Chris Whitty

Chief Medical Officer

In a week when our lives have changed out of all recognition, the goalposts have been moved each day, day by day we are learning more about ourselves and about life.  I am going to look at the chart of the man whose role it is to look after the health of the nation at this critical time, Chief Medical Office in the U.K, Chris Whitty.


Astrologers vary slightly in their interpretation of what represents the Coronavirus pandemic.  For what it is worth, my own take has always been that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in January (roughly when it started) is grave enough to be the culprit.

In Astrology everything has meaning, and I am sure that there is an evolutionary message for us as a species in this global crisis.  On a personal level, we are learning to be more frugal, to share and co-operate; the skies and seas are becoming less polluted, without aeroplanes and ships.

We are all having to review strategies for keeping calm and holding our nerve, and for connecting more deeply with our higher spiritual sources.  On this most poignant Mother’s Day, many are having to rely on Skype to connect with loved ones.

One of the most important astrological features of the year occurs today, that of Saturn entering Aquarius, where Saturn = isolation and Aquarius = society. The instruction to self-isolate is being stepped up a gear.  We are being urged to look within for our inner resources.  The Soul’s journey (as represented by the Sun and Leo in exoteric astrology) is an individual and often solitary one, while we know paradoxically that we are all interconnected (the polarity with Aquarius) and each person contributes something unique and necessary to the whole.  One of the important lessons of the coronavirus may be to intensify that learning.

Birth Chart

Chris Whitty is a Taurean, with 5 (half his planets) in Earth; he is very grounded and supportive – he flanks the Prime Minister in some of his new daily briefings.  One can almost feel the strength that Boris derives from this.  As a New Mooner, Whitty is able to pick himself up, dust himself down, and start afresh on a New Moon.  His Part of Fortune sits on his Ascendant, symbolizing this eternal sense of renewal.  He is also a Warrior, albeit a very calm one, with Sun conjunct Mars.  Added to that a sextile to his Sun from Jupiter, which confers a positive outlook. Moon conjunct Mars depicts quick emotional responses.  Not much is known about his personal life, and with Venus opposite an exact conjunction of Uranus/Pluto, there is a certain detachment, which may be a quality and strength he needs at the level he is working, though Venus trine Neptune points to compassion.  We do know he has a fondness for music, which is a Taurean trait.  The Uranus/Pluto exact conjunction in Virgo, a feature of the mid-1960s when he was born, can create a personality who works extremely hard.  Taurus is a patient sign, and added to that he has Saturn trine Neptune which accentuates that.  With Saturn sextile the North Node, he is capable of taking on great responsibility in his karmic mission.  Working in the area of epidemiology is the perfect vehicle for his conjunction of Saturn and Chiron in Pisces.  Indeed with Neptune on the South Node, he may have built up expertise in this line in past lives, e.g. overseeing and organizing victims of the Plague.  He is a Healer, with Neptune trine Chiron (spiritual as well as physical) and healing is part of his karmic mission also (North Node sextile Chiron).

Life and Career

We may not know much about his personal life, but the known facts about his life and career are very interesting.  His father was killed by Palestinian terrorists when he was young, in 1984.  Such a severe trauma so early in life must have affected him deeply.  He took a degree at Pembroke College, Oxford, and also studied at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  He was influential in the management of the U.K. response to the Ebola outbreak, writing a paper entitled: “Infectious disease: Tough choices to reduce Ebola transmission”.  He was also Government Chief Scientific Adviser when the Skripals were poisoned in Salisbury with Novichok.  You could say he has been destined to be the right man at the right time…In addition to his current role as Chief Medical Officer (since October 2019), he is also a consultant physician.

Transits and Synastry

The transits for the start of the current daily briefings are largely constructive: Jupiter sextile his Neptune (able to transmit a calmness), Pluto sextile his natal Saturn (also constructively getting the serious message across) and Pluto sextile his Chiron (the power of his healing knowledge and expertise), though Saturn squaring his Sun depicts the responsibility he is carrying.

In his ability to work with Boris Johnson, we find a surprisingly high compatibility: Chris’ Jupiter is closely conjunct Boris Sun, buoying him up for his prime ministerial briefings; Chris’ Sun opposite Boris’ Moon, a balancing act; Chris’ Uranus/Pluto trines Boris’ Jupiter – can give strength to his ebullience and confers more weight and credence to the latter’s performance; Chris Venus’ trines Boris Neptune (a congenial relationship), and Chris’ Neptune sextiles Boris’ Uranus/Pluto conjunction (working together at a profound level). The planets seem to indicate that this double act is meant to be, possibly a Soul Contract.


