Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Oppositon, put together his Shadow Cabinet this week.  Some of these I have already written about, and some are new to my researches.  There are nearly 100 listed, so I can only write about a few this week, and maybe come back to this theme another time.  Among the top members, Keir has tried to incorporate a spectrum from the left to the right of the party.

Keir Starmer – Leader of the Labour Party

I last reviewed the Labour Party at the time of the commencement of the Leadership Election in January.

I wrote in 2017:

“Keir Starmer, the Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, has been a solid presence by Jeremy Corbyn’s side since 6 October 2016, having previously established his integrity in the role as Director of Public Prosecutions.  With Sun exactly conjunct Pluto in Virgo, he has great depth of character …Keir Starmer has a quiet but determined air about him which conveys confidence.  One of the greatest assets he has in his chart is Mars exactly trine Jupiter, action combined with confidence and enthusiasm…Starmer also has a Grand Trine in the Water element, of Mars, Neptune and Jupiter/Chiron, which can bring healing to situations.  Pluto on the Sun is not easy, however, and Saturn on the South Node means he has brought some difficult karma in with this incarnation, but so far in his career he has performed well and overcome obstacles.”

I wrote in January that he had some challenging squares in his transits for 4th April, and “This may mean he does not win, or it may mean that he wins and is faced with enormous hurdles.”  Now of course, he is not just the Leader of the Opposition, but also charged with the responsibility of co-creating a constructive response to the coronavirus epidemic.  He has promised to collaborate in this effort, while also holding the government to account, a much more complex role than is usual.

How does he square up to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) and Dominic Raab (Foreign Secretary, currently standing in for Boris)?  Keir’s Uranus squares Boris’ Mars, which can be quite a confrontational and sparky relationship, but we don’t know when Boris will be returning to work.  He is currently making good progress in his recovery in hospital, but may need a long recuperation period.  Boris’ Uranus sextiles Keir’s Mars, so that is a similarly energetic dynamic but not so harsh. Keir’s Jupiter opposes Boris’ Uranus, so again high energy, and challenging.  And Boris’ Pluto sextiles Keir’s Neptune, working together at a deep level, but with Boris actually wielding the power.

With Dominic, Keir has his Mars exactly trine Dominic’s Sun, again some conflict but can be constructive, and certainly high energy.  Keir’s Jupiter is on Dominic’s Sun, and so he is in a position to help him.  Raab’s Neptune squares Keir’s Sun, so he may hold back secrets from Keir.  Raab’s Neptune squares Keir’s Pluto, and Keir’s forensic nature may see through more than Raab realizes.  Raab’s Pluto trines Keir’s Saturn, so they can work together constructively on matters of grave importance, and Raab’s Pluto sextile Keir’s North Node, so they may be karmically destined to work together on such grave matters.

Angela Rayner – Deputy Leader

Angela Rayner was successful in her bid to become Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.  She proved a popular candidate, without the controversial baggage which some of the Leadership candidates brought to the table.

It is the first time I have looked at her chart.  She has a strong individuality, with her Sun unaspected, or untramelled if you look at it from another angle.  Mercury only has an exact sextile to Chiron, which gives a problem-solving mind.  She has good values, with Venus closely trine Saturn.  Mars conjunct Jupiter produces super energy allied with enthusiasm, and a can do attitude.  Mars closely square Uranus gives a sparky energy, and Mars trine Neptune sensitivity in action.  Mars exactly conjunct the North Node in Leo and trine the Galactic Centre produces a powerful Inner Warrior, especially combined with Sun in Aries.  Jupiter square Uranus is entrepreneurial.  All that Mars gives her the red-headed image, too!  A flat mate of Rebecca Long-Bailey, her politics is described as “soft left”.

At the announcement of the result of her appointment, Jupiter was sextile her natal Uranus (success and breakthroughs), and Pluto was sextile her natal Uranus (big changes in her life).

Anneliese Dodds – Shadow Chancellor

Anneliese has the plum role of Shadow Chancellor, and hers is another fresh chart to view…Anneliese has 0 Earth planets, but she does have the asteroid Chiron (Inner Healer) in the sign of Taurus (finance).  Her Sun in Pisces has a trine to Mars in Cancer, so she has plenty of emotional energy.  She has writing and speaking ability, in a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aries.  With Jupiter sextile Saturn, she should have a fairly balanced judgement.  Anneliese is the first woman to hold this important post.

Her main transit this week was Jupiter/Pluto sextile her natal Sun (success and power).

Lisa Nandy – Shadow Foreign Secretary

I wrote in January:

“Of all the charts, Lisa Nandy’s inspires me the most.  She is a strong willed Leo, a sign known for leadership.  She was born a month before Rebecca Long-Bailey in the same year. Whenever I have watched her, say on Question Time, she has seemed eminently sensible, and just nice (and that’s her Sun conjunct Venus).  I hadn’t thought of her as leadership material, until looking at her chart. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter, she could get lucky.  She has certainly surprised many with her success in impressing MPs in the initial weeks of her campaign.  Another surprise is that she has the Sun square exactly Uranus – The Rebel Archetype.”

She has landed a good, meaty role in that of Shadow Foreign Secretary, and I think she will shine.  I wrote for this period: ” But with Mars opposite her natal Mercury at the final, this does not seem momentous or  helpful enough to indicate a win.”  But she was one of the first appointments Keir Starmer made, and that is testimony to the good campaign she fought.

