher perspective and making changes to your philosophy

Saturn/Pluto in your 10th House (likely if you have an Aries Ascendant)

The Challenge: A desired career path blocked

The Potential Resolution: A sidestep which proves better for you

Saturn/Pluto in your 11th House (likely if you have a Pisces Ascendant)

The Challenge: Fear or intimidation in a group

The Potential Resolution: Finding your way to being able to stand as an individual within the group

Saturn/Pluto in your 12th House (likely if you have an Aquarian Ascendant)

The Challenge: An unconscious block makes itself known

The Potential Resolution: Understanding the message from your unconscious, and acting upon it to make your conscious life better

Some examples of famous people or places who have been in the news this week:

Prince Harry has certainly dropped a bombshell this week, with the Saturn-Pluto directly in his 1st House.  The two planets have been working in his 1st House over a period of time, and the tensions have resulted in the attempt to break away from the institutions and lifestyles associated with the royal family.  Moreover, his Sun at 22 degrees Virgo is trined exactly by the conjunction, and so he would see this as an act of empowerment.

The Queen has her Ascendant at 21 degrees Capricorn, trine Harry’s Sun, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has been around this point recently.  She has had her fair share of angst recently with the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, so is having to deal with this conjunction in a very personal way.  She has Jupiter and Neptune in Fire signs at 22 degrees, so is also buffeted by the conjunction transiting them.

Boris Johnson has an Ascendant of 11degrees Libra, and the conjunction falls in his 4th House of Home and Family.  It may also relate to his relationship with his country.  He does not have any planets at 22 degrees of the signs. He now has to negotiate a viable trade deal with the E.U. within a year, something the experts say is difficult.

Donald Trump has an Ascendant of 29 degrees Leo (so almost all of his1st House is in Virgo).  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in his 5th House, but it quincunxes his natal Sun in Gemini (so directly influences his mood) and forms a close opposition to his Saturn in Cancer in 11th House of Friendship, so he may be disappointed in his allies.  Occurring in his 5th House, the conjunction may have an effect on his self-image.

Meghan Markle’s Ascendant is 24 degrees Cancer, and therefore the conjunction falls at the very end of her 6th House of Service: she is certainly wanting to modify the forms under which she gives service.  It is also close to an opposition with her Ascendant, so the coming year will be difficult for her, and put some strain on her relationships (Descendant). With her natal Pluto at 21 degrees Libra, there is also a continuation of a great deal of inner psychological and soul searching from last year.

Iran: The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in Iran’s 6th House, and directly impacts the chart, with the North Node of Karma exactly sextile the Iranian Saturn, and Mars exactly opposite the Iranian Moon. The country has certainly had a turbulent run up to this conjunction: Following the U.S. assassination of the military leader Qasem Soleimani, Iran has been forced to admit it accidentally shot down a plane bound for Ukraine, and there have been calls for the resignation of Iran’s supreme leader the Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei to resign.

Ireland: A breakthrough which has occurred at this time is the new Stormont deal, enabling Northern Ireland to form a government again, after three years of inability to move forward.  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in the 8th House of Transformations in the Northern Ireland chart, and its timing indicates that new births can arise now.  However, the transits to the Northern Ireland chart show that other supportive transits have helped to engineer this breakthrough:  transiting Jupiter (at the beginning of its 8th House)  exactly sextiles its natal Jupiter (in its 6th House of working relations)  and natal Uranus (sudden breakthroughs, in its 10th House of potential and reputation).

The causes of current situations can to a great extent be seen, as they have been building for some time, whether in a personal or wider situation.  That provides some understanding, looking at the past.  For dealing with the present, a friend  of mine drew attention to the work of Astrologer Melanie Reinhard on the asteroid centaur Chariklo, which she says has been conjunct Saturn and Pluto in the last year.  Melanie’s groundbreaking original work on Chiron was crucial to understanding of that asteroid, and she says Chariklo was the wife of Chiron, and represents holding sacred space and bearing witness.  Something we are having to do now, especially  in our relationship with the world.  As for making sense of current crises and looking to the future, the question is why are these things happening, what is intended by the Universe (assuming there is a reason or end product), and how will that look like when we all come through it, which we must.  In working with this, you may want to do a spot of future life progression, and envision what you would like the future to look like.


