Kobe Bryant (1978 – 2020)

“A love so deep I gave you my all

From my mind & body

To my spirit & soul…”

~ Kobe Bryant

Another soul who passed this week was outstanding sportsman Kobe Bryant, well known in the world of basketball.  The shocking news of his helicopter crash (at the age of 41), together with his daughter Gianna (aged just 13), touched the world.  His fans were devoted to him.

Birth Chart

Kobe Bryant had his Sun at 0 degrees Virgo, and was a perfectionist.  Sun conjunct Saturn added the quality of a taskmaster, and a strong sense of  responsibility.  The Sun sextile closely with the Midheaven suggested a sporting career, as did Mars right at the top of his chart, at the beginning of his 10th House of Career, and the Moon in the 5th House of sporting interests.  Mars conjunct Pluto bestowed enormous energy reserves.

He had an artistic/musical side, with Moon in Taurus, Venus sextile exactly Neptune (inspiration), and Chiron on the 5th House cusp (Creativity), which he displayed after he retired at the 2015/2016 season, winning an award for a short animated film on basketball.


Born in Pennsylvania, Kobe came from a basketballing family: his father Joe and his uncle (on his mother’s side) John “Chubby” Cox were notable basketball players.  So he started playing early, at the age of three.  Much of his childhood was spent in Italy, but the family eventually returned to the States.  He was signed very early, at the age of 17 (on 9th July 1996), to the Los Angeles Lakers, subsequently built a record-breaking career in the sport, holding a special place in their history.  The transits for his signing included Jupiter sextile exactly his natal Uranus in 11th House of Teams in Scorpio, indicative of a big break.  In 2010 he became the all time biggest scorer for Lakers.  In 2012 he was hailed as one of the 35 Greatest McDonald’s All-Americans.  In that year, he won a gold medal in the national team for the Summer Olympics.

Eventually, the sport took its toll on his health.  He started to acquire stubborn injuries, and suffered a rotator cuff tear in his right shoulder on 21st January 2015.  At the time, Saturn was exactly square his natal Saturn in Virgo in the 8th House.  Uranus (accidents) was exactly opposite his natal Mars in Libra in 10th House. He announced his retirement on 29th November 2015, staying until the end of the season.  At the time of the announcement, Uranus opposed his natal Venus in Libra in 10th House (a disruption in his career), and Neptune sextiled his natal Ascendant in Capricorn (bowing out gracefully).


Kobe met his wife Vanessa Laine (a dancer) in November 1999, when she was 17 and he was 22.  They married on 18th April 2001 and had four daughters (Moon in Taurus in his 5th House of Children).  Their second daughter, Gianna, was a promising basketball player, and his protege.  He was coaching her high school team.  Theirs was an extremely close father-daughter relationship.  Her Sun was exactly conjunct his Moon, a very personal bond; her Venus trine his Jupiter meant there was a lot of love between them; her Venus on his South Node indicating a past life close relationship.

Kobe was a much loved American citizen.  Though at one point in his life, he was accused of sexual assault, his attempts to help society, e.g. the homeless, and other philanthropic works, enabled him to retain a great deal of popularity.  An exact sextile between his Jupiter and North Node in his birth chart points to a favourable reputation overall.  He was also a practising Catholic.

“…My mind can handle the grind

But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.

And that’s OK.

I’m ready to let you go.”

~ Kobe Bryant


This morning Venus sextiles Pluto,  bringing profound connections between people.  Both planets rule money, so it is a good day to align yourself with the highest meaning in relation to money and abundance.  These planets do not represent poring over accounts in detail (that would be Mercury and Saturn), but rather attending to the energy of money, and values, and what they represent in  your life.  It is a good time for evaluating what people mean to you.

Mercury enters Pisces tomorrow (Monday 3rd), and does not enter Aries until 11th April, because it will retrograde during that period and re-enter Aquarius briefly.  What can we expect from this placement?  There will be more mental focus and communication around compassionate issues, such as the vulnerable, and those with mental health issues, and the state of institutions, such as prisons.  You may be more prone to receive ideas of creativity and inspiration.  At other times it may be hard to focus, as your impressions may be overwhelming.

In the evening Venus will be sextile Saturn, which may help you to feel more grounded, and to bring some of your more esoteric ideas into practical reality.  In the realm of human relations, it is about steadiness and loyalty.  It is a helpful aspect for laying the foundations of artistic or musical work.

Wednesday (5th) brings a bright mental aspect in the form of Mercury sextile Uranus. This is helpful for I.T. and invention, among other areas of mental life.  The rational mind connects with the intuition (or higher mind), which can bring about lightbulb moments.  Technological upgrades and communication advances are possible.  Even a spot of telepathy might be noted.

Venus enters Aries on Friday (7th), and though she was empathetic and sympathetic in Pisces, there is a warmer and more demonstrative feel while she is in Aries.  On the flip side, she is out of her comfort zone in the warrior sign, so there may be some uncomfortable wrestling with issues around whether to express true feelings or stay away from possible conflict.  Venus stays in Aries until 5th March.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – profound connections
  • Tomorrow – mind focus on compassion; solid artistic work
  • Wednesday – brightly intuitive

Friday – warm feelings