Nick Thomas-Symonds – Shadow Home Secretary

Born two months after Angela Rayner in the same year, that may bode well for their work together.  He has Sun square Mars, a strong Inner Warrior, which he may need for squaring up to his Conservative counterpart Priti Patel.  Like Angela Rayner, he also has the conjunction between Mars and Jupiter (super energy allied with enthusiasm, and a can do attitude).  He has a couple of challenging aspects to his Mercury (mind), but a superb exact trine between his Mercury and Pluto, which may overcome them, and produce work of forensic depth.  Priti Patel did the daily briefing on the coronavirus yesterday for the first time (which was interesting!), and hopefully he will find the right way to approach the challenge of holding her policies to account.  He should be fairly affable and conduct good relations, with Venus exactly sextile Jupiter.  Like Angela Rayner and Anneliese Dodds, he has Chiron in Taurus, so between them they may have a sound economic overview.  He previously worked as a chancery and commercial barrister.

This week he had Neptune square his natal Mercury and opposite his Saturn, so he may initially feel a bit thrown in at the deep end.

Rachel Reeves – Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

Rachel Reeves now holds the counterpart role to that of Michael Gove in the Conservative Party.  Michael Gove’s role includes advising the Prime Minister on policy development, in particular in relation to Brexit.  Rachel’s has a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, an ability to focus on social issues.  Mars is also conjunct the Sun, so we have another Warrior here.  Uranus (her ruling planet) squaring those three planets means that she will be very strong willed and individualistic in her style, and increases the Aquarian quotient in her chart.  She has a helpful Sun/Pluto trine, giving her some grit and more determination.  Her Mercury squares Uranus, so she is not afraid to be controversial (and has already been involved in some controversies).  Mars trines Pluto, giving her a powerhouse of energy.  The question is: is she an intellectual match for Michael Gove?  Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius is a pretty good credential, and the fact that at school, she won a British under-14 chess title.  She became a member of the Labour Party at the age of 16.

Her transits last week show Saturn opposite her natal Jupiter (responsibility, restricting movement), and Neptune square her Neptune (she may be initially confused and unprepared for her role).

Jess PhillipsShadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding

I wrote in January:

“With Sun in Libra, she has a strong drive for justice.  She has great energy allied with enthusiasm (Mars sextile Jupiter), the sign of a Motivator Archetype.  Her second book… is very much a motivational, self-help book.  The Moon in Aquarius gives her future vision, especially about society matters, caring about the underdog.  Mercury in Scorpio adds a forensic mind.  Venus conjunct Uranus makes for a social reformer, and her Uranus trines her North Node exactly, giving her a karmic mission as a Reformer.  Her Mars sextiles exactly Pluto, giving her a storehouse of energy which can move mountains, but her Mars is quite complex, as it squares Uranus and Chiron!”

The role she is now taking up has been highlighted since lockdown, because domestic abuse has been on the rise, for obvious reasons.  Therefore, she is the right person at the right time – she certainly has the character for this, and a record of standing up for the underdog and women’s rights.  My observations for her chances in the Leadership contest were:

“The planetary positions continue to make life difficult by the end of the game: Pluto still squares her Pluto (which may spell conflict), and Jupiter also squares her natal Pluto, which is unhelpful in seeking power.”  Although she does not hold a top post, she will give it all she has got.

Seven Shadow Cabinet members down, only 91 to go.  Sorry if I have missed out your favourite.  Oh well, I will have to save the others for later…bear with!


Happy Easter to all my readers!  Mercury squares the Nodal Axis today, and it is an opportunity to tackle your karma!  With lockdown, we are able to give thought to a lot more of our processes and actions.  As a human race, we are waking up to what we neglected to do, perhaps, and the revival of nature without our pollution and consumerism is showing us that very clearly.  So whether it is personal relationship karma or environmental karma, we can put our minds to what needs to change for the future.  A phrase we are hearing a lot is “After this is all over…”  It is time to make a list!  And put into practice what we can do now.

Tuesday (14th) is more challenging, with a square between the Sun and Pluto.  That brings up the darkness for healing with the light.  This is a deep soul searching aspect.  It is the sort of day which can be looked upon as a gamechanger, or watershed.  So if you are in integrity, you may be able to influence what side the coin lands on.

The aspects on Wednesday (15th) may also be challenging, but much more easily constructive than the previous squares.  With Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries, this is a day you can focus on problem-solving.  If you don’t have a problem pre-prepared, the Universe will kindly oblige by alerting you.  There may also be a high degree of mental tension or anxiety in the air.  But use what comes up to find solutions, at whatever depth you need to engage with them.  One area which is especially suited to this conjunction in Aries is finance and economy.  Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have an important announcement.  Another is in the area of alternative health – G.P visits are down as people are hesitant to engage outwardly in bringing their symptoms to the medical profession, and try to find their own path to healing.

On the same day, a square between the Sun and Jupiter may make things more tricky than they need to be, as that aspect exaggerates everything it comes into contact with.  It may make it more difficult to focus on the solution-making from Mercury/Chiron than it would normally be, but it may also suggest extra avenues of thought and ideas you could consider while you focus.  Just try not to get side-tracked.  There is also a joyful, humorous side of Sun square Jupiter, so try some laughter-yoga from time to time during the day!

The most congenial aspect of the week comes on Saturday (18th), when Mercury sextiles Venus.  It is a very social aspect, so it may take some ingenuity to work out how you will socialize while social-distancing.  Some of you will have regular Skype or Facetime slots with friends, or are cultivating over-the-fence relationships with neighbours, for instance.  This week our neighbour handed over a coronavirus poem he had written over the fence, to hubby.  We are living in unusual times!  The other main strand of activity for this aspect is writing, so get down to your writing projects, be it a poem, a journal, or a novel.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental focus on karma
  • Tuesday – dealing with deep issues
  • Wednesday – problem solving; finding the funny bone
  • Saturday – socializing while distant; writing