So we have an election in the UK very shortly…It became clear 31 years ago I did not have a talent  for correctly predicting the outcome of an election.  I was writing a column for “Good Life” magazine (circa 1977-1980) and was invited to an Editorial luncheon at the Café Royal near Piccadilly (circa 1865-2008) where Astrologer Roger Elliot (1937-1993) was giving a talk.  He said Sagittarians would have airline tickets in their handbags, and I wondered if he had x-ray vision, because I did have.   Afterwards the Editor of my magazine asked me who I thought would win the forthcoming election.  I plumped for James Callaghan, on the grounds that Saturn would be going through Margaret Thatcher’s Sun sign the following year…Thirteen years later I watched an Astrologer friend very meticulously analyse the election prospects and technically argue that a Labour win would be written in the stars.  The Conservative stronghold was to continue another five years…Since then, I have just left it to the experts in Mundane Astrology.  Marjorie Orr writes on all sorts of subjects, but has a high degree of accuracy in political assessment in her “Astrology of Today’s News” and Political section of her website.  Whatever you are analyzing in your life you may see the intricate interweaving of events and perhaps even gain an overview on Tuesday (13th) with a semi-sextile between Uranus and Neptune.  This semi-sextile has been around us for at least a year, but this is one of those times we can see it with something approaching crystal-clear precision.  It is one of those times that you can appreciate how much the larger plans of life can be dependent on small details or the roles of folks who keep a low profile, and even any creature down to the tiniest insect.  You can see the orchestration of the Universe under such an aspect.  Wednesday (14th) brings a New Moon in Aries, and you may be able to trust that the new season and the new astrological year is here, and hear the songs of Spring.  It is a new beginning in nature, and in our experience of ourselves.  We see ourselves anew, and envision the possibilities for the new year, make plans, and obtain glimpses of where we are going and growing.  Between Masterchef series, we may be at a loss for television viewing, but if we are interested in the future of our country Thursday (15th) brings a live debate at 8.30 pm on ITV for the three who are hoping to become Prime Minister, and of course it is a first in terms of emulating the American style of debate.  Will any of them exhibit oratorial skill?  I could not possibly say.  If you have a special social event to attend on Saturday 17th, you could not have much of a greater blessing that the Venus sextile Jupiter which graces the evening.  Jupiter in Pisces could add a touch of magic, while Venus in Taurus ensures warmth and affection.  You could get swept away by new acquaintances.