If there’s one day in the year which inspires a holiday mood it’s the New Moon in Leo today, so have a barbecue and let your hair down, bearing in mind the health and safety issues involved. There’s the firework entertainment of the Perseids meteor shower tonight, so wishing on those is an experiment I will leave to the intrepid explorers amongst you. For the more lily-livered souls, look after yourselves, because tomorrow evening holds an aspect cocktail of double doubt and despondency. The Sun opposes Neptune forcing you to see through the illusions of life (but not before you have experienced the illusion). As if that were not enough, Saturn conjuncts Venus, so having seen through the illusion you are not wild about the reality picture, but the gift is the reality which you need to learn to love. Love yourself. That’s the gift and the reality. Put your heart and soul into it. More challenge arrives on Tuesday (14th) with Neptune opposing Mercury: this is the analysis of the illusion the day after. This is the attempt to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical. You can put it into a poem, because poems don’t have to make sense. I am thinking by now I should be slapping a health and safety sticker on this week’s aspects, but – soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It’s always darkest before the dawn…Wednesday (15th) can deliver us from all that doubt and confusion, can see rewards for all the struggles for comprehension brought on by Neptune earlier in the week. Venus trines Pluto and solid achievements can be forged in relationships. Yes you might have been feeling the aloneness of the human condition earlier in the week, but now you might feel the connectedness too. And there is the icing on the cake of crystal clarity with the Sun conjunct Mercury to contrast with the earlier illusions. Rewards of the heart and mind. And now we’re on a roll nearly till the end of the week, with two more helpful aspects on Friday (17th): Mercury conjunct Venus for starters, good for catching up in friendship, diplomacy if you’re a global player or literary flow if you are an aspiring writer. Then Mercury trine Pluto: deep sharing in friendship, long-range implications if you are a diplomat, and in-depth psychology if you are the novelist. Saturday morning (18th) yields a sigh of contentment and satisfaction through the Sun’s conjunction with Venus: there should be a space for emotional healing, and it’s also lavish for artistic creativity. That just leaves a dose of reality again for Saturday afternoon with Mercury conjunct Saturn reminding you of the transience of transits. You’ve experienced everything this week – time to write your novel.