If that all seems naive, trite even, in the face of the enormity of this crisis, and the suspicion that the measures are too little too late (and that Boris should have acted earlier), we are where we are with it.  The rest, to a great extent, is up to us as a collective: reminding each other to self-isolate, bearing in mind the incubation period is up to 14 days (or even more) with people being infectious during that period.  And the mutual support people need to give each other is already happening in so many ways (excepting those who take more than they need, and the scuffles I have heard of in supermarkets).  We must continue to thank those workers who are propping up society, and looking after our needs, such as NHS workers and supermarket workers.  Keeping up each others’ spirits is vital, and we have many ways to communicate in this day and age.

To all my readers:  Light and Love! Live Long and Prosper x


Saturn went into Aquarius in the early hours of this morning.  If you were wakeful, this may have been down to its new and unusual stimulus.  As mentioned above, Saturn = isolation and Aquarius = society.  We are challenged to a new way of being.  In society but not of it?  Certainly the combination of Saturn and Aquarius is a cool energy; Saturn was the old ruler of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered.  At that time Saturn also ruled Capricorn, as it still does, so the winter months were dominated by Saturnian energy, slow and cautious.  But Saturn’s entry into Aquarius quickens the pace slightly from Capricorn, and may introduce a more telepathic element to communication.  There is also a sense of necessity being the mother of invention (where Saturn = necessity, and Aquarius = invention).  We are entering the most significant new phase since the coronavirus entered our lives and consciousness.  The sense of responsibility has been widened, and may be open to higher ways of manifestation.  If you find yourself having ingenious ideas in the middle of the night for how you can cope, or how you can help others, that will be down to Saturn in Aquarius.  It’s much more “we are all in it together” than “every man for himself”.  So this is such an important day in our history.

As if to underline the message, and help us get underway with our new mindset, at lunchtime Mercury sextiles Uranus, like a free extra package to help us on our way.  It encourages us to use all the new technology for our communications, such as for our Mother’s Day greetings.  Bright minds, and bright ideas feature today, and Intuition is heightened.

Tomorrow (23rd) will be spreading the love, with Venus sextile Neptune.  There’ll be an extra afterglow from Mother’s Day, perhaps.  Venus sextile Neptune can bring a beautiful expression of spirituality and the Arts.  New artistic avenues are flourishing, ingenious ways for people to share art, music and performance over the internet with the closure of theatres etc.

Sadly, extra caution needs to be taken the same day, with Mars conjunct Pluto (at 24 degrees Capricorn).  We may hear of devastating spikes in figures of the coronovirus.  If so, it will act as a salutary message perhaps to those who are unnecessarily foolhardy.  Definitely a day to skirt round those scuffles in the supermarket.  It would be a good day to organize a remote group meditation if possible.  I meditate at 3 pm every day, and am currently dedicating my meditations to visualizing light dissolving the epidemic, if anyone would care to join me.

The New Moon arrives on Tuesday (24th) at 4 degrees Aries, and may bring cheer and vigour, and a renewed sense of purpose.  It is a time to look to the future, as much as is possible.  I have a Future Life Progression scheduled by Skype in the morning, and that may be very revealing, hopefully shedding light on the future.  Tuesday can certainly be a new beginning for you, even if it is in organizing your new self-isolating lifestyle.  If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well…The New Moon in Aries is one of the brightest of the year in terms of its potential.

Lastly, we end the week on Saturday (28th) with one of the loveliest aspects of the year: Venus trine Jupiter.  It may make up for one of the most difficult, the Mars/Pluto conjunction of early this week.  In normal times, it would be party time, but we will have to celebrate in ingenious ways.  I hear that people are having virtual dinner parties now, so that is a thought.  There may be some better news on the coronavirus figures…China now seems to be coming out of the gloom, and it is hoped that Italy might see some improvement.  It would be good to see signs of progress here, too, with better practices followed.  Close relationships are favoured, and love may flourish even on your desert island!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – splendid isolation
  • Tomorrow – spread the love; stay away from conflict
  • Tuesday – new beginning
  • Saturday – good for relationships