The main event (Saturn conjunct Pluto) occurs at 16.59 Hrs in the U.K. today.  Meanwhile, it is preceded by two other conjunctions.  At 9.51 a.m. Mercury was conjunct Saturn at 22 degrees Capricorn (it is all happening at that degree), prompting communications of a serious nature.  You may have found yourself attending to minute detail, or scrutinizing something, perhaps with a view to solving a problem.

At 10.14 a.m. Mercury was conjunct Pluto, again at 22 degrees Capricorn, continuing the scrutiny and concentration, but going deeper psychologically.  Conversations and communications deepen in nature, and causes of situations and circumstances may be uncovered, such as motives.  We all become detectives.

The main event of Saturn conjunct Pluto, as mentioned, will be at 16.59 Hrs (also at 22 degrees Capricorn), for those who may be reading the blog today.  This constitutes a challenge, likely to have been coming on for some time, with complex causes, which may need a new approach in your life, or a deeper understanding.  Ultimately, a breakthrough may be won through as a consequence.

Two more conjunctions occur tomorrow (Monday 13th), and the first is the Sun conjunct Pluto at 13.21 Hrs (again at 22 degrees Capricorn).  It is an intense couple of days!  But a word to those whose birthday is 13th January (or either side of that date) who have their natal Sun at 22 degrees Capricorn.  The events of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be especially relevant to you, or you may find yourself the centre of attention (not necessarily for the reason that it’s your birthday!).  You may also hold the keys to understanding the times, for others.

Sun conjunct Pluto deepens the quality of our experience, whatever we happen to be working on.   The royal family are reported to be holding a summit at Sandringham tomorrow on the future role of Meghan and Prince Harry.  They will aim to get to the deeper issues and causes, and try to find solutions going forward.  There is no evading the deeper issues under this aspect.  Get down to the nitty gritty.

At 15.16 Hrs the Sun conjuncts Saturn, so it is more concentration, but focussed on the practicalities  such as “what can we do about the situation?”,  having thrashed out the deeper causes to the best of our ability.  The Saturn part of the equation demands responsibility, commitment, and common sense.  With all these conjunctions at 22 degrees Capricorn, we have faced reality, and are now making decisions based on our researches, soul-searching and advice.

There is a different focus, should you need one, in the evening, for Venus enters Pisces, bringing in a greater component of compassion.  You may have been looking at things in a mental or practical way, and may be able to relax a little and allow the heart greater expression.  The trend towards tenderness lasts until her entry into Aries on 7th February.  Charities can be honoured and prioritized, and the Arts can be especially inspired during that period.

Exciting waters on Wednesday (15th) when Venus sextiles Uranus, a good day for socializing and meeting new people.  The Universe may arrange for you to bump into an old friend, and you can look at life and people in a new light.

There is also some newness about on Thursday (16th) when Mercury enters Aquarius, and this is in our collective mental outlook.  We have wrestled with the realities of Mercury in Capricorn, and can now look ahead embrace some new ideas about the future.  Perhaps there are ideas we have not quite been ready to accept before this point.  Mercury will be in Aquarius until 3rd February, so get ready for a progressive time in terms of your thought processes.

Saturday (18th) may seem a bit too progressive mentally, bordering on the bizarre, when Mercury makes a square to Uranus.  Back up your computer files, and consider I.T. loopholes, as this is a time when you may experience glitches in this area.  Disrupted travel, such as train services, may also be in the air – I have already had to reschedule a Saturday meeting in London because our local line will not be running into King’s Cross for eight weekends.  Again,  consider why these things are happening, and what is intended by the Universe – I once, under this aspect, downloaded a whole lot of new philosophy whilst sitting on a train!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Intense day 1
  • Tomorrow – Intense day 2; compassion
  • Wednesday – Exciting
  • Thursday – New Ideas
  • Saturday – Disruption